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Discover the best ways to learn how to write a nursing essay successfully, from our expert writers. In this guide, we will go through the correct structure; introduction, body, conclusion.

So you can write the top admission essay and the grades you deserve. Then, it will be possible to move onto the next stage of becoming a nurse. And eventually, take care of patients for a living!

Also, we will be showing some successful nursing essay examples and as well guide you through writing that perfect essay.

What is a Nursing Essay?

A nursing essay is both an academic and professional study of a patient who is encountered during a student’s placement in a practicum. It is crucial when composing a nursing school admission essay.

Follow the next steps to find out more information about what is a nursing essay in detail, and achieve a maximum quality essay.

They are essential vital points in a student’s learning experience as they serve as a significant pathway to knowing how to react to real-life situations.

How to Structure a Nursing Essay

When all the data is collected, and you are confident that you have a clear grasp of the topic you are going to write about, it’s time to structure the paper with the next guide.

  • Distribution: When all data and information is collected on your table, it’s a good idea to distribute it evenly to generate a smooth flow.
  • Outline: Create a rough essay outline. Briefly describe the points mentioned in the points you are going to uncover. So that is sources, websites, articles, and textbooks.
  • Selecting Content: Choose the most reliable and accurate information and data to go in your essay outline for top results.
  • Structure: Your paper should be comprised of an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Advice: Keeping these points in mind will also keep you inspired during your writing sessions and will help you avoid “writer’s block.” And will guide you to writing a successful paper.

Nursing Essay Content

To properly cater your material to the audience, your nursing school application essay has to be composed of the following elements:


A nursing essay introduction contains a general statement about the main point of the overall paper.

Nursing Essay Introduction Example: “The hospital-based switch training university-based change has made a major impact on the way nurses operate in the workforce. Substantial changes have helped shape and improve the role of a nurse, working conditions, and a nurse’s income. While patient assessment methods have been improved, the empathy of nurses has lacked in some instances.”

In your introduction, you must define your question and give a strategic plan of how you are going to answer it.

  1. This part of your paper will be a guideline for both you and your reader for the rest of your work.
  2. The flow of this paragraph should be impeccable, as it must give your audience a complete understanding of what they are going to explore.
  3. Use resources like a thesaurus and a glossary to find words that will best relate to your subject and bring its meaning to its maximum potential.


As Isaac Newton once said, “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

Your body should use the introduction as an outline, explaining the issue step by step and transitioning smoothly from one point to another. Each body paragraph in your nursing essay body should contain a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence.

There should be a balanced development between paragraphs, with every single answer leading to a new question. When writing an essay about nursing, don’t wander away from the subject, and be strictly on point. This is the philosophy of a nursing essay and should always be kept in mind when writing.

Nursing Essay Body Example: “As a consequence, nurses needed to have higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Major global organizations, The World Health Organization, recognized this matter in the year, 1985. The processes of both teaching and learning must be adapted to the newly graduated nurses who can obtain the knowledgeable skills most recently relevant to the modern health care needs in their communities as a whole.”

Examples are what is going to turn your pile of data, into individual treatment.

Finally, make sure that in your body you accommodate the reader with sufficient information on the issue as well answer every single question you have asked. Finalize your statements at the very end of the paragraphs and prepare to summarize them in your conclusion.


Your nursing essay conclusion is a retelling or a summary of the main issues raised in the nursing essay:

  • Data;
  • Answers;
  • Evidence;
  • Indicate how your approach was essential to the resolution of a problem;
  • A final comment to conclude the paper.

Nursing Essay Conclusion Example: “The start of the university-educated for nurses has allowed nurses to keep updated with continuous medical advances.

Their roles have changed throughout recent years. Their working conditions have improved, as well as their wages. The ability to assess patients has improved.

However, the ability to provide understanding care has slowly abolished as a result of strong their bases that university education is based on.”

Nursing Essay Topics

Before you begin your nursing application essay, it is a good idea to choose a topic based on your knowledge of the provided subject. This will allow you to create a coherent structure that will support the information you are offering. As a writer, you need to understand precisely what is it you are being asked to build your answer correctly. Research various questions that you could potentially answer.

Many topics can be challenging and will often involve some scientific research in the practicum lab. You can find all kinds of nursing essay topics lists that include issues such as:

  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • How to treat dementia at its birth stage?
  • What are the potential dangers of home nursing?
  • Should the nurses be able to refuse to work with offensive patients?
  • Should depression and anxiety patients are medically treated?
  • What are the primary treatments for diabetic patients?
  • The long-term effects of chemotherapy
  • The impact of HIV on birth and breastfeeding
  • The dangers of E-cigarettes as a form of quitting cigarettes
  • The mental health of terminally ill patients
  • Midwifery and newborn baby care
  • Introduction to human nutrition
  • Microbiology in humans: The safe and dangerous
  • Health Assessment and Nursing Therapeutics
  • Prevention of Illness and Promotion of Health
  • Applied Statistical Analysis
  • The treatment of dementia at an early stage
  • The potential dangers of home nursing

Choose the topic which you can easily relate to, and have the closest insight on. It is a good idea to think carefully about which of the nursing essay topics to choose from.

Nursing Essay Examples

I want to be a nurse. As a nurse, I will be able to use my profession anywhere in the world. I can work with many people every day, both patients and staff. Furthermore, nursing will allow me the flexibility to have a family.

I have shared these reasons with many people when asked why I switched from pre-med to nursing. These are all good reasons to choose a profession, but I have learned more reasons to be a nurse. I will be able to give to and receive from nursing much more than I ever imagined.

What do I want my nursing future to hold? I have set five goals for my nursing career. 

First, I want people to feel God’s love when they are under my care. I know I can never love everyone on my own; definitely I will have to rely on Christ as an example and a source of strength. I want people to feel loved because they are created in God’s image, and he loves them.

Second, I want people in my care to feel heard-to know that I am listening. By listening, I mean active listening. I want to understand their desires and concerns. I want to read the feelings behind their words.

Third, I want them to feel cared for in every situation, as a spiritual person, a suffering person or a dying person. I want to be able to assess where they are spiritually and ask God how I should help each person to come to know him. Holding on the principle that I want to be able to pray with them and share God’s Word in a sensitive, knowledgeable way.

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I want suffering patients to feel the comfort of a compassionate presence. If they need to talk to someone, I want to be able to help them think of the things that bring meaning to their lives.

Fourth, I want my patients to feel that I am a competent nurse. When I come into the room, I don’t want them to wish it were someone else. I want them to feel they are in good hands. I want to give them a sense of hope that the other staff and I will do everything we can and do it well.

Fifth, I want to have good relationships with my colleagues. I want to be known as a hard worker and someone the patients like. I want my work to be an example of the servanthood of Christ.

Of a fact I know I can’t accomplish these goals on my own. I will need to call upon God constantly. Even with his help, I will not be able to accomplish them all the time. I need to remember that because I get discouraged when things do not go as planned.

Also, I will have to keep myself healthy if I want to have the energy to attempt these goals. I want to keep God as my motivation for nursing-as an offering of myself to him.

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