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Check out 6 Worst Prisons in The World To Be Detained

Filed in Articles by on November 30, 2020

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Check out 6 Worst Prisons in The World to be Detained.

Worst Prisons in The World: Crime is something to be avoided, not majorly because of the penalty of spending time in jail but just for the comfort of doing right.

However, prisons are very necessary because some folks do not buy the idea of just doing right because it feels good to.

worst prisons in the world

Additionally, some situations or conditions people find themselves forces them to do the unthinkable. Whatever the case, it is best you don’t find yourself in any of these 6 worst prisons in the world.

6. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

It is said that mental stress given is enough to make a person crazy within one month. “Bangkok Hilton” is known for its mental and physical torture.

For the first three months of punishment the prisoners wear leg irons, and if capital punishment is not awarded these leg irons are permanently welded.

It is considered to be the most brutal prison in Thailand, it houses many foreign prisoners and handles death row inmates.

5. Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

Located 200 km northeast of Damascus in the Syrian Desert, Tadmor prison has become infamous for torture, summary executions and harsh conditions.

Such were the conditions that Syrian poet Faraj Beraqdar, a political prisoner for five years there, called it the “kingdom of death and madness.

” Tadmor prison was the scene of a brutal massacre in 1980 when Commando forces from the Defence Brigades and the 138th Security Brigade helicoptered into the prison and slaughtered 500 inmates in their cells.

It is unknown how many more were executed by hanging thereafter or died from medical neglect or torture. A former political prisoner had this to say regarding the brutal methods employed by the prison guards: “They used incredible methods to kill people.

Courtyard Four had a raised basin, for plantings. Tens of people died there. They were hit with the sharp edge of an axe, and then cut up into pieces.

Prisoners were also roped and dragged until they died. This would be done randomly, to those who were found innocent by the court as well as to those who were sentenced to death.”

4. Le Santa, France

If you’re shocked at this, it is ok. You would think the worst prisons would be in least developed countries but the fact is the contrary. This prison of France is said to provide the most scary and mentally disintegrating place which results into suicide by the prisoners. The worst part is that the way of committing suicide.

The prisoners swallow rat poison, forks and even drain cleaners to put an end to their lives. More than 100 prisoners each year are reported to have committed suicide.

Prisoners are said to cram clothes into the crack of their cells to prevent rats to enter. Most horrible part of human life is to become bait of these nibbling creatures. They must be like “Satan” for the prisoners.

3. Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

The world got their first exposure to Turkish prisons with the film Midnight Express, but the movie fell short of reality in its portrayal of the prison horrors in the country.

Diyarbakir is notorious for its use of torture on inmates, children sentenced to life, sewage-flooded hallways, overcrowding and murder.

In 1996, guards and Special Forces stormed the prison killing 10 and injuring another 46, 9 of which were left in critical condition.

An investigation revealed that the prison guards may have masterminded the attack. Diyarbakir has also seen countless human rights violations, suicides and hunger strikes to protest against the conditions at the prison.

2. Gitarama Prison, Rwanda

Insufficient space to the prisoners is the basic tool of torture in Gitarama. The Prison is basically designed for 400 inmates but is being filled in with 6000 prisoners.

Human feces is said to fill the occupied area which cause gangrene to prisoners resulting into their death.

Food is also provided in so much scarce that prisoners have been reported to eat each other’s flesh out of desperation and stress. Most of the prisoners held here have committed genocide related crime.

1. La Sabaneta, Venezuela

As with most prisons around the world, Venezuela’s most notorious correctional facility suffers from overpopulation. Originally built to house 700 inmates, La Sabaneta is now home to 3,700 prisoners who are guarded by a measly 40 prison guards.

The inmates are forced to string up a slew of hammocks overhead in their overcrowded 8×12 feet cells to allow sleeping space for all. Others sleep on the floor elbow to elbow.

Prisoners bathe from the same water bucket in a corner, and relieve themselves in plastic bags they toss out a barred window onto an open-air patio. Violence is rampant and necessary for survival.

Nearly all the inmates carry knives for protection; those who don’t, risk being cut down. Fierce riots are frequent in La Sabaneta.

In 1994, 108 prisoners died in a gun battle in just one of the many riots registered at this house of horrors, while fires, murders and beheadings also occur regularly.

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