Perception of Students On Pre-Marital Sexual Relationship Among Tertiary Students in Anambra State.

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 – Perception of Students on Pre-Marital Sexual Relationship among Tertiary Students in Anambra State – 

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This project focuses on the “Perception of premarital sex among students in higher education The challenges of sex before marriage have drawn concern;

This is due to different social problems it generates. understanding is that, sex before marriage comes with its own dangers and if not treated properly can lead to more social problems.

To achieve the stated objectives of the research, data were collected through the questionnaire as a tool. The data were analyzed using the Likert scale method to achieve clarity.

According to research findings, it was concluded that sex before marriage among students has reached alarming proportions and that sex before marriage is now part of the social life of students and as such, students see nothing wrong with it.

Therefore, it was recommended that, early sex education should be given to children, regular campaign and public awareness on sex before marriage should be carried out and that parents, government and the general public need take it upon themselves to bring their own quota to the education and the reduction of sex before marriage.


Title page      i

Approval page   ii

Certification     iii

Dedication     iv

Acknowledgement      v

Table of contents   vii

Abstract     ix

Chapter One: Introduction

Background of the Study       1

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Significance of the Study

Research Question

Scope of the Study

Chapter Two: Review Of Related Literature Conceptual framework                                                                      


Premarital sex

Sexual relationship

Tertiary institutions


Theoretical framework

Theory of diffusion by Everett Rogers

Theoretical studies

Studies on;

Causes of premarital sexual relationship among the tertiary students

Engagement of tertiary students in premarital sex

Role of premarital sex on the spread of HIV/AIDS

Factors that influence premarital sex

Empirical studies

Studies on;

Perception of students on premarital sexual relationship in Nigeria

Nature and extent of premarital sex among tertiary institutions

Effects of premarital sex on undergraduate students

Summary of Review of Related Literature                                                      

Chapter Three: Method

Research Design

Area of the Study

Population for the Study

Instrument for Data Collection

Validation of the Instrument

Method of Data Collection

Method of Data Analysis

Chapter Four: Presentation And Analysis Of Data

Research Question 1

Research Question 2

Research Question 3

Findings of the study                                                                                      

Discussion of Findings   

Chapter Five: Discussion, Conclusion And Recommendation

Discussion of Findings

Summary of Procedure Used

Implication of the Study



Suggestions for Further Studies                                                                      




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