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Caltech Essay Examples with Best Explanations for You 2022 Updates

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– Caltech Essay Examples –

Caltech’s reputation for Science and Technology will impress future employers, and it doesn’t hurt that this world-class school is in beautiful Pasadena, just miles north of downtown Los Angeles. So if you have difficulties practising for Caltech Essay, I’m here to relieve you from the stress. Here you will see examples that will help you keep reading.

Caltech Essay Examples with Best Explanations

From years of advising students, we’ve assembled some crucial information for you and your child about how to get into Caltech.

At Caltech, the faculty to student ratio is 3:1, so students have unfettered access to their professors and research opportunities.

They can pursue research on climate modelling, study neuroscience, predict how powerful the next major Earthquake will be in the Seismological Laboratory, or study space and the stars in one of Caltech’s many observatories.

You can spend their summers interning, researching abroad, or collaborating with faculty thanks to the support of a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Perhaps they’ll study plate tectonics in Mexico City, or pursue investment banking on Wall Street. They might take an internship in Silicon Valley or build a robot under the guidance of Caltech’s world-class faculty.

Caltech graduates go on to be among the most impressive and ambitious scientists alive today.

They earn prestigious grants and fellowships, conduct cutting edge research in every STEM field, start companies, become astronauts, serve as political leaders at home and abroad with a degree from Caltech, the possibilities are endless, all with the help of an extensive alumni network that includes accomplished academics, CEOs, and Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners.

Indeed, the Caltech name will probably make everyone think your child is, well, a genius.

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Caltech Essay Examples: General Tips for the Caltech Essays

On the school website, Caltech explains that perhaps surprisingly—the way they evaluate applications is “more of an art than a science.”

The admissions team reads every application and every essay to get a sense of who you are and determine whether you would be a good fit for Caltech, pointing out, “You are more than a GPA and a set of test scores!” The university’s advice is to take your time preparing the short answers and essays.

And taking the information in the previous section into consideration, we’ve come up with an additional list of general tips for responding to the Caltech Questions:

Be authentic. Your genuine voice should shine through in these essays. Many students will be focused on trying to impress admissions officers rather than on providing honest answers, so one way to stand out is to simply be yourself!

Be specific. Another way to write memorable essays is to provide specific, meaningful details. Don’t give the same general, generic answers that admissions officers will read over and over. The more specific you are, the more you’ll stand out.

Be enthusiastic. One of Caltech’s key requirements is a passion for science, technology, mathematics, and/or engineering.

Show this excitement in your essays, and don’t be afraid to “geek out” a little. You should also demonstrate enthusiasm for learning and discovery.

Be reflective. You might think it’s obvious how you’ll contribute at Caltech, but spell it out for admissions officers.

Relate your responses to the contributions you’ll make in Caltech’s labs, classrooms, and community. Give specific examples of what you’ll do and how you’ll add value to the university.

Now that you know our general advice, let’s take a look at each of the questions you’ll be asked.

Caltech Essay Examples: The Process of Discovery…

The process of discovery best advances when people from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together.

How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity of Caltech’s community? (Your response should range between 250-400 words.)

It’s not uncommon for universities to ask applicants to talk about what “different” element they’d bring to campus. People sometimes assume this means applicants must write about what makes them ethnically, racially, socioeconomically, or religiously distinct from “the norm.”

That’s never the case, and it’s certainly not the case here. You should encourage your child to think broadly about what diversity can mean. What makes them unique? What might make them unique on Caltech’s campus? And how will that unique attribute serve the community?

Roberto, for instance, might also have written about comedy here, arguing that his ability to fail publicly would make him a looser and more creative scientist. Here’s how Kendall, an Indian American applicant from Nashville, answered. He took this prompt as an opportunity to discuss his family’s genetic predisposition to cancer and how that has influenced him to pursue immunotherapy.

Even though many family members live thousands of miles apart from each other, we have done everything from sharing knock-knock jokes to talking about a movie we just watched. Just as our love for one another connects us, our genes do as well. Although many traits that show up in these genes are desirable, there are many undesirable traits as well, including a high predisposition to cancer.

Cancer has affected the lives of many of my relatives across generations on both sides of my family. It seemed that with every year came a new diagnosis. However, the fear that accompanied my realization of our genetic proneness to cancer quickly turned into curiosity, and then a fuel for my passion of researching better and more effective treatments for this merciless disease.

Having cancer run through my family means that I have first-hand experience of the effect a diagnosis can have on a patient’s family. When my aunt was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer, I learned that chemotherapy and  radiation is grueling and painful for a patient and their family.

The nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and anemia appalled me. How could this treatment be the only option? With nearly two million diagnoses in 2018, that meant a lot of chemotherapy and pain. This realization pushed me to look further into alternative forms of treatment.

After some searching, I came across the term “immunotherapy,” which used the power of the human body’s immune system to kill cancer cells. This type of treatment caught my interest, as it addressed the use of genetics in medical treatment.

My familial background of cancer has led me to want to help solve the problem of finding better treatment options for cancer in the form of immunotherapy, which I will explore in an internship this fall at UC San Diego. In the future, I would like to research the effects of immunotherapeutic treatment of cancer, to see if our immune system can beat this disease.

At Caltech, I will share my family’s story to inspire my peers as they spend long hours conducting research and studying biochemical pathways. My family’s story will remind them that their inventions and discoveries will have a direct impact on ordinary people who know nothing about genomes or thermodynamics. Together, my peers and I can find more effective treatments and solutions so that next generations can not just survive, but thrive.


Now let us analyze what Kendall did well in answering the prompt:

He uniquely thinks about diversity.

Even though Kendall’s essay begins by discussing the great geographical distance between him and some of his family members, the essay is not about their cultural differences but rather about their genetic similarities.

Because so many members of Kendall’s family have had cancer, he brings with him a unique perspective of how cancer affects individuals and why we need new treatment methods.

This is a great example of how to think and write about diversity beyond labels of race, ethnicity, etc.

He links his unique perspective to his career ambitions.

Because his family is prone to cancer, Kendall decided to learn more about “immunotherapy.” Instead of simply saying he is interested in “cancer research” or biology, Kendall explains his interest in a specific branch of biology.

As a bonus, we learn that Kendall will pursue his interest through research at UC San Diego.

This tells the admissions committee that Kendall is already looking for avenues to pursue his passion, which suggests that he will take advantage of the many resources at Caltech.

He creates a narrative.

This essay has a past, present, and future, which helps Kendall demonstrate how his upbringing (past) and awareness of current treatment methods (present) have inspired him to pursue a career in immunotherapy (future). Through his future research and career, Kendall will help find treatments that not only address the needs of his future family members but also millions of cancer patients around the world.

He shows how he will contribute to his community at Caltech.

Caltech is not just looking for students with unique backgrounds. They are seeking students who are eager to share their personal stories and their family histories with their peers, as Kendall proposes to do at the end of this essay.

Most importantly, Kendall explains that sharing his unique viewpoint will help inspire his peers, as his family’s story will remind them that what they do in the laboratory and the classroom will one day have a direct impact on people outside of Caltech. 


Final Thoughts

Fewer than 1000 students matriculate at Caltech each year, so you can tell that it’s no easy task to get in. “Caltech Essay Examples”

That’s why your best bet is to not only seek out and ace a challenging science curriculum but also to pursue that science creatively outside the classroom.

That is all on Caltech Essay Examples, do well to share this with your friends on social media.

CSN Team.

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