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ApplyTexas Essay Examples 2021 See Latest Topics and Requirements

Filed in Education by on April 9, 2021

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The ApplyTexas college application contains many essay prompts, and each of the most popular colleges in Texas has different requirements for which essays they expect applicants to answer. In this article, we will show you some of the ApplyTexas essay examples.

ApplyTexas Essay Examples 2021 See Latest Topics and Requirements

What are the ApplyTexas Essay?

The Apply Texas application is basically the Texas version of the Common Application, which many US colleges use. It’s a unified college application process that’s accepted by all Texas public universities and many private ones. (Note that some schools that accept ApplyTexas also accept the Common App.)

The ApplyTexas website is a good source for figuring out whether your target college accepts the Apply Texas application. That said, the best way to confirm exactly what your school expects is to go to its admissions website.

Why Do Colleges Want You to Write Essays?

Admissions officers are trying to put together classes full of interesting, vibrant students who have different backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and dreams. One tool colleges use to identify a diverse set of perspectives is the college essay.

These essays are a chance for you to show admissions officers those sides of yourself that aren’t reflected in the rest of your application. This is where you describe where you’ve come from, what you believe in, what you value, and what has shaped you.

This is also where you make yourself sound mature and insightful—two key qualities that colleges are looking for in applicants. These are important because colleges want to find young people who will ultimately thrive when faced with the independence of college life.

ApplyTexas Essay Requirements

There are four essay prompts on the Apply Texas application for freshman admission (Topics A, B, C, and D). There are also several short answers prompts for UT Austin and Texas A&M, as well as an additional Topic E for transfer students.

While there are no strict word limits, colleges usually suggest keeping the essays somewhere between one and one and a half pages long.

All Texas colleges and universities have different application requirements, including essays. Some schools require essays, some list them as optional, and others use a combination of required and optional essays.

Several schools use the essays to determine scholarship awards, honors program eligibility, or admission to specific majors.

Here are some essay submission requirement examples from a range of Texas schools:

UT Austin

  • You are required to write an essay on Topic A
  • You also have to answer three short-answer prompts
  • If you’re applying for an art/art history, architecture, nursing, or social work major, you’ll have to write a short answer specific to your major
  • UT Austin also accepts the Coalition App

Texas A&M

  • You are required to write an essay on Topic A
  • If you’re an engineering major, you’ll have to write a short answer
  • Texas A&M also accepts the Coalition App

Southern Methodist University

  • You must write an essay on Topic A
  • You may (but do not have to) write an essay on Topic B
  • SMU also accepts the Common App and Coalition App and has its own online application, so you have the option to pick and choose the application you want to fill out

Texas Christian University

  • You have to write one essay, but it can be on any of the topics (A, B, or C)
  • TCU also accepts the Common App and has its own online application, so it’s another school for which you can choose the application you want to use

How to Write the ApplyTexas Essay

The state of Texas boasts over 150 four-year universities that offer students the opportunity to pursue a rewarding undergraduate education. High school students interested in applying to any of these institutions will likely do so using the ApplyTexas application platform.

A result of collaborative efforts between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and various public and private universities around the state, ApplyTexas provides both Texans and non-Texans an integrated means of applying to the many post-secondary institutions in the state.

According to the ApplyTexas website, prospective students are able to accomplish the following tasks on the ApplyTexas platform:

  • Apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating community and private colleges.
  • Apply for undergraduate, international, and graduate admission.
  • Copy a submitted application to another institution.
  • Submit your application essays online.
  • Apply for scholarships from participating universities.
  • Search for and view both general and university-specific information.

ApplyTexas Essay Examples

Topic A

What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person.”

Here’s an Example Essay for Topic A:

I grew up in a paradise gone wrong. At least that’s how I like to look at it. My home is a tower block—a “project”. There are thousands like it and for the most part, they house large populations of poor, immigrant, and minority folks. Hulking and secluded, my building sits on the outskirts of Paris. Along with the others, it forms a periphery of poverty and isolation.

While the city couldn’t survive without us—the teachers, shopkeepers, nurses, domestic workers and more—we’re kept at a distance. An hour-and-a-half by metro to be exact. So where’s the paradise in all this? Well, I’ll tell you.

The paradise is in the Raï music that melts down through the floorboards, signaling anything from a celebration to an impromptu dance party. The paradise is in the faint smell of tagine that leaps up concrete balconies to make your stomach rumble, in the skittering echoes of children playing in the courtyard. Also, the paradise is in having a building with a cultural diversity to match all of Paris. But this paradise was doomed from the beginning.

When Swiss Architect Le Corbusier set out to build his housing projects in 1920, his intentions were to design accessible, low-cost housing to match the demands of a rapidly growing urban population. He drew up his blueprints: egalitarian design throughout, stunning brutalist aesthetics, and—fatally—centered around nuclear family units.

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Decades later, when my building was constructed, very little had changed. The world was taking an increasingly individualistic turn and the nuclear family held even more primacy than it did in Le Corbusier’s time. The single-family home became the poster-child of a productive unit in a capitalist society.

Multi-generational and communal households were less legible, less measurable, and therefore less likely to be designed. Our paradise was fallen because it wasn’t designed to come together, because it communicated through the floorboards, up and down the balconies, and in echoes from the courtyard.

Le Corbusier hadn’t designed a community, he’d just taken the nuclear abode, downsized it, and stacked them on top of each-other until the concrete begged him to stop. Our homes are simultaneously crowded and alone.

And where am I in all of this? Where I always am, unit 23-D, sitting at the plain wooden desk in one of two half-sized children’s rooms, right across from the shower and down the hall from the full-sized room where my parents slept. A happy, productive child in a happy, productive house—just like the one on top me, below me, to my left, and to my right, for stories in every direction.

But this is where I plot my revolution. Borrowing my mother’s old pens, her light box, her squares and rulers, I’ve filled my room with blueprints of my own creation. They dangle from tacks, staples, and tape: architectural foliage.

Each drawing full of latent possibility, just waiting to be improved, elaborated, built. I live in a paradise gone wrong—a shrunken relic to the values of cul-de-sac individualism. But I am determined to design better. I imagine buildings that communicate generationally, directly, collectively. I will not stack homes, I will build communities.

Topic B:

Most students have an identity, an interest, or a talent that defines them in an essential way. Tell us about yourself.”

Here’s an Example Essay for Topic B

In one of the side streets of Rabat, one of the many winding corridors in the Medina, a long-abandoned house is standing, dilapidated from its years of neglect. The windows have been smashed; valuable materials have been ripped out of the floor and graffiti smears peeling walls.

Yet remnants of its old life still remain intact; photo albums clutch family moments as cobwebs dangle from their spines. A mini plastic basketball hoop clings to a wall and a handmade poster above it reads “Senior League: Armond – Junior: Sasha and Lucy” but the faded yellow of the net suggests that no games have been played here for a long time.

Not since we left. Mom left him just as I was turning four. The relationship had been emotionally stressful for the past few years and the threat of physical danger forced her to make a secret escape with us. We left everything behind.

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Thousands of miles away and thirteen years later, I have never been back. I have never met him. As young as I was, I have not been oblivious to his absence. Even now, there are moments when I experience this emptiness inside of me.

A sensation so overwhelming, I can’t believe I have managed to ignore it for so long. I lie down, close my eyes and grieve. Not just for him but for the life I never had, or at least, the one I left behind and can no longer remember.

As the tears stop, I slowly drift to sleep. Sometimes I dream that he has unexpectedly turned up on the doorstep of our Chicago house especially for me. I open the door and immediately recognize him. I jump into his arms, simultaneously crying and laughing. That empty feeling has passed and I know that he will never come. But I can’t help romanticizing the first time we meet.

However, going on eighteen, the reality is soon catching up with me. Four years ago at the age of eighteen my brother, Armond, traveled to Morocco to meet him. Last year my sister, Sasha, did the same. So now, it is my turn; my own rite of passage awaits me. I have been waiting for this opportunity my whole life, even imagined it ten times over. But the more I thought about it, the more I doubted it.

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As the youngest in the family, I have striven to emulate my siblings in many ways. I could feel the assumption that I would go to meet him just as they did. However, I know that I am not yet ready. Unlike Sasha and Armond, my memories of Rabat are just a haze.

I do not know whether they are real, or dreams or stories I have been told. I don’t understand any Arabic, and his English is very broken. And most of all, I cannot remember his face. The emptiness still comes back every now and then. But I know that the hole is not father-shaped, and if I meet him now, he might think it is.

What I need to do first is to find out who I am before I can know what shape that hole really is. And when I know, I will understand what it would mean to meet him. For now, at least, that tired old home stays suspended; a three-dimensional snapshot of my forgotten childhood. I like to think it’s waiting for me; waiting for when I’m ready to go back.”

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