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The Top 70 Most High Demand Jobs in the US 2022 Update

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– High Demand Jobs –

According to a recent survey, one-third of currently unemployed job seekers are considering switching careers.

High Demand Jobs

The following is a list of the most popular high-demand jobs that pay $50,000 or more.

Jobs in High Demand

If you’re looking for a new job or want to change careers, knowing which jobs are in high demand can be useful.

The following is a list of the most popular high-demand job titles in the United States, as reported by employers who pay $50,000 or more on average.

1. Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses (also called RNs) provide medical care and support to patients in a variety of settings (including hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, nursing care facilities, schools, or patients’ homes) and across specialties (such as emergency care, pediatrics, or oncology).

Depending on where they work, their area of specialization, and their patients’ needs, nurses may manage a wide variety of patient-related tasks, from monitoring vital signs to administering medication to assisting with surgeries.

They also take medical histories, update medical records, monitor equipment, and teach and communicate with patients.

Average Salary: $75,330

2. Truck Driver

A truck driver’s job is to transport goods with a heavy truck or a tractor-trailer. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. 

Drive a tractor-trailer combination or a truck with a capacity of at least 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).  May be required to unload the truck. Requires commercial drivers’ license.

Average Salary: $60,911


3. Shift Manager

A shift manager supervises the operation of the business while working alongside the employees during a particular shift.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Some experience plus a high school diploma or GED are preferred.

Average Salary: $51,643

4. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

A delivery driver’s job is to transport items from one place to another. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. A high school diploma or GED preferred

Average Salary: $50,858

5. Owner Operator Driver

An owner-operator driver owns at least one cargo truck and manages their own truck-driving business. A high school diploma or GED preferred

Average Salary: $184,436

6. Sales Representative

A sales representative uses customer service and communication skills to build client relationships and sell goods or services.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. High school diploma or GED. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Average Salary: $61,886

7. Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the facility. Restaurant experience and high school diploma or GED

Average Salary: $49,807

8. Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are healthcare professionals who assist dentists in completing all dental-related tasks, including examining, cleaning, and repairing teeth.

High school diploma and postsecondary program and/or on-the-job training

Average Salary: $58,423

9. Direct Support Professional

Direct support professionals assist individuals with different intellectual and developmental abilities.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Average Salary: $61,173

10. Assistant General Manager

Assistant general managers support general managers in the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a business including finances and operations.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Average Salary: $49,071

11. General Manager

high-demand jobs

A general manager is responsible for a company’s finances and daily operations.

Industry experience and high school diploma or GED. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Average Salary: $57,927

12. Insurance Agent

Insurance agents provide customers with various types of insurance policies and help them choose policies that best meet their needs.

Bachelor’s degree and sales experience are preferred.

Average Salary: $58,159


13. Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical

Medical/Surgical nurses treat patients who are sick, require surgery, or are recovering from surgery. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) and registered nursing state licensure through the NCLEX-RN certification. Possibly specialized education such as perioperative nurse training.

Average Salary: $87,158

14. Service Technician

Service technicians offer a variety of technical, mechanical, or other customer support services depending on their industry and specialties.

A high school diploma or GED is preferred.

Average Salary: $53,099

15. Management Trainee

Management Trainees work closely with and learn under a manager to assume the role of a manager in the future.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Dependent on the industry, a high school diploma or GED preferred

Average Salary: $54,212

16. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents assist clients with the sale, purchase, and rental of residential, commercial, and industrial property.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. High school diploma or GED plus valid state real estate license

Average Salary: $80,543

17. Maintenance Person

A maintenance technician keeps a building or facility safe, tidy, and in working order. A high school diploma or GED preferred

Average Salary: $63,960

18. Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) give sick or injured patients basic care under a doctor or registered nurse’s supervision.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Nursing program completion and valid state licensure

Average Salary: $62,646

19. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist, or PT, helps injured or ill person improves their mobility and manages their pain.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. A doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) is required.

Average Salary: $93,487

20. Manager


Managers plan daily schedules, interview and hire new talent, motivate and encourage existing employees, create and maintain budgets and coordinate with and report to senior-level management.

Dependent on the industry. A high school diploma or GED is preferred, Bachelor’s degree is strongly preferred.

Average Salary: $58,832

21. Outside Sales Representative

An outside sales representative meets and sells to customers in the field. A high school diploma or GED is required. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Average Salary: $65,271

22. Engineer

Depending on their specialty, engineers use the principles of science, mathematics, technology, and physical sciences to solve problems.

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Average Salary: $69,750

23. Software Engineer

Software engineers develop systems and software for businesses. Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering is required to start.

Average Salary: $104,907

24. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists examine and clean patients’ teeth. Completion of a post-secondary program approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Average Salary: $78,005

25. Customer Service Representatives

Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints.

Average Salary: $299.64

26. Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers

Plan and erect commercial displays, such as those in windows and interiors of retail stores and at trade exhibitions.

Average Salary: $19.33 per hour

27. Food Preparation Workers

Perform a variety of food preparation duties other than cooking, such as preparing cold foods and shellfish, slicing meat, and brewing coffee or tea.

Average Salary: $18.11 per hour

28. Home Health and Personal Care Aides

Provide routine individualized healthcare such as;

1. Changing bandages and dressing wounds, and applying topical medications to the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities at the patient’s home or in a care facility.

2. Monitor or report changes in health status. May also provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, and grooming of patient.

3. Assist the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities at the person’s home or in a care facility.

Duties performed at a place of residence may include keeping house (making beds, doing laundry, washing dishes) and preparing meals.

Average Salary: $15.93 per hour

29. Cashiers

Receive and disburse money in establishments other than financial institutions. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today.

May use electronic scanners, cash registers, or related equipment.  May process credit or debit card transactions and validate checks.

Average Salary: $15.18 per hour

30. Maintenance and Repair Workers

Perform work involving the skills of two or more maintenance or craft occupations to keep machines, mechanical equipment, or the structure of an establishment in repair.

Duties may involve;

1. Pipe fitting

2. Boiler making

3. Insulating

4. Welding

5. Machining

6. Carpentry

7. Repairing electrical or mechanical equipment

8. Installing, aligning, and balancing new equipment

9. Repairing buildings, floors, or stairs.

Average Salary: $28.84 per hour

31. Janitors and Cleaners

Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition.

The Top 70 Most High Demand Jobs in the US 2022 Update

Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish.

Duties may include tending furnace and boiler, performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of the need for repairs, and cleaning snow or debris from sidewalk.

Average Salary: $20.46 per hour

32. Computer User Support Specialists

Provide technical assistance to computer users. Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone, or electronically.

May assist in the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today.

Average Salary: $32.89 per hour

33. Medical Assistants

Perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of a physician.

Administrative duties may include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, billing, and coding information for insurance purposes.

Clinical duties may include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and administering medications as directed by a physician.

Average Salary: $24.50 per hour.

34. Medical Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Perform secretarial duties using specific knowledge of medical terminology and hospital, clinic, or laboratory procedures. 

Duties may include scheduling appointments, billing patients, and compiling and recording medical charts, reports, and correspondence.

Average Salary: $24.06 per hour.

35. Helpers – Production Workers

Help production workers by performing duties requiring less skill. Duties include supplying or holding materials or tools and cleaning work areas and equipment.

Average Salary: $19.42 per hour.

36. Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

Compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete.

Perform any combination of routine calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records.

May also check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings about business transactions recorded by other workers.

Average Salary: $25.97 per hour.

37. Light Truck Driver

Drive a light vehicle, such as a truck or van, with a capacity of fewer than 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), primarily to deliver or pick up the merchandise or to deliver packages. 

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today.  The truck driver may load and unload the vehicle. 

Average Salary: $25.55 per hour.

38. Laborers and Freight

Manually move freight, stock, or other materials or perform other general labor. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. Includes all manual laborers not elsewhere classified.

Average Salary: $21.60 per hour.

39. Security Guards

high-demand jobs

Guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules. May operate x-ray and metal detector equipment.

Average Salary: $21.51 per hour.

40. Receptionists

Answer inquiries and provide information to the general public, customers, visitors;

And other interested parties regarding activities conducted at the establishment and location of departments, offices, and employees within the organization. 

Average Salary: $18.86 per hour.

41. Waiters & Waitresses

Take orders and serve food and beverages to patrons at tables in the dining establishment. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today.  

Average Salary: $16.44 per hour.

42. Actuary

Actuaries typically work for insurance companies and are responsible for evaluating risk.

They use math, data, and statistics to determine whether;

1. Their employer should issue a policy to a potential customer

2. Whether that’s an individual or a business

3. If they determine a policy should be issued, what the premium should be

Actuaries make evaluations regarding health, life, automobile, homeowners, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as retirement benefits and other investments.

Average Salary: $111,030

43. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are in the business of optimization and efficiency.

They use math, statistics, science, and engineering principles to evaluate people, systems, and processes within a business—including supply chains, operations, finance, and machinery or equipment.

They ensure businesses keep costs low and productivity high and hit organizational goals (for example, shipping a new product by a certain deadline or optimizing shipping and delivery operations).

Average Salary: $88,950

44. Data Scientist

Data scientists create the frameworks that allow companies to collect, organize, and analyze data—and then leverage that data to make better decisions for their business.

high demand

Depending on business needs, the job can include everything from running;

1. Data experiments,

2. Implementing statistical models and algorithms

3. Developing data products, and optimizing frameworks to increase efficacy and drive better business outcomes.

Data science is a highly technical, data-heavy role—and, as such, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, statistics, math, engineering, or a related field is typically a job requirement (and many companies prefer their data scientists hold an advanced degree). 

Average Salary: $98,230

45. Information Systems (IS) Manager

Information systems managers (also known as IS managers) are responsible for designing and, yes, managing the information systems within an organization.

They typically hold a senior-level role within a company’s information technology (IT) department and are tasked with evaluating a company’s current technology;

1. Staying up-to-date on available upgrades and best practices,

2. Developing an information systems strategy or plan,

3. Making recommendations on everything from hardware to software to security, and

4. Overseeing a team to implement their plans and recommendations.

Average Salary: $151,150


46. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for keeping a company’s information safe and secure—a top priority for most companies at a time when so much sensitive information is shared and stored digitally.

1. Security analysts are responsible for everything from researching and testing security solutions,

2. Evaluating a company’s current digital security processes,

3. Identifying and fixing vulnerabilities,

4. Managing security threats or breaches, and

5. Develop and implement security solutions and technologies (such as overseeing the installation of firewalls and the use of data encryption).

Information security analysts need to know the ins and outs of all things cyber security and typically hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher!) in a technology-related field, such as computer science.

Average Salary: $103,590

47. Financial Manager

As the title implies, financial managers are responsible for managing an organization’s finances.

Financial managers may be employed directly by a company or they may work for a consulting firm, where they tackle financial management for the firm’s clients.

Depending on the company or client’s needs, a financial manager may be responsible for a variety of finance-related tasks, including;

1. Identifying financial weaknesses or risks;

2. Developing solutions to eliminate those weaknesses or risks;

3. Performing financial research;

4. Creating financial projections and reports;

5. Preparing financial statements;

6. Setting financial goals;

7. Providing suggestions for how the company or client can hit those financial goals; and

8. Suggest ways to reduce costs, increase profits, or expand into new markets.

Average Salary: $134,180

48. Sales Engineer

As the title suggests, sales engineers hold a hybrid role that incorporates elements of both sales and engineering.

Sales engineers typically work for companies that sell complex technology products or services to clients.

They work with the client to evaluate their systems and develop custom solutions to fit each client’s individual needs.

They play a role in presenting and pitching to clients; closing and renewing deals; installing software or equipment; and providing support once the technology is in use. (although some opportunities will require a master’s degree).

Average Salary: $108,830

49. Technical Writer

Technical writers take complex technical ideas and translate them into language people can easily read and understand—whether that’s in the form of journal articles, educational materials, video scripts, tutorials, instruction manuals, or FAQ pages.

That means they need to interact with the people designing and creating the relevant products or equipment.

For example, to understand the ins and outs of what they’re writing about and determine what kind of documentation is necessary.

Average Salary: $74,650

50. Software Developer

Software developers (also known as software engineers) design, code, test, and develop software, whether that’s an enterprise software solution serving a giant corporation or a consumer-facing mobile app used by individuals.

The most important thing you’ll need to succeed as a software developer is coding skills.

So, whether you learn to code through a degree program, a coding boot camp, or by teaching yourself, for most gigs, it doesn’t really matter; as long as you have the skills—and can prove it during a technical interview—you should be able to land a job.

Average Salary: $110,140

51. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for getting the word out about a product, service, event, brand, etc.—and convincing customers that it’s worth purchasing, attending, following, etc.

Some marketing managers are generalists while others specialize in one type of marketing such as;

1. Content marketing,

2. Email marketing,

3. Social media marketing,

4. E-commerce, or

5. Search engine optimization and marketing

6. Lead the charge in developing, implementing, and optimizing strategies and campaigns to increase awareness, connect with customers, and drive sales or other conversions.

Average Salary: $141,490

52. Human Resources (HR) Manager

Human resources managers (more commonly known as HR managers) are responsible for managing everything related to the employees within an organization.

Human Resources

Depending on the needs of the company, HR managers may handle a variety of employee-related tasks, including recruiting, employee onboarding and training, and overseeing benefits administration.

HR managers may also manage employee complaints and spearhead initiatives aimed at improving company culture (like team-building activities or company wellness programs).

Average Salary: $121,220

53. Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for maintaining a company’s database systems and ensuring that the information stored on them is easily, quickly, and securely accessible.

Depending on the database, this may include;

1. Optimizing data collection,

2. Storage, and organization;

3. Backing up systems;

4. Identifying problems or inconsistencies within the database and developing solutions;

5. Creating new databases and transferring data into them;

6. Overseeing user permissions, and designing and implementing security measures.

Average Salary: $98,860

54. Public Relations (PR) Manager

Public relations managers (also known as PR managers) work to shape the way a person, company, or product is perceived by the public.

Whether that’s building buzz around a new product launch, getting press coverage for a new book, or building positive brand sentiment for a corporation.

PR managers accomplish these goals using a variety of strategies, including building and maintaining media relationships, writing press releases, and running “damage control” to minimize the impact of negative press.

Average Salary: $118,430

55. Statistician

Statisticians practice the science of using data to make decisions. They decide what data they need and how to collect it, design experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and report conclusions.

And unlike most professions, statistics can be applied to a vast number of fields or issues, like the environment, public safety, health care, and sports.

As the famous mathematician and statistician John Tukey once told a colleague, “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard.”

Average Salary:$92,270

56. Speech-Language Pathologist 

Speech-language pathologists evaluate, diagnose and treat people with speech, language, or swallowing difficulties.

They work with many types of patients, including stroke victims who are relearning to speak, babies who have trouble swallowing, people who speak with a stutter, and children with language delays.

It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today.

Average Salary:$80,480

57. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists care for patients with heart and lung problems.

They often treat people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, or sleep apnea;

And they also have the skills to respond to some emergency situations, like those experiencing a heart attack or suffering a stroke.

Average Salary:$62,810

58. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform surgeries on the face, mouth, and jaw. These professionals are dentists with at least four years of additional surgery training, so they can do everything from treating facial traumas to fixing cleft lips.

They can diagnose and treat patients with head, neck, and oral cancer. They can even administer anesthesia and perform cosmetic surgeries, such as face-lifts.

But even though their specialty is specific, the technology used to treat and operate on the face, mouth, and jaw is constantly evolving. 

Average Salary:$208,000

59. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse anesthetists can use a number of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses to administer general or regional anesthesia, so surgeons and other physicians can complete procedures with little to no discomfort to the patient. 

Modern anesthesia has come a long way from the chloroform administered by the first nurse anesthetists in the Civil War.

“Anesthesia is safer today than it’s ever been,” says Frank Gerbasi, a certified registered nurse anesthetist and executive director of the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs.

Average Salary:$183,580

60. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer could be answering the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” as well as a host of other life-changing medical questions with the help of ultrasound technology.

Beyond babies, sonograms are used to help diagnose medical conditions by creating images of body organs and tissues.

These professionals include;

1. Musculoskeletal sonographers, who specialize in creating images of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints;

2. Abdominal sonographers, who capture images of the abdominal cavity as well as nearby organs like the kidney, liver, and pancreas; and

3. Breast sonographers, who capture images of breast tissue that could confirm the presence of cysts and tumors.

Average Salary:$75,920

61. Patrol Officer

Much of being a patrol officer involves the tedium of writing reports and updating records.

Patrol Officer

When you’re not behind a desk, you’ll be on patrol, making your presence known in the community and responding to incident reports.

There is clearly a public service element to the job that you could reasonably call heroic, but there’s also a cost to your personal life. Officers work long hours and suffer high rates of a job-related injury. 

Average Salary:$65,540

62. Physical Therapist

Many doctors refer patients with physical issues from athletic injuries to neurological traumas to physical therapists. It is one of the most popular high-demand jobs today. 

These professionals come to the rescue after a stress fracture sidelines a runner, when an awkward slide into home base benches a softball player, or after a stroke keeps a person bedridden.

Average Salary:$91,010

63. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists work with patients to build or restore their abilities to perform the daily tasks of life.

Occupational therapy can look very different depending on what sorts of issues the patient is dealing with, whether mental, physical, emotional, or developmental.

After a thorough assessment of a patient, the OT will then create a plan and work toward helping that patient meet certain goals, which may range from eating and bathing to operating a computer and maintaining a budget.

Average Salary:$86,280

64. Fashion Designer 

Fashion designers come up with concepts for clothing, accessories, and footwear, and they create patterns based on those ideas.

In an atelier or fashion design workshop, fashion designers bring their patterns to life by choosing and cutting fabric, and sewing and draping the clothing on mannequins.

Other fashion designers might send off their patterns to third parties to make for them.

Average Salary:$75,810

65. Pediatrician

Pediatricians are doctors concerned with the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children from infancy to young adulthood.

Although it is a specialty in itself, pediatrics also has multitudinous subspecialties ranging from neonatology, oncology, and hematology to developmental-behavioral pediatrics and psychiatry.

Those who choose to be pediatricians have to love being around children and advocating for children’s issues.

Average Salary:$177,130

66. Logistician 

Logisticians coordinate the responses to major natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, or plan cleanups of environmental disasters like oil spills.

Logisticians make sure the necessary equipment, supplies, and skilled technicians arrive quickly and with the right tools at their side.

Their skills lie in making these behind-the-the-scenes undertakings appear effortless, so companies and governments can continue running smoothly. 

Average Salary:$76,270

67. Construction Manager 

Construction managers obtain work permits, hire contractors, troubleshoot emergencies, schedule walkthroughs, and keep clients informed on work timetables and progress.

Construction management is ideal for someone who has a general interest in building and design. Architecture might seem like too much drawing. 

Average Salary:$97,180

68. Optometrist

Optometrists meet with patients and perform different tests to determine common eyesight issues, such as near- or farsightedness, for which they can prescribe glasses or contacts.

They can also test patients for eye diseases, such as glaucoma, for which they can prescribe medicines.

Optometrists can also perform vision therapy for other issues, such as eye movement or eye-tracking problems.

Sometimes optometrists run across a problem like diabetic retinopathy, which is symptomatic of a systemic problem like diabetes. 

Average Salary:$118,050

69. Epidemiologist

high demand jobs

Epidemiologists examine the causes of diseases to prevent them from transmitting and recurring, including investigating the triggers of infection for a public health agency;

Or collecting blood samples at an outpatient care center. These medical scientists might work in hospitals, laboratories, or universities, or for pharmaceutical companies or health insurers.

Average Salary:$74,560

70. Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides assist people with chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and mental ailments by helping them prepare meals, get dressed in the morning and go about their daily tasks.

Without the assistance of a personal care aide, many of these often elderly people would be unable to complete the tasks of basic living. Compassion is a requirement for anyone interested in this line of work.

It is one of the high-demand jobs today. 

Average Salary:$27,080

FAQS on High Demand Jobs

Below are some faqs on the high demand jobs.

1. What jobs have a high pay?

Marketing Manager
Petroleum Engineer
IT Manager  
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

2. What is the highest career?

Marketing Manager
Petroleum Engineer
IT Manager  
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

3. What is the richest job to have?

Marketing Manager
Petroleum Engineer

4. What is the lowest paying job?

Cooks, Fast Food           
Gaming Dealers             
Counter Attendants
Food Concession, and Coffee Shop
Hosts and Hostesses
Amusement and Recreation Attendants             
Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers     
Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendants and Bartender Helpers 
Pressers, Textile, Garment, and Related Materials                                                          
Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Workers           
Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers

5. How can I become rich?

Exploit your skill as a self-employed expert and invest in it.
Hit $100K, then invest the rest.
Be an inventor and consider it as an opportunity to serve.
Join a start-up and get stock.
Develop property.
Build a portfolio of stocks and shares.

6. How can a kid get rich fast?

Find local gigs through Next-door.
Use social networking groups to find work in your community, if allowed.
Become a tutor.
Take surveys.
Monetize your social media accounts.
Get paid to stream on Twitch.
Search for regular jobs for kids.

7. How can I become poor?

Spend more than you make ·
Lust after what you don’t have ·
Never give to anyone ·
Don’t pay attention to where your money goes
Never save.
Go directly to jail.
Stay in a dead-end low-paid job

8. What jobs can 11 year olds do?

Dog walker.
Office assistant.
Plant sitter.

9. How can I make 100 dollars in a day?

Take part in research (up to $150/hour)
Get paid to take surveys.
Become a shopper.
Get paid to watch videos online.
Wrap your car.
Sell your crafts.
Download these 2 apps and make $125 by going online.
Make an extra $100 pet sitting.

10. How can I earn money as a teenager?

Freelance work.
Instagram influencer.
Amazon Associates online.
Online surveys. 
Design t-shirts online. 
Rent, sell books, online tutoring, project work. 
Storytelling via podcasts.

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