Press Freedom and Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria


 – Press Freedom and Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria –

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In this study, press freedom and fundamental human rights mean generally that every individual should have the right to freedom, which make a society. But where the rights of the press freedom and fundamental human right are failing to given, it will mar a society 100 questionnaires was shared to a hundred people.
The respondents were students, politicians working in the government house and general public. The questionnaire was also distributed thus students 40, journalist 20 and the general public 40, these were used to find out whether Obasanjo civilian administration give support to press freedom and fundamental human right.
Raw scores of students. Journalists and the general public were collected and analyzed. Results of the analysis showed that, there is partly freedom of the press and fundamental human right in Olusegun Obasanjo civilian administration than to that of sani abacha and badamosi Babangida military regime.
Recommendation where made based on the findings which include among other things that the government should try to advanced the cause of the press freedom from the level it is today by granting the press free hand to its duty.
Again the government should take a second look as its stand on sharia law in some states like zamfara state.
Finally, the government should prosecute those who violate human rights from the past till down and the press should do its work according to the ethics of their profession. And people should be educated more to know their fundamental human rights.
It is hoped that if these recommendations are implemented, there will be noticeable improvement in the society since press is the watch dog of the society.


Title page       i
Approval page        ii
Dedication         iii
Acknowledgements      iv
Abstract        vi
List of content       ix 


  • Background of the study 1
    • Statement of the problems 11
    • Purpose of the study 13
    • Significance of the study 14
    • Research Questions 15
    • Scope of the study 16
    • Definition of terms 17 


  • Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria 23
  • Press Freedom a way to Fundamental
  • Human Right                                                  27
  • The Nigerian Press Under the Olusegun Obasanjo Administration 37
  • Summary of the Literature Review 40 

3.0   Methodology                                                    42

  • Brief Outline of the Study 42
  • Design of the Study 43
  • Area of the Study 44
  • Population of the Study 44
  • Sample of the Study 45
  • Instrument for Data Collection 45
  • Validation of the Instrument 46
  • Distribution and Retrieval of the Instrument 46
  • Method of Data Analysis. 47


  • Data presentation 48
  • Data Analysis 48
  • Findings 60


  • Summary of Findings
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations
    • Limitations of the Study
    • Suggestion for Further Study



1.0  Background of the Study
Press freedom and fundamental human rights are two terms that can make or mar society.
Press freedom and fundamental human rights can make a society where they are given their right place and proper attention. In the same, vein, the two can mar society where they are not given their proper place and respect. In fact they are like two sides of the coin.
Respect for fundamental human rights thus becomes respect for the human person. To understand how fundamental human rights work in a society is to understand the position of press freedom in that society.
Because a society cannot have fundamental human rights in operation without first of all having press freedom in place, since the press is the voice of the voiceless society. Moreover to understand press freedom and fundamental human rights in Nigeria, one must at the social systems where they operate.
To put this in perspectives, that is pertinent to review the Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and the Sani Abacha military regimes and the supposed democratic government of Olusegun Obasanjo,
During the period under military review in Nigeria, press freedom and fundamental human right were conceived not for the great mans of people for men who were in position to guide and direct their fellows.
This freedom was thought to be created near the hub of power. This is to say that once one is in power or in uniform, the person is above the law in some aspects of life.


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