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Bioremediation of Tannery Effluent and Lipid Production by Chlorella vulgaris (Beijerinck) Utex 2714

Filed in Biology Project Topics, Current Projects by on September 11, 2022

Bioremediation of Tannery Effluent and Lipid Production by Chlorella vulgaris (Beijerinck) Utex 2714. ABSTRACT This study was aimed to assess the potential of Chlorella vulgaris UTEX 2714 to grow and bio-remediate tannery effluent. Tannery effluent was collected from an effluent stream from Tanneries in Challawa Industrial Estate, Kano. The effluent was sterilised and inoculated with […]

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Assessment of Moss Species as Biomonitors Of Atmospheric Pollutants in Some Towns of North-western Nigeria

Assessment of Moss Species as Biomonitors Of Atmospheric Pollutants in Some Towns of North-western Nigeria     ABSTRACT  The development of industry, urbanization and increase in vehicular emissions in Nigeria has resulted in the contamination of the environment by heavy metals and other pollutants. Air borne heavy metals and other pollutants (including NOX and SO2) enter the ecosystem where they circulate and, depending on their […]

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Abundance of Mosquito Species within Sokoto Metropolis

Abundance of Mosquito Species within Sokoto Metropolis. ABSTRACT The study was conducted to determine the abundance of mosquito species within the Sokoto metropolis. Three (3) locations, which are Danbuwa, Gobirawa and GidanIgwai, in three (3) Local Government Areas, namely; DangeShuni, Sokoto South and Sokoto North Local Government Areas respectively, were sampled out of the five […]

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