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Design and Implementation of an Online Legal Practitioners Representation System



Design and Implementation of an Online Legal Practitioners Representation System


Online legal practitioner representation system is a legal platform that is aimed at curtailing the problems encountered in the old system where appellants were compelled to seek for legal representation house by house and often time ending up with lawyers who has no inclination in their area of the petition.

The system is designed to successfully communicate legal activities on the web by making lawyers’ profile available on the internet for appellants, thereby allowing for a more transparent judicial system. This work was motivated by the author’s love for justice and fairness as many people over the years have lost cases that should have been ruled there as a result of not having a qualified lawyer.

In order to gather valid information, the author had to use both primary and secondary means of data sourcing because he believed there is need for him to hear and as well put himself in the shoes of the appellants by interviewing them, coupled with his previous observation and also consulting published articles related to the field under study.


Title page                                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                                ii

Approval page                                                                                             iii

Dedication                                                                                                   iv

Acknowledgement                                                                                      v

Abstract                                                                                                       vi

Table of Content                                                                                         vii

List of Tables                                                                                              xi

List of Figures                                                                                             xii

Chapter one: Introduction                                                                        1

  • Historical background of the study 2
  • Statement of the problem 3
  • Objectives of the study 3
  • Scope and limitation of the study 4
  • Importance of the study 4
  • Definition of terms 4

Chapter two: Review of related literature                                                          7

2.1     Legal Aid and Access to Justice                                                                   13

Chapter three: System investigation and analysis                                   18

3.1     Applied method of investigation                                                        18

3.2     Facts identified                                                                                  19

3.2.1  Organizational chart                                                                           20

3.2.2  Procedure chart                                                                                  22

3.3     Analysis of the current system                                                            22

3.3.1  Input of the current system                                                                 23

3.3.2  Output of the old system                                                                    24

3.4     proposal of a new system                                                                   24

3.5     benefits of a new system                                                                    24

3.6     approach to the new system                                                               25

3.7     justification of the new system                                                           25

Chapter four: Design methodology                                                                   27

  • Objectives of the new system 27
  • System block diagram 28

4.2.1 System flowchart                                                                                29

4.2.2 Main menu                                                                                         30

4.3 Output design                                                                                       31

4.3.1 Output fields description                                                                              32

4.3.2 Output file                                                                                          33

4.4 Input design                                                                                          34

4.5 Program design                                                                                     36

4.6 Database Design                                                                                    38

4.6.1 Entity Relationship Diagram                                                               39

4.6.2 Database structure                                                                               40

4.7 Flowcharts of the modules to be programmed                                                 43

4.8 Data dictionary                                                                                      50

4.9 Programming language of choice                                                           54

Chapter five: System documentation and implementation                     55

5.1 Hardware operating system requirement for the system to run                55

5.2 Software requirement                                                                                      55

  • How to install the system 56
  • Training of the system’s administrator                                       57
  • Implementation details 57
  • System testing 57
  • File conversion 58
  • Change over procedure 58

Recommendation                                                                                        59

  • Maintenance Details                                                                          59

Chapter six: Summary, conclusion and recommendation                      61

  • Summary 61
  • Conclusion 61
  • Recommendation 62

References                                                                                                   63

Appendix A                                                                                                          65

Appendix B                                                                                                          69


For most people, hiring a lawyer is one of the things they wish they never have to go through because it involves a big commitment of employing another individual to represent your interest adequately by ensuring that whatever reason you employed them for, is achieved quickly and smoothly.

Understanding the scope of the issue for which one wishes to hire a lawyer is always pertinent as it usually helps to know the kind of lawyer to look for.

The online legal practitioner representation system is a legal platform that is aimed at ameliorating the problem encountered in the old system where both search parties (appellants and respondents) limited their search scheme to only asking for a recommendation of a good lawyer; usually from their friends and relatives who has had similar needs in the past.


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