Top 15 Blue Collar Jobs To Pursue for High Pay in 2022

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– Blue Collar Jobs –

This article talks about blue collar jobs and all there is to know. We have compiled a list of high-paying blue collar jobs to aid you in your job hunt!

Blue Collar Jobs

 What is a blue-collar job?

Blue-collar jobs refer to professions that entail some form of manual labor. Unlike white-collar jobs, where you need a degree or work in an office space.

Even though it means getting your hands soiled and dirty, some of these blue collar jobs pay more than what a college graduate makes.

In addition, many blue-collar employees need specialized skills or expertise that relate to the job they’re performing.

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If you are searching for top-paying blue collar jobs, then this is for you!

Although these tasks are usually very tedious, the good news is that having a college certification doesn’t matter in getting a blue collar job.

Reading further, this article covers every aspect of blue collar jobs, all there is to know, and a list of high-paying collar jobs.

High-paying blue collar jobs

Even in a very developed environment, you can still secure your place as a blue-collar job seeker. Read through to know where you fit in.

1. Police officer

Police officer

Police officers enforce the law and make arrests based on violations.

They patrol their assigned duty posts, respond to dispatch calls for police service, identify hazardous situations or conditions and help detectives with criminal investigations.


$54,306 yearly

2. Conductor


Train or railroad conductors ensure the safe and orderly transportation of passengers and cargo.

Their other duties include checking passenger tickets, providing passengers with assistance, and announcing the train’s arrival at a particular station.


$50,254 yearly


3. Electrician

Electrician blue collar job

If you are not electrophobic in nature, then this is for you!

Electricians install and repair electrical wiring and lighting systems that are often found in homes, factories, or businesses.

They inspect industrial equipment and electrical components such as circuit breakers to ensure they’re properly maintained and operating safely.

As an electrician, you are open to other repair jobs that have to do with electricity.

Jobs like installing and repairing telecommunications cables, elevator installment, and repairs.

These are the added advantage of being an electrician.


$50,128 yearly

4. Criminal investigator

Criminal investigator blue collar job

Criminal investigators study acts of crime such as homicides, armed robberies, and sexual assaults.

During their investigations, they collect evidence to help them solve a crime.

Criminal investigators also take notes and conduct interviews with informants, witnesses, and potential subjects to help them develop a greater understanding of the crime.


$53,203 yearly

5. Diver


Divers, especially commercial divers, remove, install or repair various underwater equipment and structures.

They use scuba gear and both hand and power tools such as welding equipment or drills to aid them.

In some cases, divers may perform experiments or tests or photograph structures to better inspect them


$50,542 yearly

6. Plumber or pipefitter

 Plumber or pipefitter blue collar job

A plumber or pipefitter’s duty is to assemble, repair, and remove pipes, faucets, and toilets.

They test plumbing systems to ensure they’re working properly.

Furthermore, they also use blueprints to help them locate service panels and make proper repairs.


$51,251 yearly

7. Repair manager

Repair manager

Repair managers hire and train employees, complete necessary repairs for a facility, and supervise their employees as they perform their duties.

They also maintain and repair equipment used in generating systems and service relays.

Furthermore, you’ll also have to maintain records and document your activities so others on your team know what work has been done.

As well as order supplies as needed and ensure equipment works properly.


$58,751 yearly

8. Avionics technician

 Avionics technician

Avionics technicians install, test, and repair the equipment used for aircraft electronic systems.

This consists of navigation, radio, and missile control systems.

So are to ensure proper useability, avionics technicians test and troubleshoot a variety of components using equipment like circuit testers or voltmeters


$54,018 yearly

9. Construction Manager

Construction Manager

The construction manager review commercial and residential buildings to ensure they comply with building codes.

You’ll be required to approve any building plans before construction can begin

They schedule deliverables, determine the cost of the project and visit the construction site to ensure timely completion.

Construction managers also ensure compliance with both building and safety regulations with every project.

A college diploma in engineering, architecture, or construction is required. It’s also a good idea to have experience in a trade, such as plumbing or carpentry.


$85,625 yearly

10. Power Plant Operator

Power Plant Operator blue collar job

This job is responsible for controlling power generating equipment in a power plant.

Considering the type of plant you’re working at the equipment might be fuelled by coal, natural gas, or a nuclear power reactor.

You don’t need a certificate to work as a power plant operator

They are in charge of monitoring power generating equipment, performing regular checks for operating problems, regulating the flow of power, and stopping and starting equipment as necessary.


$80850 yearly


11. Production Manager

Production Manager blue collar job

Production managers plan production schedules and determine the necessary resources.

As well as estimating production costs and negotiating with clients and managers and overseeing the production process.

They also ensure compliance with both health and safety regulations.


$70,362 yearly

12. Petroleum Pump System Operators

Petroleum Pump System Operators blue collar job

A petroleum pump system operator sets up, maintains, and controls the refining units at an oil refinery or large ship pumping station.

They are also known as derrickman, a derrick hand has various duties depending on the rig they’re working on.

This is a busy job and involves using handwheels to direct the flow of oil. You’ll also need to inform other team members when to open and close valves and check flow rates.

The job is fairly physically demanding, as equipment will regularly need to be installed and moved from one location to another.


$81,219 yearly

13. Aircraft Mechanic and Service Techs

Aircraft Mechanic and Service Techs

Aircraft mechanics inspect and repair aircraft engines and carry out repairs on airplanes, jets, and helicopters.

They make sure that all mechanical components work properly and help identify any damage, defects, or malfunction.

Aircraft mechanics use hand and power tools such as saws and grinders to help them perform their duties.

Most people in this line of work go to technical school to become qualified. However, some simply learn through on-the-job training.

They also make sure all aircraft comply with aviation rules and regulations.


$58,240 yearly

14. Boilermaker


The duty of a Boilermaker is to create and repair both steam boilers and boiler house auxiliaries.

While using the right equipment, they align boiler structures or plat sections to form boiler frame tanks or vats.

Furthermore, they use several tools to help them on the job including hand and power tools, turnbuckles, and levels.


$59,259 yearly

15. General Contractor

General Contractor

General contractors provide the necessary equipment, material, and services for a construction project.

Oftentimes, they hire subcontractors to perform some or all of a project’s construction work.


$92,395 yearly


Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Collar Jobs

Below are the frequently asked questions about Blue Collar Jobs

1. What is a purple-collar job?

Purple-collar jobs are skilled workers and typically someone who is both white and blue-collar. Information technology workers are one example.

Therefore, they are principally white-collar, but perform blue-collar tasks with some regularity, such as engineers and technicians.

2. What is a red-collar job?

Red collar workers are perhaps the easiest collar group to define: they’re government workers of all types. Also, the “red-collar” moniker actually derives from previous government labor compensation methods.

Government workers used to receive their pay from the red ink budget and the nickname stuck.

3. What are white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs?

The most obvious one is that a white collar worker works at an office, while blue collar workers can work in various non-office settings, such as construction sites, production lines, on the road, etc.

4. What are pink-collar occupations?

The pink-collar term was coined during the Second World War when women occupied jobs as secretaries, typists, and transcribers.

But as the U.S. economy evolved, these jobs became defined as those that were traditionally dominated by women. However, they include nurses, doctor’s aides, dental assistants, and teachers.

5. What is a black collar job?

Black Collar Worker: It is used to refer to workers in the mining or the oil industry or sometimes also used to refer to people who are involved in black marketing activities.

More FAQs about Blue Collar Jobs

Below are more frequently asked questions on blue collar jobs

6. What collar job is a chef?

Grey collar. Being a cook and working in a restaurant can be a blue-collar job and sometimes a pink collar position. But being a chef, especially a head chef, earns you that grey collar

7. What collar job is a cashier?

Blue collar. However, workers in some service professions could also be categorized as being blue collar, e.g. home health aides or cashiers.

8. What jobs are white-collar?

A white-collar worker is a person who performs professional, desk, managerial, or administrative work. White-collar work may be performed in an office or other administrative setting.

9. Does Blue Collar mean poor?

The blue-collar stereotype refers to any worker who engages in hard manual labor, such as construction, mining, or maintenance.

Therefore, being a white-collar and blue-collar worker often implies belonging to a higher or lower social class, respectively.

10. What jobs earn 100k a year?

For example, according to the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) program, physicians, surgeons, chief executives.

Also, lawyers, pharmacists, and dentists in the U.S. all earn more than $100,000 per year, on average. So, do some types of engineers and scientists, including astronomers and physicists.

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