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The Perceived Impact of Inflation on the Nigerian Capital Market

ABSTRACT The research work was undertaken to asses the impact of inflation on the Nigerian capital markets. The work was intended to achieve the following objectives; to evaluate the way inflation affects the shares of quoted companies in Nigerian Stock Exchange and to examine the impact of inflation on the price of securities in the […]

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Scheels First Bank Card Detailed Information and Other Features

The Scheels First Bank card is a highly-regarded credit card, backed by over 250 financial institutions, co-brand partners, and affinity partners across the country. Read through this article to know more about them. They provide quality credit card products and superior services to financial institutions, co-brand partners, and affinity partners in order to help customers […]

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Impact of Financial Liberalization on the Efficiency of the Nigerian Stock Market: 1986-2011

ABSTRACT Using Nigeria aggregate level data for 26 years: 1986-2011, the study estimates the impact of financial liberalization on stock market efficiency in Nigeria. The study used the Generalised Least Square (GLS) to estimate the four hypotheses formulated for the study. The ratio of stock market capitalization to gross domestic product, ratio value of shares […]

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Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctations on Nigrerian Balance Payments (1970-2012)

Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctations on Nigrerian Balance Payments (1970-2012). ABSTRACT The price of one currency (the domestic currency) in terms of another is referred to as the exchange rate (the foreign currency). Because no nation can remain autarky due to varying factor endowment, the exchange rate plays a critical role in international economic transactions. […]

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An Appraisal of the Performance of Nigeria Banking Industry in Post Consolidation Era

ABSTRACT The current credit crisis and financial turmoil have questioned the effectiveness of bank consolidation programme as a remedy for financial stability and monetary policy in correcting the defects in the financial sector for sustainable development. The project attempts to examine the performances of banks induced bank consolidation and macroeconomic performance in Nigeria in a […]

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Impact of Microfinance Banks Activities on Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: 1993 – 2012

Abstract The fight against extreme poverty has been at the front burner of global discourse for a very long time. Poverty is deemed as a state of deprivation but more specifically, where an  individual or group has insufficient income for securing basic goods and  services. Microfinance has been globally acknowledged as a vehicle that drives […]

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Impact of Corruption on Fiscal Policy Management in Nigeria

ABSTRACT   Corruption is an anti-social behaviour conferring improper benefits contrary to legal and moral norms, which undermine the authorities to improve the living conditions of the people. It is one of the greatest challenges of the contemporary world today. The increasing wave of corruption and its devastating impact on the Nigeria economy has become a national problem […]

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Impact of External Financing on Firm Performance: Evidence from Nigeria Quoted Manufacturing Firms, 1999-2012

ABSTRACT   The use of external financing can be described as a balancing act between higher returns for shareholders versus higher risk to shareholders. Though external financing can boost stock performance of firms, it is still inconclusive as to its impact on performance of firms in developing economies like Nigeria. It is, therefore, against this background […]

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Working Capital Management and Profitability in Chemical and Paint Sector in Nigeria

ABSTRACT   Working Capital Management plays an important role in financial decision making since it is a part of investment in assets and liabilities and it directly affects the profitability and liquidity of the firm. Firms can achieve optimal management of working capital by making the trade–off between profitability and liquidity. Cash Conversion Cycle is one […]

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Impact of Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund on Agricultural Production in Nigeria, 1978-2011

ABSTRACT Supporting smallholder farmers to play a greater role in food production and natural resource stewardship has been identified as one of the quickest ways to lift Nigerians out of poverty. Funding has been seen as a major problem militating against achieving this goal. It is argued that adequate credit facility could play an important […]

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