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Influence of Drug Use on Athletes’ Behaviour During Nigeria Colleges of Education Games Association (NICEGA) in North Central Geo-Political Zone, Nigeria

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Influence of Drug Use on Athletes’ Behaviour During Nigeria Colleges of Education Games Association (NICEGA) in North Central Geo-Political Zone, Nigeria.


There has been tremendous increase in the number of participants in sports competitions. These sports competitions have imposed on the participants extreme pressures because of the desire to win at all costs by Coaches, Trainers, Spectators and even Athletes themselves.

As a result of this quest, the problem of using drugs to enhance performance by Athletes has become the practice by both male and female Athletes in Nigeria. Some of these drugs taken by Athletes to enhance their performance not only influence their behaviours during sport competitions but also endanger their health.

The incidence of drug use by Athletes is not only common with the developed countries of the world, but also found among the developing countries like Nigeria. It is not restricted only to the elite Athletes but also found in the institutions of higher learning during sports competitions such as NICEGA competitions.

The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of drug use on Athletes’ behaviour during NICEGA competitions in North Central Geo- Political Zone, Nigeria. Relevant literature such as journals, textbooks, magazines, and retrievals from the internet were consulted.

The expost-facto research design was adopted for this study. The stratified random sampling technique was used to select the subjects for this study. The data collected were analyzed using SPSS and the statistical procedures used for the analysis were frequency and percentages which were used for the respondents’ demographic variables.

Means and standard deviation were used for the analysis of data collected on influence of drug use on Athletes’ behaviour during NICEGA competitions. The one-sample t-test procedure was used to test the hypothesis because of the need to compare the observed means score with the fixed mean.


The increasing incidence of drug use among youths including Athletes has been of growing concern to the Nigerian society, and indeed the world community. The fitness and skill levels of Athletes in different sports usually improve every year.

Thus, boundaries of human athletic performance are continually extended, new records are established and the difference between success and failure becomes smaller in competitive sports.

This ever decreasing difference between success and failure compels both Coaches and Athletes to search for any slight edge that might ensure success.

In this search, many of them are tempted to use performance enhancing drugs, some of which can benefit performance while others endanger not only performance but also life.

It was further reported that the use of drugs to enhance performance in sports is only the recent manifestation of an old problem. Ancient Greeks used stimulants to enhance performance (Venkateswarlu, 2000).

According to Fields (2004) Athletes have been using drugs to enhance their performance since ancient times. The use of drugs by Athletes is almost as old as the Olympic Game itself.

He further reported that the pressures of professional athletics conditions and the accompanying lifestyle can create a situation in which Athletes seek both relief and the enhancement of performance by using alcohol or other drugs.


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