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– General Purpose Rating Course –

General Purpose Rating Course is a pre-sea training course that will help one in building a career in Merchant Navy. Students who wish to have an exciting and adventurous career could go for this course.

GP Rating candidates are those who have been trained in both Deck and Engine Room tasks. Such ratings may be employed either in the deck department or Engine department according to the needs of the company.

They perform tasks related to Seamanship, Cargo Handling, Maintenance work on deck, Operation and Maintenance of Machinery.

Basics Of  GP Rating Course

GP Rating syllabus includes the combined study of Deck and Engineering subjects. This course will cover all aspects of the seafaring profession (Deck and Engine), which also include:

Swimming, physical drills, workshop training, rope and mast climbing, lifesaving appliances usage, fire fighting exercises, and ship visits, etc.

After the training, the Board of Examination of Seafarers (BES) conducts external examinations under D.G Shipping (Govt of India).

Students who successfully pass the examination (BES) are issued INDIAN CDC and are eligible for ship jobs around the world.

The students can join a ship as trainee OS (Ordinary Seaman) / trainee fitter/trainee oiler/trainee engine room cadet (for Diploma holders).

The G.P.Rating candidate will be able to work in all seamanship activities on-board at the deck side & as well as at the Engine side. With further Sea-service, they will be promoted as, Able-Bodied Seamen / Engine Fitter, Bosun, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualifications

This course is demanding less education by just scoring 50% Marks in Aggregate in English and other Subjects at 10th Standard from any Govt. recognized board.   It also means that 10th passed and 12th failed students may also pursue this course!

1. 10th Standard with 40% marks in aggregate and 50 % marks in English at 10th standard or 50% at 12th Standard from any Govt recognized Education Board.

2. 2 Year I. T. I. Course from Govt. approved institute with minimum 50% aggregate marks in the final year.

3. Any Degree / Diploma Course

Physical/Medical Standards:

Candidates should clear the physical and medical fitness examinations by DG Approved Medical Examiner (Doctor) as per norms of Directorate General (DG) Shipping, India, Medical Rules 2000.

They should be fit for the seafaring role. The eyesight requirement is 6/6 in both eyes (unaided vision). The candidate should also not be suffering from colour blindness.

Age Limit:

As mentioned above, they also took the age of the candidate into consideration, during the admission process. It has to be between 17-25 years of age at the time of onboard training.

Course Commencement:

Commencement of the Course: GP Rating Program is starting from January or July every year. This Course is non-sponsored and various shipping companies come to the campus of the institute for recruiting trainee sailors.

The institute provides placements and onboard training only after paying the onboard training fee and placement fee by the candidate.

Scope, Jobs, and Salary Details

This Program helps a candidate to crack the entrance test of various academies. On successful completion of this Pre – Sea training, the candidates will join as a GENERAL PURPOSE (GP) RATING in Indian & Foreign shipping companies as a Deck Crew or Engine Crew.

The GP Rating candidate will be able to work in all seamanship activities on-board either deck side or Engine side.

After completing this Pre-Sea Training, the Board of examination will conduct exams for seafarers (BES) & successful candidates.

However, only those who are eligible to get a Continuous Discharge Certificate (INDIAN CDC) from the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India.

There are wide job opportunities for our Indian Seamen all over the world.

With further sea service and examinations (oral and/or written), the candidate will be promoted to officer Level with certain service and qualification requirements.

After 36 months of sea service, one may appear for the 2nd Mate Examination and rise to Officer Rank.

Salary specifications differ, depending on the candidate’s performance and type of vessels at the time of onboard training. Generally, the Starting Salary is between ₹ 20,000 – ₹ 30,000 Indian Rupees at the time of joining the ship.

Career Path:

1. Join As O.S. (Ordinary Seamen) On Deskside Or Wiper In Engine Department (Salary 350 USD To 600 USD)

2. Get Promoted To Ab On Deck Department Or Oiler In Engine Department (Salary 700 USD To 1000 USD)

3. Further Get Promoted To Bosun In Deck Department Or Engine Cadet In Engine Department (Salary 1600 USD To 2000 USD)

Classroom Programs Offered by Tritya Maritime Academy

Classroom Programs offered by Tritya Maritime Academy
Duration: 90 hours.

Subjects covered: Maths, Science, General Aptitude, English, General Knowledge, Marine Knowledge, Personality development.

How to Join a General Purpose Rating Course?

To join as GP rating in the merchant navy, you are required to undergo 6 months pre-sea course from D/G shipping approved institute.

Minimum Academic Qualification

Pass with aggregate 40% marks in 10th Standard from a recognised Board with Science, Mathematics as subjects and with minimum 40% marks in English language either in 10th, 12th or diploma/degree exam.
Age Limit: 17 years & 6 Months Up to 25 Years (Maximum)
Vision: 6/6 in Each Eye, No Colour Blindness, No Spectacles Allowed
Course Fee: ₹ 4,95,000/- (Fess can be payable in easy monthly instalments)
Course Commencement: Course begins from 1st January / 1st July of Every Year.

Institutes Conducting General Purpose Rating Course

1. Orissa Maritime Academy, Paradip

2. Trident College of Marine Technology, Kolkata

3. Maritime Education Training & Research Insitute, Kolkata

4. Maritime Academy of India, Kolkata

5. Asha Institute of Marine Technology, Varanasi

6. Sriram Institute of Maritime Studies, New Delhi

7. Acqatech Institute of maritime Studies, New Delhi

8. J. Sons Merchant Navy Institute, Meerut

9. Euro Tech Maritime Academy, Kochi

10. Commander Ali Academy of Merchant Navy, Secunderabad

11. Sri Chakra Maritime College, Auroville

12. Balaji Seaman  Training Institute, Chennai

13. Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime, Chennai

14. Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training, Chennai

15. Indus Seafarers Training Academy, Chennai`

16. International Maritime Academy, Chennai

17. Maritime Foundation, Chennai

18. Southern Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai

19. Tamilnadu Maritime Academy, Chennai

20. Maritime Training Academy, Udawada, Gujarat

21. Sea Scan Maritime Academy, Goa

22. NUSI Maritime Academy, Goa

23. Columbus Maritime Training Institute, Khopoli

24. MMTI’s Education & Research Trust, Khopoli

25. Arya Marine Academy, Mumbai

26. T.S. Rahaman, Navi Mumbai

27. Bonzer Academy of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

28. B.P. Marine Academy, Navi Mumbai

29. Yak Education Trust, Khopoli

30. Baba Marine Institute, Mumbai

31. Marine Medical Clinic, Mumbai

32. Marine Officers Training Academy, Pondicherry

33. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Govt.Polytechnic, Port Blair

34. School of Seamanship and Nautical Technology, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

35. Oceanic Maritime Academy, Dehradun.

FAQs General Purpose Rating Course

What are GP Ratings?

In a merchant cargo ship, there are mainly two departments, Deck department and Engine department. In both the departments, crew are required to be supervised by officers.
They are called GP ratings (General purpose rating). There is also third department called saloon department which comprises of cooks and stewards.

Can I join the ship with a GP Rating?

After 10th pass, one can join a 6 months’ course for G.P. rating. very few number of vacancies arise every year and there are many institutes conducting this course.
I have seen people who haven’t got job two years after doing this course. Hence, I would like to caution you before you take admission for this course.

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