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Act Essay Examples, Structure and Important Writing Guide 2022 Update

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– Act Essay Examples –

Act Essay Examples: Taking the ACT writing test is a great way to show off your writing skills. While you can’t be sure of the exact prompt ahead of time, you can use the same general structure for every ACT essay.

Act Essay Examples,

In this article, you shall read about some guidelines on writing a good ACT essay. Also, you shall be given some ct essay examples to learn from.

What is Act Essay?

Before looking at some of the Act essay examples, please note. The ACT Essay is like a college assignment. And it can highlight your student’s writing and analytical skills in their college admissions applications.

Also, unlike the other four sections, the ACT Essay is optional. Furthermore, the ACT Essay is always the last section of the test. 

Guidelines on How to Structure Your Act Essay

Before looking at some of the Act essay examples, please note. The following provides helpful suggestions for structuring and writing your Act essay:

➛ Introductory Paragraph

This paragraph carries your introductory statement and thesis

➛ First Body Paragraph

This paragraph describes your thesis. Also, it provides 1st example/reasoning: include specific, relevant information.

➛ Second Body Paragraph

This paragraph continues to support your thesis. And it provides 2nd example/reasoning: include specific, relevant information.

Time Tip

However, if you are running out of time, don’t write a 2nd body paragraph. Instead, take the time to write a thorough 3rd body paragraph and a clear conclusion paragraph.

➛ Third Body Paragraph

This paragraph explains how your thesis compares and contrasts with Perspectives One, Two, and/or Three. Also, it is the strengths/weaknesses of the perspective(s). Furthermore, it supports insights offered / insights not considered.

➛ Conclusion Paragraph

In this paragraph, recap your thesis. Also, recap how your thesis compares and contrasts with Perspectives One, Two, and/or Three.

However, note. You do not need to copy this approach exactly; think of it as a framework.

Other Great Tips for Act Essay Writing

Before looking at some of the Act essay examples, please note. The following are other tips for writing a good Act essay:

➛ Use less-obvious examples in your act essay.

➛ Choose the option to provide your own perspective on the ACT essay, but only switch it up slightly.


Some Act Essay Examples

Below are some of the Act essay examples:

Example 1

 In today’s world where international education standards are very high and the U.S. needs to remain competitive, educators are looking for ways to enhance the high school curriculum. One way is offering classes in languages other than English.

Some people think that schools should provide enough education in a different language for students to be certified as bilingual. Others think this will weaken the curriculum.

Still, others think the accreditation should be offered but carefully administered so that graduation from that school would indicate the completed high school curriculum, and this is the option I agree with.

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I would further argue that schools should not only carefully implement bilingual programs to suit students who want to become fluent in two languages, but also provide supplemental non-traditional courses for students pursuing their entire education in English.

The third perspective posits that while students should be given the opportunity to learn in other languages and be accredited as bilingual, the courses given need to be carefully selected.

In reality, all classes need to be carefully selected so this is not a problem for bilingual classes. And if the classes selected were all optional, not required, it would not affect students who still want to learn everything in English.

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Since core classes might be given in two languages, and students select which one they want, all students still study the core curriculum and preserve the integrity of the diploma.

Schools have always taught languages in high school so a French or Spanish course taught as a bilingual class makes perfect sense. Bilingual classes are also advantageous for students who do well and want to challenge themselves.

So a French literature class can be taught in French while students read in French also. As schools work to accommodate students who wish to pursue a bilingual education, administrators must keep in mind that students who do not want an additional bilingual accreditation should still have every opportunity to excel as they work toward their high school diplomas.

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Every dollar spent to accommodate bilingual education should be matched with equal funding for other types of educational enrichment such as STEM training and career-oriented electives.

That way, every student can benefit from classes that go beyond traditional education, whether the classes concentrate on language, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or future careers.

Given the rigorous demands of the current job climate, students will greatly benefit from any additional marketable skills that they can acquire during their high school careers.

The first perspective argues that schools should encourage bilingual fluency but not add any bilingual classes, which is in direct contrast to my position. Instead, the school administrators should make the existing curriculum better so that traditional education is really good.


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Certainly, a high school curriculum should be as good as it can be and we should always be looking for ways to make it better. That often means adding new courses.

For instance, computer courses didn’t exist a few years ago, but they are in schools now because it’s important for people to be able to use computers. It’s the same thing with bilingual courses.

Most of the world uses English as a second language, and many people speak at least two languages. So it’s only right that to stay competitive, U.S. students should also be fluent in two languages; this is particularly important in careers that require international work.

Also, the argument simply says that these classes would only be for interested students, so it doesn’t affect everyone. And finally, how can the schools encourage bilingual fluency if they don’t provide a place for students to practice another language?

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Being bilingual in a world with international interaction can’t help but be useful. I fully support perspective three because it opens up possibilities for all students without denying anyone a full high school curriculum leading to a meaningful diploma.

Recognizing the benefits of being bilingual, and making bilingual courses available but optional, is the best of both worlds.

Expanding courses offered in a curriculum is always better than restricting them, especially when they serve such an important need as the ability to communicate with others in their own language.


The above are some of the guidelines for writing an Act essay. Following the above guidelines and Act essay examples you will emerge in flying colors.

CSN Team.

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