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New Fuzzy Scheduling Algorithm (Nfsa) for Real- Time Tasks on Multiprocessor Systems

Abstract This thesis is an extension of existing fuzzy scheduling algorithms, to schedule real-time tasks on multiprocessor systems. The existing fuzzy scheduling algorithm was extended in order to have a better performance at higher system load. The task scheduling parameters used in this research work are; arrival time, computation time, and deadline which are inputs […]

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Design and Implementation of an Online Journal Management System

Filed in Current Projects, Mathematics Project Topics by on February 11, 2023

ABSTRACT This project research titled “Design and Implementation of an Online Journal Management System which is a case study of Sokoto International Journal of Counselling Psychology (SIJCP)”, is a web-based system which is aimed at using the potent ability of the Computer System to solve many of the challenges faced by the current manual system […]

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Process Scheduling in Longest Job First (LJF) Algorithm: a Proposed Framework for Starvation Problem

ABSTRACT The process as an individualistic program in execution forms the basis of everything in the computer system’s functionality, and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) becomes the main target of every process execution. The best ordering and sequence of assigning these processes to the Central Processing Unit becomes the most difficult problem to obtain the […]

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A Modified Subgradient Extragradeint Method for Variational Inequality Problems and Fixed Point Problems in Real Banach Spaces

ABSTRACT Let E be a 2-uniformly convex and uniformly smooth real Banach space with dual space E ∗. Let A: C → E ∗ be a monotone and Lipschitz continuous mapping and U: C → C be relatively nonexpansive. An algorithm for approximating the common elements of the set of fixed points of a relatively nonexpansive map U and the set of […]

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Modelling, Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Personalised E-Learning System

ABSTRACT This thesis presents a formal description of a personalized e-learning system, a pedagogically sound approach to adaptively composing and personalizing the access of learning content in tertiary institutions. A mathematical model for the profiling of learners to determine their learning style based on the Honey and Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire (LSQ) was developed. Based […]

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Design And Implementation of A Telemedicine System In Nigeria

ABSTRACT In most underdeveloped or third world countries like Nigeria, there are very large numbers of patients in remote rural areas that need specific healthcare support services at home. Due to shortages of medical experts, hospitals coupled with geographic isolation, and lack of opportunities for these experts, the few available medical experts are often reluctant […]

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Design And Implementation of A Modified Median Round Robin Algorithm (Dimmrra)

ABSTRACT Central Processing Unit (CPU) scheduling involves a careful examination of pending processes to determine the most efficient way to service the requests. Several scheduling algorithms have been designed to arrange access to computer resources efficiently. Round robin scheduling algorithm (RRSA) is an attractive algorithm but suffers from the problem of time quantum determination. In […]

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Design And Implementation of A Webbased University Admission And Placement Neural Network Model

ABSTRACT Every year the number of applicants seeking admission into Nigerian Universities increases by leaps and bounds although the Universities lack the commensurate facilities to meet the challenges of admitting the high number of applicants. For this reason, the admission officers have to manually evaluate every candidate’s data against the set admission requirements to screen […]

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An Assessment of Fertility Rate and Differentials in Women within the Reproductive Ageing Kaduna State

ABSTRACT This dissertation looked at the fertility rate, fertility pattern, and some of the diseases that cause fertility problems that lead to pregnancy wastage and fertility differentials in women within the reproductive age using binary Logistic and Multiple regression. The result shows that the average Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of sample I, sample II and […]

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Determinants of Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Modeling Approach

ABSTRACT The research also examines the relationship between the ARDL procedure and the fully modified OLS approach of Phillips and Hansen to estimate the cointegrating relationship between all the variables, Economic growth, these results provide strong evidence in favour of rehabilitation of the traditional ARDL approach to time Series econometric modelling. PROCEED NOW TO DOWNLOAD […]

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