How To Get Your Boss Fired to Make You Feel Good

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How To Get Your Boss Fired to Make You Feel Good.

Boss: Are you having feelings that your boss should get fired? Maybe because he or she has been involved in a scandal or whatever the case may be and that seems to bring down the reputation of the company and you wish to play him/her to get fired? Keep reading this article and you will know your next move.

How To Get Your Boss Fired to Make You Feel Good

A boss is a person who handles all the activity of the official outgoings and incomings. And most of the time these bosses can be a bit annoying for their employees in terms of different levels of work.

Most probably employees of the company quit their job because of their boss and there can be several reasons for their resignation as well.

And sometimes employees enjoy the situation when a boss gets fired from his/her job. There is some possibility that even employees can get their boss fired fast from his/her job.

How To Get Your Boss Fired?

The best way to cope up with a bad boss is to quit the company or else get ready to face all the difficulties which you may find in your work journey.

The other better way is to fire your bad boss. Though this sounds a lot difficult, if you follow the below-mentioned steps carefully then you can do it easily.

Bad bosses are very hard to stand, they demoralize the employees and never allow them to grow and develop in their career. Moreover, they bully and insult them whenever they get a chance. Now if you have taken enough of your boss’s such behavior like harassment or bullying, then the best option is to get them fired.

1. Keep a Record

His air of authority has made you forget that your boss is also an ‘employee’ of the company. He can’t have everything his way. So keep documenting every action, every decision that he takes which goes against the company policy. Know his whereabouts.

So when you sit down to report 360-degree feedback at the end of the day, your first point will read, ‘Manager skipped the 5:50 pm client meet’. Now he is in the black books!

2. Set Him Up

When there seems to be no straightway out of getting him chucked out of office, find a slightly twisted way. Take the help of your colleagues and send a mail from your boss’s email ID to the head of the management or the CEO, bad-mouthing the company or the recipient. A sure-shot way to get the boss out of the way soon!

3. Manipulative Tapes

Tape some conversations of your boss and then edit them in a way that the final piece sounds like a secret plot to overthrow the top guys. Then, hand over the tapes to the top guys!

Your boss seems to be the worst person on this planet and he may not have even the slightest idea of how much you hate him. He makes you

4. Be the MIP

If you want to be taken seriously then you have to be the most important person (MIP) in the organization. Your team members should know that anything you say is significant.

They should trust you enough to listen to your opinion against your boss. We would like to repeat here that a boss is an employee first. You cannot and should not let him cross the line between annoying and noxious!

5. Make a Business Case

It’s not enough to go to Human Resources or a higher up and say your boss is mean and demeaning and that it hurts your feelings. You need to make a business case as to why your boss needs to go, says Gary Namie co-author of The Bully-Free Workplace.

For instance, estimate the turnover and replacement costs, the expenses associated with lost productivity because of mental health days, the price of an internal investigation into your boss’s behavior, and the potential cost of litigation if someone in the firm was to sue as a result.

“When you take the package to someone higher up the point is you have inside information on how to help save money,” says Namie.

6. Find the Right Person

You may think Human Resources is the best place to complain, but that’s not always the case. Many companies have independent HR departments that protect employees, but there are also those departments that are ineffectual.

A better option is to find someone above your boss that doesn’t have a relationship with him or her. “You need to talk to someone who is high enough up and is disconnected enough from the person you are trying to get fired,” says Namie. “There can be no loyalty bonds and no commitment connection.”

7. Don’t Go Badmouthing

So you know that your boss often drinks in his cabin. And you know that’s what gets him cranky right before it is time to go home. Well, that’s a BIG, BIG secret that you know.

This kind of behavior will definitely get him fired. Talk straight to HR, but make sure not to gossip about this – it will make you fail miserably in your mission.

Therefore, this discussion can provide detailed information about how to get out of those situations and also how to make your boss get fired. Many of your friends might have issues that make them feel their boss should get fired. Kindly share this article with them.

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