Young Shall Grow Motors 2023: Locations, and Contact Details

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Would you like to know about The Young Shall Grow Motors? If you are a frequent traveler to the Eastern parts of Nigeria, you must be familiar with The Young Shall Grow Motors, especially during the festive period.

Young Shall Grow Motors 2023: Locations, and Contact Details

Young shall grow Motors is among the most popular and respected motor companies in Nigeria. The company began operating as a registered firm in the year 1972.

This transportation company provides transportation services to all 36 cities in Nigeria and other African countries.

Just like other companies would have their beginning story, the young shall grow, which is also known as YSG Motors in Nigeria.

They started a business with a mini-bus Transport operator when it only plies Enugu-Onitsha in the East-Central state of Nigeria.

By the year 1973, the company moved its head office from Onitsha, in Anambra state to Lagos and extended into an urban commuter bus business which increased from a fleet of two (2) locally built Mercedes Benz 911 buses to over 40 buses within a period of seven (7) years.

Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM) Courier Services

Aside from passenger transport, Young Shall Grow Motors also provides Courier services. If you would like to make use of their courier services, you may choose to use any of the following means;

1. Contacting them at their head office

2. Sending an email to [email protected]

3. Calling them on 014531091

How to Book Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM) Online

If you want to travel with Young Shall Grow Motors, you can book your ticket online by following the steps below;

1. Visit the Young shall Grow homepage; OFFICIAL PORTAL

2. Click on “Booking

3. At the Middle right-hand side of the platform, you will see “Start your booking”

4. Choose the required details in the field provided (These Include: “Where You Are Travelling From”, “Where You Are Travelling To, “Your Date of Departure”, and “The Number of Passengers You are Booking For”.

5. After you’ve chosen the required information, click on Continue Booking

6. A platform that shows the buses will appear. Click on “Book Bus” once you’ve seen your desired bus.

Note: You are to choose one bus that you’ll like to travel with. Also, note that your Bus Number which appears at the top right hand of each bus (Check the image above)

7. After you’ve clicked on Book Bus at your desired bus for departure, You will be directed to a page showing the “Bus Seat Layout”, Here, You select the seat you would like to book for your trip as shown on the image below;


8. After you’ve selected your seat number, click on “Continue Booking” at the top right-hand corner of the Bus seat layout page.

9. Input Your (passenger’s) details in the field provided there

These will include your “Full name, Phone Number, Next of Kin, and Next of Kin phone number.


Note: After you’ve filled the form provided on the “Passenger Details” page, then click on Continue.

9. Payment Option. Here you will have to enter your payment details. These will include your “Full name, Phone Number, and Contact Email)

After you’ve filled in the blank spaces provided, click on “Proceed to Payment” (check the image below)

10. Clicking on “Proceed to Payment“, will take you to the Young Shall Grow Motors payment platform (As shown in the image below)

You can either pay with your Visa Card, MasterCard, or verve Card

11. Select the type of card you are to use for your payment or pay at the bank method, then click on ‘Make Payment”

Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM) Branches/Terminals Locations in Nigeria

YSGM–Abia(Umuahia) Branch

Umuahia, Abia
phone number: 08068866176, 08054600345
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Abuja Branch

Abuja, Abuja
08034066992, 08055004867
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Abuja (Kubwa) Branch

Kubwa, Abuja, Abuja,
phone number: 08032550170
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Adamawa(Yola) Branch

Yola, Adamawa
phone number: 08064821855
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Anambra( Onitsha ) Branch

Onitsha, Anambra
phone number: 08033374545
Email: [email protected]


Ohafia, Abia, Pin:
phone number: 08068866176
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Abia(Aba) Branch

Aba, Abia
phone number: 08055004724
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Akwa Ibom(Oron) Branch

Oron, Akwa Ibom, Pin:
Email: [email protected]
Akwa Ibom(Uyo) T 1 Ea/Uyo

YSGM – Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Branch

Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Anambra (Ekwulobia) Branch

Ekwulobia, Ekwulobia, Anambra,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Anambra( Umunze) Branch

Umunze, Umunze, Anambra,
Email: [email protected]


Awka, Anambra,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Anambra(Neni) Branch

Neni, Anambra,
Email: [email protected]


Bauchi, Bauchi
Email: [email protected]


Igboko, Benue, Pin: 000000
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Benue( Otukpo ) Branch
Otukpo, Benue,
Phone: 08000000000
Email: [email protected]


Makurdi, Benue,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Burkinafaso(Wagadugu) Branch

Address: Ave Basawarge, En Venant D Eden Park, Rue Apres La Matenite En Face Dele cole Eud,
Burkina faso(WAGADUGU),
Phone number: 22676132235
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Cross River (Calabar ) Branch

Calabar, Cross River, Pin: 000000
Phone number: 08037516687, 08055004717
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Cross Rivers (Ogoja)
Ogoja, Cross River
, Pin:
Phone number: 07030167080
Email: [email protected]


Abakaliki, Ebonyi,
Phone number: 08068025733
Email: [email protected]


Benin, Edo,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Enugu (Enugu) Branch

Enugu, Enugu
Phone number: 08033203189, 08055004724
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Imo (Okigwe ) Branch

Opposite St Joseph Catholic Church Okigwe, Okigwe, Imo
Phone number: 08039107526
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Imo( Akokwa ) Branch

T 3 EA / AKO Akokwa, Imo,
email: [email protected]

YSGM – Imo( Orlu) Branch

No 4 Amaigbo road Umuna, Orlu ., Orlu, Imo
phone number: 08039107526
email: [email protected]

YSGM – Imo( Owerri) Branch

Owerri, Imo,
phone number: 08060069773
email: [email protected]

YSGM – Imo(Anara) Branch

Anara, Imo,
email: [email protected]


Mbaise, Imo
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Kaduna (Kaduna) Branch

Kaduna, Kaduna
Phone number: 08036438074
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Kano (Kano) Branch

Kano, Kano,
phone number: 08027391868, 08033282677 
Email: [email protected]


Lokoja, Kogi,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos ( Ijora ) Branch

Ijora, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Phone number: 08033271430, 08055004767
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (New road) Branch

New road , lagos , NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Phone number: 08033302420, 08050004720
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (Agege) Branch

Agege, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (Alafia) Branch

Phone number: 08033834298

YSGM – Lagos (Badagry) Branch


YSGM – Lagos (Cele B/Stop) Branch

Lagos (Cele B/Stop), NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos,

YSGM – Lagos (First Gate) Branch

First Gate, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Phone number: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (IBA) Branch

Iba Estate, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (IKORODU) Branch

Alaba alagoe, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (IKOTUN) Branch

Ikotun, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos,
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (Jibowu) Branch

Phone number: 07095138023
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos (Mile 12) Branch


YSGM – Lagos (Ojuelegba) Branch

Ojuelebga, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos, Pin:
Phone number: 08033352485, 08055004769 0803889144
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos Oshodi Branch

Oshodi, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos
Phone number: 08055004692, 08023181284
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos OTTO Branch

Otto Iddo Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos,
Phone number: 08033332239, 08033280184, 08088644444
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos Yaba Branch

Yaba, Lagos, NIGERIA(LAGOS), Lagos, Pin:
Phone number: 08055004872, 08033909566
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Lagos( Ajah) Branch

Phone number: 08069757342

YSGM – Maiduguri(Maiduguri) Branch

Maiduguri, Borno, Pin: 000000
Phone number: 08067779700
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Plateau (Jos) Branch

Location: Jos, Plateau
Phone Number: 08065587947
Emai: [email protected]

YSGM – Rivers (Portharcourt) Branch

Portharcourt, Rivers,
Phone number: 08032753110
[email protected]

YSGM – Sokoto (Sokoto) Branch

Sokoto, Sokoto, Pin:
phone number: 08035765638
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Togo(Lome) Branch

Lome, TOGO (LOME), Lome,
Email: [email protected]


Damaturu, Yobe
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Nasarawa (Maraba) Branch

NASARAWA (Maraba), Nasarawa
Phone number: 07031565582
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Oyo(Ibadan) T1 Branch

Opposite Nigeria Breweries Alakia, Ibadan, Oyo
Phone number: 08037797090, 08079751771
Email: [email protected]

YSGM – Ogoja/gboko office Branch

ogoja/ gboko office, Ogoja, Lagos state.

YSGM – Ogun (Sango Otta) Branch

Ogun, Ogun state.

YSGM Terminals Across West Africa

Ghana (Accra T1 GH/ACC)

Address: Accra Kumasi Road, Achimota, by Boomerang Night Club (Caprice), Accra, Ghana.
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone Number: +233249085920
Email: [email protected]

Ghana (Kumasi T1 GH/KUM)

Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Email: [email protected]

Ghana (Techiman T2 GH/TEC)

Location: Techiman, Ghana
Phone Number: +233247749523,233272961486
Email: [email protected]

Ivory Coast- Cote d’ Ivoire (Abidjan T1 CDV/AB)

Address: Gare Sade Avenue 1, Trechville, Rue 40, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone Number: +22507974675, +22545878107
Emai: [email protected]

Ivory Coast- Cote d’ Ivoire (Abidjan T1 CDV/AB)

Address: Mirador Opposite Import office, behind Gendarmerie, Adjame
Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone Number: +22508724544
Email: [email protected]

Mali (Barmako T1 MA/BA)

Address: Sonef Filling Station at 400m De Halle De Bamako Niamaicora, Bamako.
Location: Maiduguri ,Borno
Phone Number: +22320206793, +22376435514
Email: [email protected]

Niger (Minna T1 NO/MIN)

Location: Minna, Niger
Email: [email protected]

Togo (Lome)

Location: Lome, Togo
Email Address: [email protected]


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