How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery in Nigeria

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Winning strategies for all kinds of lotteries are well articulated in this discourse. The chances of winning any lottery are on probability, however, this discourse will highlight 10 strategies that will help in winning any lottery.

Winning Strategy for all Kinds of Lottery

As earlier said, winning a lottery is not achieved through expertise, but a careful adherence to some strategies and tips can go a long way in helping one solve the problem.

With the discourse below, one is certain that there are avalanche of winnings ahead. This post has got you covered, the strategies are well articulated.

Winning Strategies for All Kinds of Lottery

The strategies that will give you the chance of winning any kind of lottery are listed below:

1. Pick Both Even and Odd Numbers

This is one of the most popular strategies available and you need not ignore its importance at any point in time.

Make combinations of even and odd numbers when playing the game. Even numbers are numbers that can be divided by 2, while odd numbers cannot be divided by 2.

2. Watch for Hot and Cold Numbers

You have not heard of this strategy? It works just as the first one though it might not be as popular as the first.

The Powerball numbers (hot) are 26, 16, 41, 32, 22, and 23; the common numbers (cold) are 65, 60, 67, 68, 66, and 61. Comparing the two numbers, 26 has been in 273 drawings while 65 has been in just 10 draws.

3. Choose Numbers Around the Entire Ticket Form

You are here again, the discourse has many strategies and you have just read about the second one, here is the third strategy for you.

It is necessary to pick numbers from the entire ticket. Do not limit yourself to only the numbers on top or below.

4. Calculate the Number of Your Numbers

The fourth strategy is as good as the third, and you need to get hold of all of them so as to be on the safe side as a gambler.

After picking 6 numbers to play the lottery, fold them together and make sure their amount falls within the range of 141 to 240.

5. Use the option ‘Easy-Pick

You thought we had exhausted our strategies? No, we have not we have gotten more to keep you ahead of your contemporaries.

Choosing random numbers increases your winning odds. This strategy is what you need to add to the already-grabbed ones on your list.

6. Find Your Perfect Number Strategy

This is another strategy for you all other lottery players who barely win their games. This strategy will work provided you follow it carefully.

There are various ways to choose the right lottery numbers, they include Benjamin Franklin’s magic square, a wheeling strategy, etc.

7. Use the Best Combination

Richard Lloyd, a Specialist for Statistics has determined the best combination for playing the English game, UK Lotto which is 3, 06, 13, 23, 27, and 49.

This strategy has helped so many people and you are not going to be an exception provided you apply it the way you should.

8. Birthdays of Relatives and Friends

Choosing birth dates does not prevent you from winning the lottery, it doesn’t work that way, rather it increases your chances.

Do you think it is a joke? No, it is not, you need to start believing this, and the earlier you do, the better for you.

9. ‘Lucky’ Numbers

Jonathan Clark, an Experimental Psychologist says that 7 is the most common lucky number. Therefore choosing numbers such as 3, 7, 5, and 13 will increase your chances of winning.

Testimonies from people all over the world should make you embrace this strategy in case you never thought of it working out.

10. Aesthetic Approach

people like to choose numbers in the form of flowers, spirals, sticks, or swords. Remember other people also have a sense of the beautiful.

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