5 Financial Support Letter for Student Visa Canada 2021

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 A Financial support letter is a proclamation that the writer will support a person or cause. A financial support letter for a family member is usually for attending college or other educational programs. x

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5 Financial Support Letter for Student Visa Canada 2020

The universities from Canada are preferred by more than 130,000 international students yearly. Offering a high-quality teaching system, Canada is also rich in possibilities and cultures.

Research, scientific publications, and international collaborations are three of the aspects that Canada and its universities focus on.

But how difficult is it to get a student visa for Canada? Figuring this out will play a crucial role when you decide where you want to study. So, what do you have to do to get your student visa for Canada and how difficult is it?

What is a Student Visa Sponsorship Letter?

A visa sponsorship letter is a process of authenticating an individual by a person, family, or organization living in the country for which the individual has applied for the visa.

The letter is a kind of guarantee/responsibility letter to be taken by an organization/person for offering financial support to a particular foreign visitor.

What is a Financial Support Letter?

A financial support letter is a document that confirms that funding will be available for a person who may not be able to pay for something specific for him or herself.

Financial support letters are most often used to accompany a university application to prove that the applicant has funding available if he or she is admitted to a specific college or program.

Some Tips for Writing a Financial Support Letter

  • The letter should be a formal business letter and simply state that the writer pledges to provide financial support for the applicant.
  • The letter should contain all the relevant details including the name of the applicant, the name of the person who is giving the support, and the financial amount involved.
  • Since the letter is from an individual, the writer needs to include their bank statement to prove that he or she can meet the commitment.
  • The letter must be signed by the sender to make it legally binding.

Things to do When Writing the Sponsorship Letter

Things to do When Writing the Sponsorship Letter

  • Always be transparent and honest.
  • Include all the information necessary.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Write the letter as convincing as possible.

Samples of Financial Support Letter for Student

Financial Support Letter for A Family Member

Brenda Gilbert
49006 Gray Road
Dayton, OH, 43001
May 19, 2019
William Towns
Head of University Admission Committee
Ohio University
4905 Green Road
Dayton, OH, 43002
Dear Mr. Towns:
My name is Brenda Gilbert, and I will be providing my nephew, James Wood, with full financial support for Visa during his course of studies in Canada starting on May 01, 2020. I understand that the cost of tuition is about $15,000 per semester.
I have included my bank statement from ABC Bank, Address of the Bank to prove that I have adequate funds to support James Wood until he graduates in two years on May 01, 2022.
Brenda Gilbert

Visa Letter of Sponsorship

Immigration Officer
[Embassy Name]
[Embassy Address]
[Embassy Phone Number]
Sponsorship Letter for [Applicant’s Name] with Passport No. __________________
Dear Sir/Madam,
I, [Sponsor’s Full Name] currently residing at [Sponsor’s Home Address], and a citizen/permanent citizen of [Country’s Name], am writing this letter in support of the visa application of my [parent/sibling/friend/other], [Applicant’s Name].
The purpose of the visit of my [parent/sibling/friend/other], [Applicant’s Name] in the country of [Name of Country] is to [give the reason behind the trip]. He/she will be here from [Provide starting date of visit in format DD/MM/YY] to [Provide ending date of visit in format DD/MM/YY].
During the specified trip dates above, [we/he/she] will be visiting [Specify city/place names]. In addition, [Applicant’s Name] will be staying at [Sponsor’s Address or Hotel Address]. I will be covering all of the expenses of the trip, through [Provide means of funding].
Attached to this letter, please find all of the required documents to support the given statements.
Kind regards
[Sponsor’s name]
[Sponsor’s home address]
[Sponsor’s phone number]
[Sponsor’s occupation]
[Sponsor’s signature]

Visa Sponsorship Letter

The Visa Authorities,
Canada Visa Office,
Subject: Sponsorship Letter for Son’s Visa to Study Abroad
Respected authorities,
I, XXX, the father of XXX am writing this letter to you in support of my son’s visa application for study in Canada. 
Through this letter, I wish to inform you that I shall be sponsoring my son’s education for a period of 2 years and would be responsible for the course fees, tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses.
XXX is applying for an MBA program at the University of Alberta, Canada which is scheduled to begin on 1st September 2020.
He has cleared 2 levels of the admission process and is only waiting for the response of the third level admission process, which we are expecting to be positive. 
I own a restaurant chain in London and can assure you that I will be able to provide the entire cost of living and studying abroad for him. Enclosed herewith are my bank statements for the last 1 year for your reference.
Thanking you

Financial Support Letter From One’s Parent(s)

Your sponsor’s address
To: Entry Clearance Officer, British Embassy
Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Financial support for <student’s name>
This is to confirm that I, <parent(s) name>, am the <mother/father> of <student’s name> and that I will financially support my <son/daughter> visa during his/her studies. S/he is studying a <title of course and degree type> at the University of Alberta.
I am happy to provide funding to my child in the amount of <amount in currency on bank statement>. I am able to fund this amount and this is evidenced by my bank statements which are enclosed. I give my consent to the funds being available to my <son/daughter> for study in Canada
Yours faithfully,
<Sponsor’s signature>
<Sponsor’s name>

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If a student has a parent or family member who is willing and able to pay for his or her college education, they will be much better off financially when they graduate than students who needed to borrow. There are other reasons a family member may require a letter of financial support such as for a visa.

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