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Analysis of the Reportage of Boko Haram Activities in three (3) Selected National Dailies



Analysis of the Reportage of Boko Haram Activities in three (3) Selected National Dailies.


Insurgence, Terrorism, and other forms of Conflict in Nigeria is a major threat to the sustainability of peace and unity especially under this democratic dispensation. In post-colonial era, Nigeria had witnessed War and other forms of ethno religious conflicts.

Scholars like Nnanyelugo (2004) and Okechuku (2007) believe that most violent activities in Nigeria are tied to the imbalance in the amalgamation of different people by the British colonial masters which later resulted in the division of the country along North, South, Muslims, Christians, Indigenes and Settlers.

That in an attempt to gain upper hand along national scene, these various groups have been set against one another leading to crisis and terrorist attacks across the Nation.

Osaghae and Suberu (2005, p. 18) affirm that in Nigeria, religious related violence and killings to achieve religious and political aims are certainly not a new phenomenon especially in the Northern part of the country.

They further explained that these have been in existence right from the pre- colonial clays of migration and Jihad by native Africans and Jihadists (from Sudan), to national food shortage strike violence in Plateau state, between the Igbo and Hausa migrants in 1945.

Religious and ethno political crisis have remained an integral part of the Nigerian history. Abimbola (2010) holds that the outbreak of Boko Haram uprising in July 2009 marked yet another phase in the recurring pattern of crisis, riots and disturbances in Nigeria.

This implies that the Boko Haram activity is only another form of crisis being witnessed in Nigeria but not the first religious uprising. Like the first major and subsequent attempts, it widened the scope and efforts of Islamic revivalism.

Other religious activities includes the Maitasine uprising of 1980 in Kano, 1982 in Kaduna, 1984 in Yola and.1985 in Bauchi. Obviously, the first attempts at imposing a religious ideology on a secular Nigeria marked the beginning of ferocious conflict and crisis in Nigeria (Isichei 1987, p. 194-208).

Following the Maitasine crisis, there were several other crisis. These include the Kano metropolitan riot of October 1982, the Ilorin riot of March 1986, the Nationwide crisis over Nigerian membership in the organization of Islamic Conference in January – Febuary.

1986, the Kafanchan, Kaduna, Zaria religious riot of March 1987, the acrimonious nationwide debate of Sharia (Islamic law) at the Constituent Assembly in October – Nov 1988, the Bayero University crisis of 1989, the Bauchi Kastina riots of March, April 1991, the Kano riot of October 1991, the Zangoh – kataf riot of May 1992, the Kano civil disturbance of December 1991 and Jos crisis of April 1994(Imo 1995, P.21-23, Ibrahim 1998, p.512-516).

Similarly, between 1999 & 2008, 28 other conflicts were reported , the most prominent are the Shagamu conflict of July 1999 and the recurrent Jos crisis of 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008 and Boko Haram outbreak 2009. (Omipidan 2000, P. 5-6).


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