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Companies Offering Returnship Programs That Will Work For You

Filed in Education by on June 17, 2021

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Returnship Programs: If you have been out of the traditional workforce for a few years—maybe you spent a few years at home with your kids.

Don’t be feel with thought because I will relieve you with a list of companies offering returnship programs.

Companies Offering Returnship Programs

You’d probably welcome a way to sharpen up your skills, get some recent experience on your resume, and revive your network. Kind of like an internship—but without ending up back at the bottom of the totem pole.

There are many reasons why experienced workers take breaks from the workforce for a few years—raising children, caring for a sick parent, dealing with an illness, traveling, or military service are all common motives.

These professionals often find it daunting to return to the workforce after a long break, whether their skills need to be sharpened or they need to gain some relevant experience again. To help these workers transition, many companies offer “returnship” programs, which are similar to internships but are meant specifically for those who are looking to rejoin the workforce after taking time away.

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What Is a Returnship?

Companies are realizing that for women who’ve been out of the workforce, the path back is not always simple. They may feel judged for taking time off, they may be worried about age discrimination, they may feel “out of practice,” or they may feel utterly behind on technology and social media trends.

To help professionals make this transition more manageable, many employers have begun implementing “returnship” or “return-to-work” programs.

List of Companies Offering Returnship Programs

As workplaces are becoming more in tune with creating equal opportunities, closing pay gaps, and creating more inclusive environments, returnships can be a big part of those efforts. These 15 companies currently offer returnships worth checking out.

1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What Field/Industry: Engineering, Project Management, HR & more.

Location: Houston, TX; Santa Clara, CA; Bangalore, India & more.

HPE’s Path Forward program is a Career Reboot—an industry-leading benefit that allows for a smoother, more confident transition back to work. If you have five or more years of experience and left the workforce for a minimum of 12 months, you could qualify for the Career Reboot experience.

The program includes A temporary assignment lasting up to 16 weeks; online training to refresh your technical knowledge and skills; mentorship, buddy programs, and other networking support; the opportunity to apply for full-time employment at the end of your assignment.” Learn more here.

2. Cloudflare

What Field/Industry: Engineering, People & Places (Recruiting, Facilities, and HR) and Marketing teams.

Location: San Francisco, CA

“The Path Forward Return to Work program at Cloudflare is a 16- week paid internship for experienced professionals returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving. Cloudflare started partnering with Path Forward this past year as a way to expand our talent pool to include the best and the brightest, regardless of any gaps in their career journeys.”

3. UniversalGiving

What Field/Industry: NGO Services, Administration & Operations, Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility teams.

Location: San Francisco, CA

UniversalGiving is an award-winning website allowing people to donate and volunteer with top-performing vetted projects all over the world. UniversalGiving’s Returnship Program offers exciting opportunities to those wishing to make a significant impact and contribution to our global communities.

Returnships are for experienced professionals returning to the workforce who desire to gain new skills, change professions, or simply yearning to give back.”

4. Goldman Sachs

What Field/Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Location: New York, NY; Bengaluru, India; Hong Kong

“The Goldman Sachs Returnship program helps to develop talented professionals who are looking to restart their careers after an extended absence from the workforce.

This paid program offers opportunities in a variety of divisions and the chance to experience the vast network of resources at Goldman Sachs.”

5. Cedars-Sinai Hospital

What Field/Industry: Healthcare, Medicine

Location: Los Angeles, CA

“Increasing numbers of physicians are confronted with the problem of obtaining hospital staff privileges after extended absences from the practice of clinical medicine.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Physician Reentry Program provides hospital credentialing committees with a convenient pathway to help reinstate physicians who have been denied privileges.

The Reentry Program designs a course of participatory study that is intended to fulfill the specific needs of the reentering physician’s planned practice.”

6. Credit Suisse

What Field/Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Location: the U.S., the U.K., India, and Switzerland

The Real Returns program is paid and runs for approximately 12 weeks. You’ll have the opportunity to work on projects that match your skills and expertise and tap into a support network of like-minded professionals.

You will participate in a variety of orientation events and training sessions throughout the program that are designed to help you transition back into the work environment.

You will also receive information about changes in the financial services industry, improve your technology skills, and participate in workshops.”

7. GTB

What Field/Industry: Advertising

Location: Dearborn, MI

GTB’s Returnship program is a 10-week paid program allowing women (who have cycled out of the workplace for two or more years) to re-start their careers.”

If you’ve been toying with the idea, the case should now be clear. By offering a returnship program, you’ll help support top talent as they reenter the workforce and in turn, will improve your business.

8. Bandwidth

Bandwidth Returnship Program

Details: Paid, three-month returnship for experienced workers who have been out of the corporate workforce for three or more years and are looking for a full-time role upon reentry.

Industry: IP communications

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

9. HubSpot

HubSpot Returners Program

Details: A 20-week program that offers training, support, and opportunities for growth to help those reentering the workforce ease the transition. “We’ve learned a lot about how to build a more inclusive culture and create a stronger sense of belonging for employees who are transitioning back into the workforce,” Fleishman says.

Industry: Software development

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

10. Intuit

Intuit Again returnship program

Details: A 16-week program for those looking to return to the technology workforce, offering one-on-one mentoring, workshops, an onboarding bootcamp, and support for this often challenging and stressful transition.

Industry: Software development

Location: Mountain View or San Diego, California

11. PayPal


Details: Two options in the program—either a 16-week paid program, or a bootcamp. Designed to help those returning to work expand their skills and become equipped for the technology workforce once again.

Industry: Online payment system

Location: San Francisco, California

12. Amazon Web Services

AWS Returners Program

Details: For workers who have been out of the workforce for two or more years and want to find a permanent position with AWS upon completion.

Industry: IT service management

Location: Multiple

Returnships are also important in helping brands diversify generally. Diversifying how and who you hire will lead to a more inclusive company culture that’s rich in perspective.

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As workplaces are becoming more in tune with creating equal opportunities, closing pay gaps, and creating more inclusive environments, returnships can be a big part of those efforts. These 12 companies currently offer returnships worth checking out.

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