Checkout the 5 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

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Most Expensive Shoes: Shoes come second in our shopping list. Still, they dominate a huge part of our wardrobe. It is really surprising how much some of these underrated items of clothing are valued for.

Most expensive shoes. Well, it’s time to put you in awe, with a list of the 5 most expensive shoes in the world.

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers – $3 million

most expensive shoes

This beautiful pair of shoes is actually the official replica of the pair of red magic shoes featured in “Dorothy of Wizard of Oz”. But this pair stood out greatly from all its contemporaries and competitors.

It boasts of total 4,600 pieces of rubies and is worth 50 carats of diamonds was made on the honorable occasion of the 50th anniversary of the cult movie.

This shoe took 2 months of pain and extremely hard work and was finally created to be the most expensive pair of shoes in the world.

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels – $3 million

Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

Most expensive shoes. This shoe actually boasts of a pair of earrings that belonged to Rita Hayworth.

The folded flowers are made of satin and the earring in the middle makes it look like poetry. Now the question is, how much gem, sapphire, diamond, ruby, and whatnot is situated on this beauty?

And yes, this outstanding, high-valued pair is now owned by Rita’s daughter.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers – $2 million

Checkout the 5 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most expensive shoes. These very pretty stilettos were designed with just the finest Italian leather and decorated with over 565 Kwiat diamonds all set in platinum!

Those delicate beauties boast one of the rarest diamonds in the world. One of which is the amaretto diamond, which alone costs more than a million dollars.

Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels – $ 2 million

Checkout the 5 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most expensive shoes. Stuart makes the list again with this amazing shoe made in collaboration with Eddie Le Vian. The delicate straps of the pumps boast 28-carat diamonds and 185-karat tanzanite gems.

A beautiful piece of hard work. This silver shoe is probably every bride’s dream on her wedding day.

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos – $1.6million

Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos - $1.6million

Stuart probably has a thing for expensive taste and shoes.

Still, in the Stuart Collection, the Ruby stiletto is made of 643 pieces of 123 karat rubies and a pound of platinum, this stiletto just looks perfect for that dinner date with your partner.

This shoe lives up to the expectations of Stuart Weitzman who is famous for encrusting his shoes with gems and rare stones.

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