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10 Notable Differences Between CC And BCC – Email Messaging

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Difference Between CC And BCC: As internet users, we spend a significant amount of time communicating through email. It is the preferred mode of communication within professional spaces basically because it’s simple, straightforward, secure, and takes place in real time.

Emailing like most other communication pathways has its unique diction, rules and guidelines. A major essential element of email etiquette includes knowing how to use the CC and BCC fields correctly.

10 Notable Differences Between CC And BCC

What is CC?

It’s an abbreviation for carbon copy. This is a field for the recipient to which we want to send a copy of the e-mail. Recipients of an e-mail will also see that your e-mail is sent to multiple addresses and to whom.

This can be used when we want to inform another person about this e-mail, while the message is not aimed directly at him/her (i.e only to inform him/her). It is useful for group communication (eg. the question is for one person, but the answer may also be for other people).

When not to use it: When we don’t want other recipients to see the addresses to which the message was sent. Eg. sending advertising messages, news, etc.

What is BCC?

BCC is the abbreviation for blind carbon copy. E-mail can be also sent as a hidden copy. This means that the recipients (in the field To) will not see that a hidden copy was sent to other persons.

It is useful when sending e-mail, but we don’t want recipients to see each other. Eg. Sending invitations, sending one e-mail to several addresses at the same time, when sending a newsletter.

In group communication, it is not useful, because recipients will not know to which address it was sent and on which addresses to replay.

In an e-mail, you can fill all these fields or only appropriate fields. Hope this post helps you on how to use CC and BCC fields.

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Notable Distinctions Between CC And BCC

1. The CC and BCC functions are actually emailed sending best practices.

2. CC is mostly used when you need to include someone in an email conversation, but you don’t need to address them personally.

3. Both CC And BCC are used for emailing multiple contacts.

4. Main contacts should be entered in the “To” field, while anyone else who may also need to see the conversation would be entered in the CC field.

5. In CC, the email addresses are viewable by all while in BCC email addresses are viewable only by the sender.

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