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– Ask for Higher Salary Email Samples –

The best time to negotiate your salary, whether in person or by email, is after you’ve impressed your potential employer but before you sign their offer.

ask for higher salary email samples

In this article, we’ve given different sample letters to ask for a raise at your job via email.

What is Salary Negotiation Email?

A salary negotiation email is an email sent to a potential employer or hiring manager in an effort to ask for higher salary email samples offered for a work position.

An employee can send an email to negotiate their salary after an initial offer is made or while they are currently working for a company.

For example, if you’ve been with a company for a year, you may want to negotiate your salary to get a raise based on your success and progress in your current position.

What to Include When Writing Salary Negotiation Emails

The following are important components of an email to a manager or employer in regard to asking for higher salary email samples:

1. The full name of the recipient, usually the hiring manager or interviewer

2. A subject line that clearly states what the email is about

3. An appropriate greeting, such as Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. First Name Last Name

4. An opening paragraph that includes an appreciation for the job offer and for the hiring manager’s time throughout the job-hiring process

5. A second paragraph that includes the new proposal for salary as well as why you feel the new salary number is appropriate, a reiteration of your qualifications for the job;

And whether you’re willing to accept other forms of compensation, such as more paid time off, in lieu of a higher salary.

6. A closing paragraph that states your interest in the position and a thank-you to the employer once more for their time and consideration

7. A signature that includes your first name and last name


Ask for Higher Salary Email Samples

Below are some of the salary email samples.

Sample Letter Requesting a Raise

ask for higher salary email samples

“I have greatly enjoyed working at XYZ Sales Company for the past three years.


In those years, I have become an integral member of the sales team, and have developed innovative ways to contribute to the company.


For example, in the past year alone, I have achieved the following goals:


The highest-ranking salesperson in customer satisfaction last quarter


Brought two new high-profile clients to the company, increasing total company sales revenue by 10%


Voluntarily trained incoming sales staff, totaling 80 hours of voluntary service


I believe I have gone above and beyond the benchmarks, we set for my position when I arrived at the company three years ago.


I would therefore appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss increasing my salary so that it is commensurate with my current performance.


I request a pay raise of 6%, which I believe reflects both my current competencies and industry averages.


Once again, I am grateful to be a member of this organization, and I enjoy taking on assignments that allow me to contribute to the company.


Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Joy Bow”


Sample Email Letter Requesting a Pay Raise

“Hi, Mary,


Now that the XYZ project is in the rearview and we’re all settling back into our regular routines, I wanted to drop you a line to ask if we can have a meeting to discuss my compensation.


As you know, I started at ABC Corp two years ago as an intern and came on board at a salary that was slightly low in the pay band, with the understanding that we would revisit my pay at review time.


Since then, of course, we’ve all been too busy to think much about anything but hitting our deadlines.


I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to start my career with mentors like you and Jack and to continue to learn in a company that’s growing so fast.


Over the past two years, I’ve gladly assumed many hats, including lead on our latest project.


In addition, I’ve always exceeded my own goals without missing a single deadline. I’ve also continued developing my skillset, taking classes in UX design.


My research indicates that a rise of 10% would be appropriate. I’d love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this in person.



George Smith

Junior Graphic Designer

ABC Corp

47 Paper Street, Suite 221

Lansing, Michigan 48864”

A Higher Base Salary: Having Good Qualifications

“Dear Mr. Recruiter,


Thank you for offering me the Assistant Sales Director position. I would like to express again how excited I am to begin working for your company.


Before I can accept, however, I would like to discuss the matter of compensation. As we discussed in the interviews, I have two more years of experience and formal training than you required in the job description.


I have also demonstrated my capabilities in my last position at my previous company by increasing sales in my division by 25% and personally landed several multi-million dollar sales.


With my expertise, an acceptable salary would fall in the range of $103,000-$112,000, a bit higher than your offer of $94,000.


I can certainly see a future for myself at the company, and I’m confident that I can bring a lot of value. I know that we can come to a mutual agreement on an acceptable salary.


Thank you for your time,

Potential Hire”

Negotiating A Higher Base Salary: Using Other Job Offers as Leverage

Dear Mr. Recruiter,


Thank you for offering me the sales position. I’m excited about Company Z and the contribution I can make here.


However, I would like to discuss compensation before I can accept the offer. While Company Z is my first choice, I have received other job offers that are offering me more compensation.


In fact, the highest offer is $7000 more than the offer from here with four additional vacation days from Company Y.


I’m very interested in Company Z and I would happily accept if you could match what the other company is offering.


I understand that not everything can be accomplished, but I’m willing to be flexible and find a good solution.


I’m confident that I can make valuable contributions to the company, and I hope we can come to a mutual agreement.


Thank you,

Potential Hire.”

Asking for a Higher Salary Sample Letter

“Dear Employer,

Thank you for extending me the offer of employment as the Director of Human Resources for the CCK Company.


The opportunity to talk to you and the other executives has been enlightening and enjoyable. The company’s growth plans are exciting and challenging.


After considerable thought, I am concerned about the salary you offered. It is lower than I anticipated.


Since I have had extensive experience in all aspects of the Human Resource functions (technical recruiting, compensation, employee relations, benefits administration, employment, and organizational development), I feel I will be a great asset to you.


My thorough knowledge of the numerous federal and state laws and regulations that affect the company will also aid you.


I do want to accept this position but feel that we need to discuss the salary further. I will call in a few days to set up an appointment with you.


Thank you again for the offer. I am sure we can reach an agreement.”

Negotiation Salary Raise Via Email Sample

higher salary email

“Dear Sir/Madam,


I appreciate your offering me the position of Section Head of Shipping at CCK. I look forward to working with you.


Unfortunately, the salary you offered me is lower than I feel I can accept. I have had eight years of experience in Shipping during which I completely redesigned my current employer’s shipping process.


This saved over $200,000 in the past two years. I am confident that I can achieve significant savings for CCK with no loss of efficiency.


Under these circumstances, I feel that your salary offer should be increased by 10%.


I am sure that we can come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement. I will be in Springfield next Wednesday and would like to meet with you to discuss this.


I will call to arrange a time for us to meet.”



How to Send Your Letter Via Email

Most offices rely on email for written communication.

If you ask for higher salary email samples, for a raise via email, the bulk of your letter will be the same as in a hard copy. There are, however, some small differences to keep in mind:

1. Omit the paragraphs with your address and your manager’s address.

2. Choose an appropriate subject line, e.g. “Your Name – Request.”

3. Keep your note concise and to the point.

4. Proofread your letter and send yourself a test copy, to make sure that your formatting comes out the way you intended. Only when you’re sure that everything is correct should you send it to your manager.

Careful Negotiation

All these salary negotiation email templates teach how to ask for higher salary email samples have one thing in common: they’re not demanding. The tone is polite and somewhat curious.

Keep in mind, you’re trying to open a conversation, with the attitude that your future employer isn’t out to trick you. You want to make a reasonable request while aiming for a professional outcome.

Finally, when everything is to your liking, make sure it’s all included in your new contract. Happy negotiating!

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