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NNPC Vendor Registration, Eligibility Guide Application Process

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NNPC Vendor Registration and Application Process.

NNPC Vendor Registration: Do you own a company? And you want to work with NNPC, this article will guide you on the NNPC vendor registration which will help you to operate in the oil and gas area without delay and stress.

In order to meet modern requirements and boost oil and gas industry efficiency, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has changed its approach to the organization of business activities in complying with international standards.

NNPC Vendor Registration

For this reason, NNPC bought System Applications and Products Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP-ERP) Solution for business activities administration. It includes supplier management, contracts, and purchases, billing, payments of contractors, etc.

According to the information posted on NNPC official website, any Nigerian company that wants a deal with NNPC has to register on the official website of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. NNPC has a vendor management database; it includes all contractors working with NNPC. They are distributed in particular working categories. In addition, NNPC indicates the appropriate legislative and regulatory demands for work in the Nigerian oil and gas industries.

NNPC has made a new contractor management strategy as one of its converting initiatives. According to the new rules, the cost of contracts was combined into two various financial thresholds:

  • Cost of the contract up to 25 million Naira
  • Cost of the contract above 25 million Naira

Contractors and vendors who want to do business within the threshold limits of 25 million Naira have to register with NNPC according to requirements in Addition A. At the same time, those who want to make deals over the threshold limits of 25 million Naira have to be preliminarily selected and registered on the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) according to demands indicated in Addition B.

NNPC Vendor Registration Process

Addition A – Up to 25 million Naira

1. Visit the NNPC website to access the registration form.

2. Complete registration form online with particular attention to your area of specialization(s).

3. Upload statutory documents as follows:

  • Certificate of incorporation (CAC)/Registered Business name
  • 3 years current tax clearance certificate
  • DPR certificate (where applicable)
  • VAT Certificate (where applicable)
  • Reference letter from your bank
  • PENCOM certificate (where applicable)
  • Current ITF Registration certificate (where applicable)

4. Submit Registration Form.

5. Verification and confirmation of documents provided (by NNPC).

6. Issuance of Registration Certificate to qualified contractors, vendors, and suppliers (by NNPC).


  • No Registration fees required.
  • This new method of contractors, vendors and suppliers registration will be hosted in NNPC website
  • The SCM department of all NNPC business areas shall manage the contractors, vendors and suppliers database on a continuous basis
  • For further clarifications contact the nearest NNPC office, Supply Chain Management Department nation-wide.

Addition B – Over 25 million Naira

Login to NipeX portal and follow its directions. Contractors and vendors already registered on NipeX should not be re-registered.

Follow these steps to register:

1. Upload and fill in the NNPC Application form for vendors.

2. Pay 25,000 Naira to NipeX account indicated on the App form (Vendors with valid registration on NNPC must not pay this year). You can make the payment with the online transfer, quick cashier and POS terminals at NipeX office.

3. Send the App form and an original copy of the payment receipt or current NNPC registration to NipeX. The address is specified in the App form. Send scans to the emails [email protected], [email protected].

4. After NipeX gets the documents and payment confirmation, it will send the login details and guidelines for the access to pre-qualification form.

5. Send scans of the next statutory documents to [email protected]:

  • Incorporation certificate
  • CO2 Form (Shares Allotment)
  • CO7 Form (Directors List)
  • DPR Certificate (Department of Petroleum Resources) not less than 25,000 Naira and current
  • A three-years valid certificate of tax payment
  • VAT certificate
  • PENCOM certificate (if needed)
  • Reference letter from your bank
  • Valid ITF registration certificate

6. NipeX checks the pre-qualification form on the correctness and informs the vendor any corrections are needed.

7. NipeX downloads the information granted by the vendor to the database and the vendor is confirmed that its pre-qualification form has been downloaded.

8. A vendor can operate with NNPC contracts over 25 million Naira.

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