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– Photography Courses –

Photography courses are suited to a wide range of potential students and therefore can be found as full-time, part-time, or even online courses. The job of a photographer is exciting and creative at the same time.


Whether you are interested in fine art photography, advertising, wedding photography, food photography, portraits, still life, or other specialized areas, photography courses are a great way to begin.

You can request more information from the schools about any photography courses that interest you in just minutes using the web form.

Scroll down to read more about the Photography courses that are available at accredited universities and academic institutions around the world today!

For aspiring professional photographers and impassioned amateurs alike, photography courses will lie down the foundations or build on existing knowledge and skill in the realm of still photography.

Core concepts as exposure, composition, light, shadow, colour, format, camera type, lens type, and digital or darkroom post-processing, may be covered in photography courses.

Professors with experience and qualifications can provide the training necessary to help you create successful images in a camera.

Lasting for anywhere from a few days to a year, photography courses are also diverse in their subject. Students can focus on fashion, black, and white.

Alternatively, digital photography as they work toward obtaining a certificate or diploma in photography courses.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, enthusiast, or an aspiring pro, discover the tools and best practices you need to take professional, high-quality photographs.

This learning path teaches the basics of photography, including composition, lighting, and exposure.

What is Photography?

Photography can be described as the art and science of taking photographs and processing it. It involves equipment such as cameras, lenses, computer software (for image processing and editing), etc.

Professional photography course covers topics such as the use of cameras, angles, computer graphics, image editing, lighting, lenses, editing software, digital photography, and exposure.

This profession is suited for those, who have a passion for photography and are creative. These skills will help one excel in this field.

The job of a photographer is exciting and creative at the same time. This profession has developed over time and has undergone significant changes.

A photographer may work independently or as a staff photographer for setups like NEWS papers, magazines, websites, companies, etc.

To thrive in photography, one must possess a set of qualities and skills. They include-

1. Passion for photography

2. Creativity

3. Will to travel and work at odd timings

4. Patience

5. Concentration

6. Technical expertise

7. Computer and software skills

8. Communication skills

If you think you’ve got the qualities and skills mentioned above, let us find more details about photography courses available in India. In India, three main course formats are available, when it comes to photography-

1. Bachelor’s Degree courses

2. Diploma courses

3. Certificate courses

The Bachelor’s Degree courses fall under the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts categories. Bachelor of Science courses are available too.

Visual Communication is a course that covers the art of photography. Pursuing that course will also help one gain photography skills and knowledge. Let us check out Bachelor’s Degree courses-

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

1. BA Photography

2. BA Visual Arts and Photography

3. BFA Photography

4. Sc. Photography and Video Visual Production

5. Sc. in Photography and Cinematography

It is clear from the above list that the Bachelor’s programs are various forms of BA and B.Sc. programs.

Apart from the above entries, Visual Communication courses, Media Production (BA), and Journalism & Mass Communication courses also deal with photography.

But those courses are generalized ones though! The above photography courses are Undergraduate Degree programs.

Course duration: Each program listed above lasts for a period of 3 years.

Photography Courses: Diploma Courses

Diploma courses related to professional photography are offered by numerous private institutes across India.

However, such Diploma programs can b classified into three types, based on training and content- Beginner’s course, Intermediate course and Professional course.

Some of the well-known diploma programs are-

1. Diploma in Digital Photography

2. PG Diploma in Photography

3. Diploma in Fashion Photography

4. Diploma in Professional Photojournalism

5. Diploma in Photography and Cinematography

6. Diploma in Advertising and Commercial Photography

7. Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging

8. Diploma in Digital Cinematography

Course duration: It may vary from one institute to another. Generally, it is around 1-3 years. Shorter duration Diploma courses are available too (for example- 6 months long program).

Eligibility criteria– 10+2 pass (any stream- Science, Commerce, or Arts) from a recognized board. Students who satisfy these criteria are eligible to pursue this course. Note: Few institutes also accept 10th passed students.

Photography Courses: Certificate Courses

Certificate programs are the shortest of all. Many private institutes across India offer certificate photography courses. Some of the well-known certificate programs are-

1. Digital Photography

2. Fashion and People Photography

3. Commercial Photography

4. Photography and Image Editing

Course duration: Certificate courses last for 3-6 months.

Eligibility criteria– 10+2 pass (any stream- Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognised board. Students who satisfy these criteria are eligible to pursue this course.

Other than the above course formats, one may also attend photography workshops to learn new skills and know more about digital photography, equipment, and image editing!

Photography Courses: Specialisations

Photography is a vast field. It has many areas of specialisation within it. Some of the well-known ones are-

1. Fashion Photography

2. Fashion and People Photography

3. Product Photography

4. Business & Industrial Photography

5. Nature and Landscape Photography

6. Wildlife Photography

7. Sports Photography

8. Event Photography

9. Fine Art Photography

10. Automobile Photography

Based on one’s interests, one may specialise in any of the above fields using the courses mentioned above.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

A professional photographer may work independently or under the supervision of others. Based on specialisation, a photographer could do any of the many roles, like-

1. Fashion Photographer

2. Product & Commercial Photographer

3. Business & Industrial Photographer

4. Wildlife Photographer

5. Sports Photographer

6. Event Photographer (Wedding, Party, Concerts, etc)

7. Fine Art Photographer

8. Automobile Photographer

9. Photojournalist

10. Forensic Photographer

One may also work as a freelancer. Opening your own Photo Studio is another excellent job opportunity available in front of photographers. They may also indulge in repair and marketing work (related to equipment and cameras).

Newspapers, magazines, and websites hire photographers. One may join them as a staff photographer or freelance photographer.

Photography Courses: Photographer Salary

Salary depends on the role that a photographer dons (freelancer, staff photographer, specialization, etc). The average starting salary for a staff photographer could be anywhere between 10-25K Rupees.

Depending on the specialization, the salary figures may vary.

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