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Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter That Will Stand You Out in 2022

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– Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter –

Opening Lines: There’s no one right way to open your cover letter, but there are a few techniques you can try to make your letter stand out. Here I will give you five ways to write the opening lines of your next cover letter.

Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter

What Is A Cover Letter?

Firstly, what is a cover letter the ultimate question? It is a letter or written communication that serves to introduce an accompanying document or introduces a resume or curriculum vitae (CV). A cover letter helps to show why you are the best person for the job description and how you will be a great addition to the company.

It also shows your capability to communicate your career objectives efficiently and to support your resume career summary.

When it comes to preparing a cover letter as a part of a job application, many job seekers are filled with anxiety about experimenting with their cover letters.

They are usually under the pressure to please the hiring manager, and in that pursuit, they forget to show their personality in their job application documentation. Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter

This is the major reason why their application would look lifeless and will not differentiate this applicant from other applicants. You should let your personality be seen clearly through the cover letter so you stand out from your competition applying for the same position.

After several weeks or months of you searching for the perfect job and you have found it and now it is your turn to impress the employers with your cover letter so you land and stand out in a job interview, so you get the job offer.

A cover letter is the most effective way for you to introduce to the hiring or resource manager who you are, the things you have to offer, why you want the job and why you are the one to be offered the position—but you have a very limited period to do all of these things.

Opening Lines of Cover Letters

Opening lines of cover letters are usually not very specific, but they do not need to be. Abby Locke, a speaker, writer, and president of Washington DC-based Premier Writing Solutions says “Most cover letters usually begin with lines like, ‘In response to your job advertisement, I’m forwarding my resume for your review and consideration’”.

You should endeavor to make a very strong first impression by writing something spectacular and different – something that will clearly express the value you are offering.

You can attract the attention of the reader of your cover letter by:

  • emphasizing your accomplishments
  • expressing the reasons why you are interested in the job
  • stating the mission of the employer, and
  • showing how your strongest skills can contribute to the achievement of that mission.

Abby Locke suggests that the road to writing a good cover letter is to start with writing a list of the best three ways you would make an impact on the organization.

You should be able to ask yourself and answer questions such as “What core competencies would enable me to surpass the norm in the position I am targeting?”. Locke also emphasized on you answering how the employer would gain from hiring you.

The ability to convey all these details in just a few lines seems impossible. The start of the cover letter should be very catchy, but not overselling especially if you are a student or graduate who has not even a year of experience for reference.

You should ensure that your cover letter should be professional, but not boring – but be careful, as the borderline between those extremes is usually very blurry.

It is an awesome idea to have several examples of cover letters you can look through to serve as a source of inspiration when you are desperate for one.

Towards the end of this article, there will be few ideas on how to write killer opening lines for your cover letter; but firstly, let us see the top 10 opening lines that are straight-up killing your cover letter. Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter

Spend your next 2 minutes reading how you can make your cover letter stand out and excite the recruiter. Here are five ideas to get a hiring manager’s attention from the first line of your cover letter.

Therefore, if you want to attract the reader or employer’s attention, you have to start right.

1. Show Excitement

When I interview candidates, the people that stand out the most are the people that smile genuinely, have an engaging attitude, and seem excited to interview. This holds the same truth for cover letters. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want to read the same old, tired line that everyone uses to start their cover letter.

It makes those candidates appear to be not excited about the job, and in return, it’ll make them feel less excited about you too. When an employer feels your excitement through your cover letter, it adds more value to your application.

Example to try: I was excited to find an opening in marketing with Company X because your impact in this field has been inspiring to me for a long time. Opening Lines for Your Cover Letter

2. It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

I know we have all heard of this phrase, but it has proven to be true most times. If you are applying for a company and you know a key employee there, don’t be afraid to mention it! Of course, before using their name, ask that person for permission.

If they are okay with you using their name in your cover letter, do not hesitate to do it.

Example to try: I recently spoke with Jane Doe, project manager with Company Y, and she informed me about the opening on your HR team. She recommended that you would be a great point of contact to discuss this position and my qualifications.

3. Get Straight to The Point

I have read many boring cover letters where the candidate will write a long paragraph about how they found the job opening, the college they graduated from, and other information about their past that is not relevant.

Get Straight to The Point

Recruiters receive tons of applications daily, so my advice would be to get straight to the point in your cover letter by stating your job title and accomplishments.

Example to try: As a marketing manager for Company Y, I manage a diverse team and oversee multiple projects. By implementing new employee engagement ideas and social marketing tactics, I have been able to increase our brand and social presence through the use of employee posting on social media.

4. Read Beyond the Job Description

When you find a company that you like and want to interview, do research on the company (beyond the job description), and impress the recruiter with what you know. Look for current events or blog posts about the company, and tie that into your opening line.

Example to try: Recently, your company was highlighted in Mogul Millennial for implementing a new employee engagement tool on Idea X. After reading this article, I was inspired to work with your company, so I was excited to see that you had an opening for a Talent Engagement Advisor. With my professional experience in leading and developing teams, and retaining talent, I know that I am a valuable candidate.

5. Keywords Are So Important Too

Most companies use applicant tracking systems that search for keywords on resumes and cover letters to weed out candidates that are more than likely unqualified. Using the right keywords will get you noticed, and will get you the interview. [P.S. at Career Contessa we have a free worksheet that can help you identify your skills to include on your LinkedIn profile—and beyond, as your cover letter.]

Example to try: Microsoft Excel and ADP Virtual Edge are two of my strongest areas of expertise. Through my years in management and HR, I have perfected my skills and increased my knowledge in social recruiting, employee development, collaborative interviewing, and handling employee relation issues. It is the combination of these skills and my passion for the field of HR that makes me the best candidate for your Campus Recruiter position.

How to Write A Killer Opening Line for Your Cover Letter?

Now that we have seen what opening lines NOT to write, let us review few examples of good opening lines and few pieces of advice on how to write the opening lines in cover letters that can help you bag the job that interests you.

1. Use Powerful Words

“As an expert in the field of financial planning, I have given financial advice for the executions of projects of different kinds both at large and small scale”.

Using powerful words to describe yourself grabs the attention of the reader to your cover letter. Display of confidence in abilities is better than false humility.

The job that you are applying for is requiring a certain amount of self-confidence and abilities and you need to have the experience to back up your claims.

Some other examples of opening lines following this rule are:

  • The position advertised by you sounds like a great match with the qualifications and skills that I have been able to acquire during [Here mention the relevant study program or job employment] …
  • Financial analysis, project management, and research are my passions and areas of expertise. Not only are these my passions, but also, I believe these skills are the foundation for any project management professional. As an analytical financial manager, I excel at extracting data to understand where the company’s focus should be.
  • Being an experienced financial manager and former business owner, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to remain current with the fluctuations in the value of currency and inflation in the investment portfolio market without breaking the budget.
  • As an event planner for ABC Company, I ensure seamless communication and marketing between all involved parties. By implementing new social media marketing tactics in the past year, I have doubled the attendance at all events organized by the company.

2. Kill the Competition

“While soldiers are eager to battle, strategists win the war. I am an artful strategist of my profession, different from my co-applicants in the following ways…”

You should be able to differentiate yourself from your competition. Ensure you use your most relevant accomplishment stories to explain your value to the company.

Other examples of this are:

  • “Unlike many other project cost managers, I ensure all parties know who is responsible for what, and when each part is due. I do this using my system that I have used for 20+ years because it works. At any time, I can see the status of all activities. This ensures every project execution is on time and a budget, plus we see when we’ve succeeded, and what needs to be developed next time.”
  • “After spending five years managing the internal finances for a 2,000-person company, I could plan a quarterly town hall project budget or draft an inter-office budget in my sleep. What do I want to do next? Put that experience to work consulting executives on their financial strategy.”

3. Introduce the Leader in You

“I coordinated the Annual Youth Science Expo which occurred for 340 hours, 30 volunteers in five weeks.”

Show that you can be involved in leadership or management. Breaking down the details allows employers to understand your accomplishments.

Some examples of opening lines are:

  • “Through my years of experience in PR, I have established my skills and strength in social media, media networking, and leading a group of team members. It is the combination of these skills that make me the best candidate for the PR Manager position.”
  • “I am so happy your company needs a social media coordinator skilled at with my track record of boosting social networking by 55% increase in the number of followers through teamwork and creative leadership, I believe that I’m a great fit.

4. Kick-Off with Excitement

“I have been excited since I discovered the opening in project management with your company…”

Employers are attracted by those who seem to show excitement towards the job as this shows dedication.

Kick-Off with Excitement

Other examples of similar opening lines are:

  • “I was excited to find an opening in HR with ABC Company because your work with XYZ Company has been important to me for a long time. I am the best candidate for this position because it combines my experience with HR and XYZ Company.”
  • “As a long-time fan of ABC Company’s certifications, I was thrilled to see your vacancy. With my experience cutting costs 48% for XYZ Company while dropping lead times by nearly 20% and boosting quality, I believe I can be of help with ABC Company’s current market challenges as I continue to expand my skill set.”

5. Quote the Trail Blazers

“Accountability enables responsibility.” – J.K Rowling. As a manager who has gathered experiences over the years, I sincerely believe that the key to success in any work environment is accountability.”

Have your work ethic described with a quote. Quotes tend to add more worth to your cover letter.

Another example of how the use of quotes works effectively when you are applying for a job position is the following:

  • “As sociologist John Hudson has observed: ‘A billion hours ago, modern homo sapiens emerged. A billion minutes ago, Christianity began. One billion seconds ago, the IBM PC was released. A billion Google searches ago… was this morning.’ I have chosen this quote as an introduction to my application as a social network manager because…”

6. Use the Culture-Field-Skill (The Bridge) Formula

“Born in Korea, studied in Canada, and worked in China; my blend of cultures and Asian background may just be unprecedented! I am…”

This opening line is usually used when the job demands a bridge between fields, countries, or cultures.

This also can be found in the following example:

  • “Having finished my education in international relations and business, I’m interested in the opportunity to combine my passion for exploring cultures with my professional career. Your advertisement for the position as a business development manager for the French market, therefore, appears very intriguing to me…”  

7. Show Your Expertise

“Two of my best aspects of expertise are financial analysis and time management. In my years of experience in coordinating teams and meetings, I have been able to put these into full use…”

The right keywords will make sure your cover letter is read. Illustrate your passions, dreams, and goals and use these to meet their needs.

  • “ABC Company’s marketing assistant opening is an excellent match for my qualifications. As a recent graduate of X University with a major in marketing and business, I offer solid academic credentials as well as industry experience gained from an internship at XYZ Company. If given the chance, I know that my strong business and marketing foundation would benefit your department, customers, and the company’s bottom line.”

8. Name Your Referrer

Name Your Referrer

“In my recent conversation with your financial manager XY, I was informed about the opening in your Accounting Department and thus was suggested to apply for the job of…”

You named your referrer to provide the employer with a point of reference to go from. The employers will be interested to find out why your referrer thought you would be a good fit for the job – like in this example:

  • “John Smith, your financial manager, suggested that I apply for this position because he knows firstly, that software solutions achieved 78% performance-to-goals at XYZ Company, and secondly – that you are looking for a software developer with efficiency and efficacy, which my CV shows.”

9. Display Knowledge About The Company

“Recently, your company was highlighted in the XXX Newspaper because of your partnership work with “Company ABC” whose work I follow…”

Stating your knowledge about the company and their recent events can be a real turn-on. You can start your cover letter stating your knowledge of what they do and why you know so much about them.

Some examples of cover letter opening lines of this kind are:

  • “I recently read that your company is #2 on X Magazine’s list of top companies to work for in 2017 in this state.”
  • “I read with great passion the article in X Magazine announcing the upcoming launch of your company’s branch in my area. Congratulations on this new venture and it’s impressive $20 million in pre-launch sales!”

10. The Impact Making Man

“When I learned that the ABS Company was recruiting new staff members, I strongly felt that I had to apply. I have always been anticipating finding a company where I can make an impact.”

You should speak as if you are already hired by the organization.

Another example of opening lines such as this is:

  • “When I discovered that ABC Company was hiring, I knew I had to apply. I’ve desired to find a company where I feel like I can make an impact even while working as…”

Creativity can bring you the job. Keep the cover letter simple and well detailed.

The first few sentences in cover letters have a loaded task – they are to attract the attention of a recruiter who has already reviewed many applications.

Then they need to convince a hiring manager to go deeper into your background to find out whether your skills and personality match the position they need to fill or whether you would be a benefit to the organization or not. It is your cover letter, it is your opening line, and it may be your ticket to that dream job.

Do not underestimate it. Kindly share this with your homies via their social media handles.

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