Exploratory Essay Topics for Students With Latest Examples

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– Exploratory essay topics –

Papers to write are exploratory essay topics. And it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. It’s also not nearly an argumentative essay. However, it is not an essay in which viewpoints are expressed. You may be required to write an exploratory essay.

Thus, it is important to understand the structure and form of this essay. Also, it’s important that you understand how to choose exploratory essay topics. In this article, you shall read about some great exploratory essay topics.

Exploratory Essay Topics for Students for 2021

Below are some unique exploratory essay topics for 2021:

Exploratory Essay Topics Based on Family Life

Below are some unique exploratory essay topics for family life:

1. Adopting is a fantastic method of building a family.

2. Divorce can fracture families and have a negative effect on children.

3. Single parents should be given more support.

4. Children with one parent are at a disadvantage to two-parent families.

5. Two working parents can cause a strain on families.

6. What are parents’ most important duties?

7. How do relationships work of younger or older siblings?

8. What is the prime age to start a family?

9. When should children look to move out of their parents” homes?

10. Is it important to maintain ties with distant family members?

Exploratory Essay Topics in Technology

Below are some unique exploratory essay topics for technology:

1. Social media causes a drastic invasion of our privacy.

2. Smartphones are reducing our ability to communicate through speech.

3. Games consoles are limiting our children’s social skills and development.

4. Television contributes to a reduction in mental capacity.

5. Self-driving cars will negatively impact our own driving ability.

6. Do advancements in technology promote laziness?

7. Is artificial intelligence an ethical step too far?

8. How will virtual reality shape our future?

9. Is technology reducing employment opportunities?

10. Can computers and AI teach better than humans?

Topics Based on Health or Wellbeing

Below are some unique topics for health or wellbeing:

1. Is Medical Marijuana a viable form of treatment?

2. What do we consider as the ideal body image?

3. Are celebrities giving youngsters a fake image of the human body?

4. What are the benefits of daily exercise?

5. Can exercise and fitness become addictive?

6. What are the actual physical and mental benefits of dieting?

7. Part of dieting is overcoming mental barriers

8. Pros and cons of smoking cigarettes

9. How does your personal health change as you age?

10. How retirement affects your physical and mental well-being?

Exploratory Essay Topics for Sports

Below are some unique exploratory essay topics for sport:

1. Sports are an important aspect of a child’s physical and mental development

2. Why are certain sports more popular in certain regions and countries?

3. What psychological factors are involved in professional sports

4. Which is more important in sport – training or natural talent?

5. How can sport improve our physical fitness and well-being?

6. The role sports have played throughout history

7. How do we analyze sporting greatness?

8. Taking the jump from amateur to professional sports

9. How do team sports and individual sports differ?

10. The modern sports superstar – how sporting stars have become celebrities

Exploratory Essay Topics for Business

1. Cryptocurrencies are the future – exploring the Blockchain

2. Will the Bitcoin bubble eventually burst?

3. The evolution of Facebook

4. How has the online gambling industry evolved?

5. Is accounting a vital aspect of business management?

6. How can modern entrepreneurs flourish and prosper?

7. Should large corporations be exempt from business tax?

8. The consequences of moving from traditional business to e-commerce

9. How has eBay diversified online retail?

10. Should you invest in stocks and shares, Forex, or Cryptocurrencies?

Topics for Exploratory Essays in Music or Arts

1. How can classical music positively influence your brain?

2. Does our taste in music reflect upon our personalities?

3. Are our emotions deeply linked to music?

4. How can music act as a universal language?

5. How can playing musical instruments benefit your child?

6. Should music be used as a form of therapy?

7. How can music be used as a form of socialization?

8. Can be listening to music alter our mood?

9. How has popular music evolved since the 1950s?

10. Can music influence your unborn child whilst still in the womb?

Topics on Major World Problems

1. What is the current most important world problem we face?

2. Is global warming a serious world issue?

3. Can one government solve a world problem or does it require global cooperation?

4. How have organizations such as the UN and NATO helped address world issues?

5. Why it is morally irresponsible to ignore global problems

6. Melting polar ice caps could result in increased tides and flooding

7. How plastic pollution is damaging our environment

8. Deforestation is reducing our oxygen and wildlife habitats

9. Is one person truly able to make a difference?

10. Pollution is reaching a tipping point

Topics for Modern Social Life

1. Comparison between social life before and after the internet

2. How the internet has impacted our daily lives

3. Social media and the rise of celebrities

4. Online dating and how it has changed the way we form relationships

5. Comparison between modern and past parties

6. Instagram has created a false impression of our lives

7. Are pubs becoming less relevant?

8. How making friends changes as we go through life

9. Are we becoming an anti-social society?

10. How has Tinder affected our ability to communicate and relationships?

The above exploratory essay topics are apt for great essay writing. Thus, with it, you can begin a wonderful essay.

Furthermore, the information above is rich to guide you on your essay writing. While absorbing the information, share it with your friends and family.

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