Zenith Bank Internet & Mobile Banking Guide 2024

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Zenith Bank Internet & Mobile Banking is preferable when it comes to online banking. It is super easy, fast, and reliable. Discover more on how to use your mobile phone for internet transactions in the subsequent section.

Zenith Bank Internet & Mobile Banking

Zenith Bank is one of the most recognized banks in the whole of Nigeria and beyond. The bank itself is an emblem of success and class.

Zenith Bank Internet & Mobile Banking Guide

Zmobile is a mobile banking service from Zenith Bank. Zmobile (meaning Zenith mobile) enables customers of Zenith Bank to carry out various banking and payment transactions with their mobile phones.

Some transactions currently supported by Zmobile include balance inquiry, mini statements, bill payments, local money transfers, mobile phone top-ups, inter-bank money transfers, and so on.

Zenith Bank also offers what we call an Internet banking system that takes care of most of your banking needs online.

A mobile is a menu-based mobile banking service. The menu looks like your ATM menu or the Glo Magic Plus menu.

All you need to do is select the transaction you want on your mobile phone menu and enter your security access details; the Zmobile system will do the rest.

How to Access Zmobile

Zmobile requires that you load a Zmobile application specific to your mobile phone.

This can be loaded to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or Infrared at any Zenith bank branch or Over the Air (OTA) via GPRS/EDGE/3G if your mobile phone lacks Bluetooth and Infrared.

This means that your mobile phone must support Bluetooth, Infrared, or GPRS to access Zmobile.

Another feature required by Zmobile is that your mobile phone must have is that it must be Java-enabled. Of course, you must be banking with Zenith Bank, before you can access Zmobile.

You also require a Zenith bank EazyCard as Zmobile is card-based.

Each time you choose any transaction on your Zmobile-enabled mobile phone, the system will request your 18-digit PAN number, expiry date, and four-digit PIN.

Transactions Supported on Zmobile

1. Balance Enquiry: Receive your account balance right on your mobile phone.

2. Mobile Phone Top-up: Top-up your mobile phone credit with Zmobile. You can also buy a mobile phone top-up for your family and friends. Mobile networks supported for mobile top-ups include MTN, Glo, and Zain.

3. Local Money Transfer: Transfer money with your mobile phone, thanks to Zmobile.

4. Inter-Bank Money Transfer: Transfer money to other bank accounts.

5. Mini Statement: Receive a mini statement of your banking transactions on your mobile phone.

6. Transfer funds from the card

7. Bills payment (DSTV, MTN)

8. Collections

How Secure is Zmobile

Your data transmission on Zmobile-enabled mobile phones is encrypted, making your transactions secure.

In addition, every transaction will request your 18-digit PAN, your expiry date, and your 4-digit PIN. All these contribute to making Zmobile a secure mobile banking platform.

Zenith mobile banking transmission is through either SMS or GPRS. To access Zmobile, you require a mobile phone with GPRS, Bluetooth, or Infrared.

You will also need a Java-enabled mobile phone. A Zmobile application must also be available for your mobile phone.

Corporate Internet Banking – Login Guide:

1. Click on username. Your activation letter provided by the bank will be required for this process.

2. Enter your username as stated by the activation letter

3. Enter a unique 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the “Create PIN” field and confirm the same in the “Confirm PIN” field.

4. Enter the 6-digit number generated from your hardware token in the ‘Token Code’ field.

5. Click on ‘create pin’ to complete the process

6. The message ‘You have successfully created your PIN’ is displayed. Click the ‘Click here to continue’ link to complete the login process.

Logging in as an Existing User?

1. Enter your Username

2. Enter your unique four-digit number

3. Enter the 6-digit number generated from your hardware token in the ‘Token Code’ field.

4. Click ‘Login’ to complete the login process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions concerning Zenith Bank’s internet & mobile banking. Check out valid answers are given to them.

Q1: How can I register for Internet banking in Zenith Bank?

Ans: Click on Register

  • Enter your account number
  • Select one of the registration options
  • Create a password (password is numeric and 6 digits, this will be used to log-in to the app).
  • Next, create a MOBILE PIN; Numeric and 4 digits (which is an alternate means for consummating transactions).

Q2: How can I activate mobile banking?

Ans: Registration. Some banks require the customer to register for mobile banking by filling up a registration form and submitting an identity proof with the form to a bank branch.
Mobile banking app
Activation process

Q3: How can I transfer money from Zenith Bank without ATM PIN?

Ans: To transfer money from Zenith bank to friends and family, kindly Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*5000*1233567892#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

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