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Download Zenith Bank Online Mobile App for Online Banking

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Are you searching for the Zenith Bank Mobile App? When you hear zenith bank, you hear business, corporate, high class, and the rest. Well, all this isn’t far from the truth. So because of the increase in technology, so they have made many upgrades possible. 

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App for Online Banking

Zenith Bank Online Banking

Zenith Bank internet banking service is generally grouped into two different categories. They include; personal internet banking and corporate internet banking service.

For each of these services, you have convenient and easy internet banking at your service. At Zenith Bank, we view ourselves as your financial partner.

We will go the extra mile to ensure you have complete confidence and peace of mind in your Internet Banking experience with us.

Never respond to an email that asks for your login or personal security details.

Personal Internet Banking

We have made it easier for you to request checkbooks, transfer funds between your accounts, pay utility bills, and lots more. What are you waiting for, download the form, and visit any of our branches nationwide?

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Corporate Internet Banking

Zenith Bank Online: You can carry out secure internet banking transactions and e-payments of all kinds, monitor trade transactions, and administer payroll.

Also, you can easily make payments to customers with accounts anywhere in the world. This is to confirm cheques, stop cheques, issue drafts, and pay import duty amongst other functions.

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1. Convenient–banking can be performed from the home or office.

2. Banking is available 24 hours a day, thus extending banking hours.

3. User-friendly.

4. Notification of certain transactions can be sent to the customer via SMS and email. Keeping customers informed at all times.

5. Easy account management saving both time and energy.



1. View real-time account balances.

2. View real-time transactions on your account.

3. Also, allows you to view transaction history on your account.

4. Transfer money between your accounts and other accounts within the bank.

5. Download and print account activity and merged activity of all your accounts in any format.

6. View uncollected funds on your account.

7. View and track status of trade finance transactions – Letters of credits payments, confirmation and establishments, form M, and bills of collection.

8. Order cheque books and bank drafts.

9. Make bulk payments to employees, contractors, suppliers.

10. Pay bills such as DSTV and set up standing orders.

How to Apply for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

i. Download and print the Application form – PDF Document

ii. Download the Service Agreement

iii. Complete your details

iv. Submit or mail the form and the agreement to any of our branches nearest to you.

After Applying

Within 24 hours, a sealed pack containing your login details (customer access code, username, and password) will be sent to you through your relationship officer.

If you want to collect the pouch yourself, please go to the branch where you submitted the form.

For more information on Internet Banking, please contact your relationship officer or Zenith Direct with these numbers: 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK or email us at [email protected]


Zenith Bank Mobile App

Zenith Bank mobile app requires that you load a Zmobile application specific to your mobile phone. You can load this to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or Infrared at any Zenith bank branch.

This means that your mobile phone must support Bluetooth, Infrared, or GPRS to access the Zenith Bank mobile app. Another feature required by Zmobile is that your mobile phone must have is that it must be Java-enabled.

Of course, you must be banking with Zenith bank, before you can access Zenith Bank mobile app.

You also require a Zenith bank EazyCard as Zmobile is card-based. Each time you choose any transaction on your Zmobile enabled mobile phone, the system will request your 18-digit PAN number, expiry date, and four-digit PIN.

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Transactions Supported on Zenith Bank Mobile App

1. Balance Enquiry: Receive your account balance right on your mobile phone.

2. Mobile Phone Top-up: Top-up your mobile phone credit with Zenith Bank mobile app. You can also buy a mobile phone top-up for your family and friends.

Mobile networks supported for mobile top-up include MTN, Glo, and Zain.

3. Local Money Transfer: Transfer money with your mobile phone, thanks to Zenith Bank mobile app.

4. Inter-Bank Money Transfer: Transfer money to other bank accounts.

5. Mini Statement: Receive a mini statement of your banking transactions on your mobile phone.

6. Transfer funds from the card

7. Bills payment (DSTV, MTN)

8. Collections

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FAQs on Zenith Bank Online

Below are the frequently asked questions on Zenith bank online

1. How can I transfer money from Zenith Bank to other banks?

To transfer money from Zenith Bank account to another bank account; Kindly dial *966*Amount*AccountNumber# from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts for transfers.

2. How can I get Zenith Bank transfer code?

Dial *966*amount*accountnumber# #966eazybanking

3. How can I transfer money from Zenith Bank without debit card?

To transfer money from Zenith bank to friends and family, kindly Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*5000*1233567892#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

4. How do I activate Zenith mobile transfer?

Dial the Zenith bank transfer code on your phone, i.e., *996#

5. What is USSD pin in Zenith Bank?

Simply dial *966*00# with your AlertZ number.

6. Can I make a transfer without ATM card?

Yes, you can.

7. Does Zenith Bank do MoneyGram?

With Zenith’s MoneyGram services, we assure you of receiving your money from Monday through Friday nationwide and from selected locations.

8. Can I use online banking without ATM card?

You can activate your net banking account without visiting a bank branch just by entering your debit card details

9. Can I receive dollars in my Zenith Bank account?

Yes, you can.

10. What is sort code number?

A sort code is a 6 digit number that identifies your bank

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