2020 List of Countries by Military Power – Latest Update

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2020 List of Countries by Military Power – Latest Update.

List of Countries by Military Power: List of Countries by Military Power 2020. Do you wish to know what military power is all about, including the strength signal each arm forces attract? If yes, you’ve got your quest answered.

In this article, you’ll learn about the current List of Countries by Military Power and most powerful country in military strength, skills and craftiness.

A military is described as a well-trained group formally given power by the Head of states to use lethal or dangerous force and weapons to protect the state’s interest. That’s having the power to protect, to defend and to save one’s territorial right. Air Force, Army, and Navy are the three combinations of military branches which are put in place and saddled with these sole responsibilities.

Power, on the other hand, is the ability of someone or a group of persons to accomplish any given task that might be assigned to them. Therefore, military power is explained as the Armed Forces of a country that is able to live up to the expectations of the country and the entire citizen of that particular nation. The best use of these military power is the one that achieves the objectives that are very useful to the nation and her aliens.

List of Countries By Military Power Ranking

Also, we can judge a country to have military power and strength, if such country/nation can in every way oversee her affairs without external influence which show total sovereignty of such a nation. Also, military power can be determined in terms of the Arsenal of any country nation, the number of weapons, warship craft, ballistic missiles, warfare apparatus that pose such a nation as a threat to any country planning to embark on war or encroach in the country right.

The submarines, the tanks, aircraft carriers, number of active Personnel in the army, and attack helicopters are the fundamental factors to be considered for military strength and total weights any country pull when considering countries with military power. To briefly shed light on the function of aforementioned factors to consider as a military power country, Soldiers, they are military that is assigned to safeguard a country whether in wartime or a natural disaster. Soldiers having aircraft are the Air Force or the flying falcons while the Navy, that is a defender of the seas are the soldiers having submarines to fight and protect the nation via her seaports and other aquatic habitat-related issues.

Best Countries by Military Power

From the time immemorial, there’s always a need to have a powerful Armed Forces to protect lives and assets, these small Army were formed from the clans and small towns. Changes in the way of warfare which has been deadliest these days than ever before are because of a technological boom brought about by the modern era.

In this write-up, the top twenty countries by military power are listed with their capabilities or strength, these countries are arranged sequentially as their power decreases down the list.


United State Of America – The USA as its popularly called is located in Northern America. It is a country known to possess a powerful, strongest and mighty military globally. It is a nation with high intelligence and hard work.

Total personnel of 1,373,650 which includes Reserve personnel of 990,025, Active personnel of 798,527, and a total population of 0.7299%. 19 Aircrafts carriers, Total Tanks of 5,884, Total aircraft of 13,762 and Total Navy assets of 415 with $587 billion as its budget are the components that have made the US be number one in the rankings.


Russia Military – Russia has the largest fleet of tanks because it is the largest nation by land. It is on number two position in the listing of the most powerful militaries globally because it has Russian’s S-400 anti-aircraft weapon which is widely known for its range and accuracy, also it has its budget at $44.65, total personnel of 3,371,027, 1 aircraft, Total Tanks of 20,216, total aircraft of 3,794. 


China military is on the third position on the world powerful militaries. It has a fleet of 68 submarines, 113 military satellite into space, One Aircraft carriers, budget of $161.7 billion, 3,712,500 total personnel and 2,955 total aircraft.

CHINA- among top countries with military power 


India is a nuclear power state and the most powerful nation inside South Asia. It got its independence from British on 15th August 1947. A budget of $51 billion, Total Naval assets of 295, Total personnel of 4,207,250, Total Tanks of 4,426 which it got from Russia made Sukhoi, Aircraft carriers of one and total aircraft of 2,102 have made India be on number four Army in the ranking of the most powerful militaries.

INDIA- among countries with military power


France Army is well trained and experienced. It is inside Europe and the third largest nuclear stockpile nation. It is on number five in the ranking of the militaries globally. It has four Aircraft carriers.

RUSSIA- Among world military countries


British Army is considered to be the mightiest military historically because they have conquered a quarter of land and world population. UK military is in the sixth position in the listing of the world powerful militaries.


It has one Aircraft carrier, 2,654 total tanks, 1,477 Total Aircraft, and 166 total assets, also it has 11.44 of its citizens in Armed services and on the seventh position


Japan is famous for its military, Cars and economy and its located inside the Pacific Ocean in East Asia. Self Defense Force was established in 1954 in Japan and it’s on number eight position on rankings.


This nation Army is listed as the number nine position in the top powerful military power and also, it’s the best Muslim Army. Ottoman Empire is the place where Turkey Army can be traced back to.


Germany Army is involved in several peacekeeping missions because of its membership in NATO. It has a famous function in WW1 and WW2. It has total aircraft of 698, 81 naval assets and 543 total Tanks and is on number ten on the list of the top twenty countries by military power.

11. ITALY:

F-35 and Eurofighter Typhoon in air arsenal are the two weapons that made Italy be on number eleventh position on the world powerful military power.

12. EGYPT:

This nation is mostly characterized by its pyramids and antique culture. It is inside Africa and also the most powerful and strongest in Africa because of its possession of considerable numbers of tanks and aircraft. It has F-16 which has been considered as a better jet to be added to the air arsenal globally and total 228 jets. Egyptians Army is in the twelfth position in the list of top twenty powerful military power.

13. IRAN:

As tough and strong the nation is, their arsenal is loaded with different ammunition, these made Iran the thirteenth on the list.


Brazil Army is on number fourteenth on the list of countries by military power rankings and it’s the largest state located inside South America in the world’s continent. It has a total of one hundred and ten naval assets, 677 total aircraft and 469 total Tanks.


Geography of volcanic mountains and a large number of Islands made Indonesia be on the fifteenth position of the list of countries by military power in the world.


Israel has Islam, Christianity, and Judaism as three religions that have been at war for years now. It’s at number sixteenth on the list.


Bravery and courage are the two qualities that made Pak Army among the globe powerful militaries and it’s on number seventeenth position.


North Korea has 115 fleets of F-16 jets and tanks and is the only most populated nation globally with no UN membership. It is inside East Asia. And it’s on the eighteenth position on the list of countries by military power rankings.

19. SPAIN:

With key technological ammunition, spaceship and aircraft designed for war also skillful soldiers these have berg Spain the nineteenth position on the world military strength country.


Vietnam’s possession of 5,488,500 as its total personnel, 65 naval assets, 1,545 total tanks, and 278 total aircraft gives its Army an upper hand to maintain the twentieth position on the list.

In conclusion, the write up has critically probed into the meaning and factors to look into as to know if a country has a military strength and some basic things to be made available before the military strength of a nation can be discussed.

Among nations in the surface of the globe, we have carefully selected and talked about countries with the highest to the least military power, which was the focal point of the write-up. So, sit back and go through the lines of the write up so as to increase your knowledge store on military state of various countries.

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