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– Indiana Career Explorer –

Indiana Career Explorer will help you explore a world of possibilities, make decisions about your future, and prepare for the next step in your education and career planning journey.

indiana career explorer

This article has covered information on Indiana Career Explorer.

About Indiana 

Indiana is a U.S. state in the Midwestern United States. It is the 38th-largest by area and the 17th-most populous of the 50 United States.

Its capital and largest city are Indianapolis. They admitted Indiana to the United States as the 19th state on December 11, 1816.

It borders Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, the Ohio River and Kentucky to the south and southeast, and the Wabash River and Illinois to the west.

Brief Summary

The Indiana Career Explorer (ICE) is a comprehensive, intuitive, and Internet-based system that helps students and adults plan for a career that fits with their interests, skills, and work values. 

ICE offers free, lifetime access to all Indiana students.

Core components of the system include research-based career assessments, multiple ways to explore occupations, post-secondary training and education options.

Also, tools to create cover letters resumes, a shareable e-Portfolio, and many job search tools, including how to find job openings.

Additionally, the system links to state resources like the Hoosier Hot 50, Indiana Career Connect, and others.

Key Points

ICE is part of a multi-agency partnership between the Indiana Department of Education, the Commission for Higher Education/Learn More Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Department of Workforce.


Complete the Indiana Career Explorer Assessment

indiana career explorer

Instructions: Step 1

1. Visit the Indiana Career Explorer home page at — click on “New users register here” under the login information.

2. New User Screen — click on the student button and select “college freshman,” then click continue.

3. Register Screen — complete the information required on this screen. You must use the calendar to select your date of birth, so use the arrows to scroll to the right birth date. 

Create a username and password, keeping this information in a safe place for later use. 

Under school, select the Ivy Tech Community College campus where you attend. 

At the bottom of the page, you must read through the terms and conditions of use, then click that you agree to them. When finished, click on the “register” button.

4. You should now be in an Indiana Career Explorer screen which will direct you too many options for use.

5. In the middle of this screen are three different assessments. Follow the directions and complete all three. Save your findings. You can also go into “My Portfolio” at the top of the screen to check your results later.

More Details

a. Kuder Career Interest Assessment takes about 9 minutes to complete.

b. Kuder Skills Confidence Assessment takes about 7 minutes to complete.

c. Kuder Work Values Assessment takes about 4 minutes to complete.

Each of these assessments will guide you towards a career using different information.

6. At the bottom of the page, explore the Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs. Is your career choice one of these needed positions?

7. Print out your results, or Save the file on your computer where you can access it again easily. This information will assist you with completing the career exploration worksheet.

Whether you’re an adult looking for a new career or a student trying to figure out career and college options, Indiana Career Explorer allows you to explore career interests and skills.

You’ll be able to identify occupations, establish educational strategies and ultimately, connect to employers. Take control of your future and sign up for your account.


Step 2: Occupational Exploration Worksheet

However, use this information to complete your entry for the Discussion Board

(This can be downloaded as a Word doc by clicking here.)

Review the career information for your career choice of interest. Please use the following resources for your occupational research:

1. O’NET: (Click on “Find Occupations” )

2. America’s Career InfoNet: (Click on “Occupation Information”)

3. Occupational Outlook Handbook (Type in the occupation title you are interested in researching in the search bar)

Step 3:

After reviewing at least one website’s information, answer the following questions about the career. PLEASE CITE YOUR SOURCE (S):

1. What Education, Training, and/or Certifications are needed to enter this occupation? (Associate Degree? Bachelor’s degree? Master’s Degree? Licensure?)

2. What is the Salary Range (lowest to highest)? and also What is the Median or Average Salary? What is the Employment Outlook? (Average growth? Faster than Average? etc..)

3. What is the Nature of Work? Describe Specific Tasks Involved in this Occupation. (Is it people, data, things, or ideas related?)

4. Describe the Working Conditions (e.g., responsibilities, sitting at desk/office, outdoors, public contact, etc…)What do you find appealing about this occupation? Any drawbacks? How does it relate to your key work values and skills?

5. What college major or program will you need to pursue this occupation/career? What steps will you need to take to achieve your career goal(s)?

6. After researching this occupation, do you think this career path is still an option as a long-term career goal? Why or why not?

Please list a potential transfer institution and a link to the requirements for your chosen degree at your transfer institution.

Please visit the Indiana Career Explorer website.

FAQs about Indiana Career Eplorer

Below are the frequently asked questions about indiana career explorer.

1. What is Indiana Career Explorer?

Indiana Career Explorer is a powerful tool that empowers people to explore careers and plan their next steps. Register Today.
When registered you will be connected with your school or career counsellor and receive the support, you need.

2. Is Indiana Career Explorer free?

Indiana Career Explorer will help you identify jobs you are interested in and may be good at. This free tool can also help guide you toward getting your high school equivalency.
Therefore, training information, and job search resources at your local Work One office or Adult Education center.

3. Is Career Explorer by Sokanu free?

Check out Career explorer, for FREE!!! This online assessments take about 20 – 30 minutes to complete, and your results will remain on an online account for you to go back to and revisit as you have time.

4. What is career exploration?

Career exploration and planning is clarifying career and employment options that fit your interests and skills and reviewing the core elements of the job search process to help you get where you want to go!

More FAQs about Indiana Career Explorer

5. what is the word career?

1. a profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling a career in medicine often used before another noun a career diplomat.
2. a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life Washington’s career as a soldier.

6. What are the three career exploration processes?

Then they end up feeling stuck and unhappy. Proper and thorough career planning is the key to choosing an occupation that will lead to many years of fulfilment and satisfaction.
Also, the career planning process has four components: (1) Self-Assessment, (2) Career Exploration, (3) Career Identification, and (4) Action Plan.

6. What are the four phases of career exploration?

It comprises four stages: Career Awareness, Career Exploration, Career Preparation, and Career Placement.

7. What is career exploration and guidance?

Career guidance/counseling helps job seekers select a career path, set career goals, get training/education.
However, conduct a job search, complete a job application, write a cover letter and resume, and prepare for a job interview.

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