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A Study and Development Of An Online Bus Ticketing System

A Study and Development Of An Online Bus Ticketing System.


This project addresses the study and development of an Online Bus Ticketing System web portal to enable users, both the bus operators and the customers to make an online bus ticket sale/ purchase and act as an operation tool for bus operators to operate their organization effectively.

Traditionally, bus ticket purchase has been over the counter in bus terminals, however, today it has evolved with the rapid expansion of e-commerce. Thus, prior to developing the system, this research critically assess and study the reason behind the evolution and the current e-ticketing systems.

This project also addresses the problems faced by customers and bus operators especially on illegal bus operators, long wait to purchase a bus ticket, unsafe environment and many more.


The government of Malaysia has successfully capitalized its country’s topography to construct a road system, especially the national highway to its public to commute within the Peninsular Malaysia.

The North South highway with a total distance of 847.7 km was officially open on September 8 1994, which stretches from Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah to Johor Bahru (The North South Expressway, 2006).

It has made possible for a person to travel from north to south of Peninsular Malaysia within 9 hours compared to longer hours prior to its existence. Kompleks Perhentian Puduraya is the most significant public transport (bus) terminal in Malaysia (Wikipedia, 2006).

Every year, the number of public using its services has been increasing as the government constantly urges commuters to use public transport instead of private vehicles (Ng Cheng Yee, 2006).

So much so during the weekend or any given public holidays, the number of commuters’ increases by doubles. The main activity that is taking place in Puduraya Bus Terminal is over the counter bus ticket sales.


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