GED Essay Topics and Examples for Students 2023

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Do you need to write a GED essay and you need GED Essay Topics? Choosing a suitable topic could be challenging and you are not alone in this situation. Students usually find topics for GED essays difficult to choose.

GED Essay Topics

It’s a common fact that many students find it challenging to select topics for their GED essays.

Fortunately, this article presents several excellent GED essay topics that can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Additionally, you will receive guidance on selecting the most suitable topics for your GED essay.

Selecting the Best GED Essay Topic with Smartness

Choosing the most appropriate GED essay topics for your GED test can be a challenging process that requires quick thinking, as well as intelligence and discernment.


However, to better illustrate this point, let’s explore an example.

Imagine you’re tasked with choosing a side between two passages: one advocating for entirely vegetarian school lunches, citing statistics about the health benefits of a plant-based diet; the other arguing for a balanced diet, providing multiple supporting arguments.

If you must select one of the passages, it’s best to choose the one that aligns with your personal beliefs and values.

Note: Even if the opposing side presents more convincing arguments, it’s still essential to follow the above steps.

This will enable you to create a more compelling and persuasive essay, regardless of the objective strength of the opposing arguments.

List of GED Essay Topics

There are thousands of them. However, we have outlined a few for you. Below are some GED essay topics:

1. Define honesty. And share your views on whether one should always be honest or not.

2. Tell about the member of your family you love the most.

3. Think about how society has changed with time.

4. Discuss the sufficiency of the current high school system in educating the youth.

5. Discuss what people really value their hobbies. And talk about the benefits of extracurricular activities on the participants. Also, illustrate your own activities outside work and school in your essay.

6. In an essay, tell how you would use your money if you won a lottery today. And provide reasons and examples for your stance.

7. Elaborate ways in which people can be prevented from texting while driving. And support your opinion with examples and suggestions.

8. Discuss the importance of a college degree in the contemporary workplace. Illustrate your views on the value of education, giving examples from your own life.


More Amazing Topics

Below are more amazing GED essay topics:

1. What are your goals for the next five years?

2. Why is voting important?

3. What qualities do you believe are needed for someone to be a good parent?

4. How do you want to be remembered and why?

5. What are the qualities of a good boss?

6. How does technology affect your everyday life?

7. What are the lessons that you learn outside of a school environment?

8. If you won a million dollars and couldn’t spend it on your friends or family, how would you spend it?

9. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

10. What do you believe your generation will be remembered for?

GED Essay Topics

Awesome GED Topics

1. What is the true meaning of honesty?

2. Who is the most important member of your family to you? Describe your relationship to this person and your reasons for selecting him or her.

3. What is one event from your life that taught you a powerful life lesson?

4. Consider how our society has changed over time. Are young people today better off than they were in the past? Write an essay explaining why or why not.

5. Is the current high school system sufficient to educate our country’s youth?

6. Do hobbies have any real value to the individuals who participate in them? If so, how do extracurricular activities benefit participants?

7. If you won the lottery today, what aspects of your life would you change? And what would you keep the same? Write an essay discussing your ideas. Support them with reasons and examples.

8. What can be done to prevent drivers from texting while driving? Give suggestions and examples to support your opinion.

9. Is a college degree important in today’s workplace? Describe your opinions on the value of higher education, and use details from your own life.

Awesome Bonus Topics

1. Do you most admire people your own age or people older than you?

2. In your opinion, should schools require students to complete a minimum number of community service hours?

3. If you could live in another time period, when would it be and why? Be sure to include relevant historical details.

4. Describe a situation in which you made a difficult decision involving an ethical issue. And show how the experience was important in developing your character.

5. Describe one of your most prized possessions. However, make sure to isolate three or four different characteristics of the item, and explain why it’s important to you.

With the above great GED essay topics, you can put up a wonderful GED essay.

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