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How to Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace 2020 – Best Practice

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How to Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace 2020 – Best Practice.

Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace: Facebook currently have the largest user in the world, about 1.7 billion users that mean billion of people would see what you post on Facebook, this is why Facebook is the coolest place to post for any job. This article would address the various way of posting job on Facebook marketplace

How to Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace

How to Make an Engaging Job Post on Facebook

– A nice length. The first thing to always consider when posting a job on Facebook is the length. Though there’s no laid down length for a Facebook post, you should however keep in mind that more than half of all Facebook sharing take place on mobile devices, like smartphone. Write for the reader who is skimming posts. Ensure that your first four words grab your readers’ attention; otherwise they might simply scroll down.

– Images. Always use image Facebook posts with images have twice the engagement of posts without images. Use images that show candidates why they would want to work for you. Gorgeous offices, fun coworkers, and unique perks are all good bets. The thumbnail image in shared links is okay, but it’s better to upload one or more full-sized images.

– Other visual aids.Instead of an image, you can post a GIF by pasting the link into the status update, or upload a video. Videos play automatically on Facebook, which makes them stand out in people’s news feeds.

Use Paid Facebook Advertising to Attract More Job Candidates

You don’t want to employ someone that’s not skilled, if you’re looking for competent candidates in a rush is to try and a sponsor post on Facebook. You can turn any Facebook post into a sponsored post clicking the “Boost Post” button. Here’s what boosting a post looks like on Worktable’s Facebook:

Immediately you done with that, use Facebook’s targeting options to zero in on the right candidate for your job. Useful targeting options comprises of: place, current workplace, education level and “liked” pages.

With sponsored Facebook job postings, you can get the attention of every targeted candidate. The cost to improve a post on Facebook varies, depending on how many people you want to reach. If you set a budget, Facebook determines how many people you can reach with your post, depending on the targeting options you’ve chosen.

How do You Advertise Jobs on Facebook?

You can go beyond your Facebook business page and explore more options for posting a job on Facebook:

– Via Your personal account timeline. The job ad will appear on your Facebook feed, so that all your friends (or a subset of your choice) will find out about your open role. Employees could also share on their own personal Facebook accounts.

– Vis A group. If you’re part of a professional Facebook group, or know people in a social group who might be interested in this position, share your job ad with their members.

– Via Another Facebook company account. If you have a Facebook careers page to manage your social recruiting, it could be useful to share your Facebook job postings on other pages as well, like the main Facebook page of your company. This way, you can appeal to passive candidates (people who aren’t actively looking for a job but could be tempted).

– Via Private message. If perhaps you think some of your contacts would be a suitable for a particular  position, get their interest with a private message.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook

Facebook presently brought out a new Jobs tab feature (in the US and Canada, for the time being, and soon expanding to more than 40 countries) to abridge the process to post jobs on Facebook and get applications. The jobs tab on facebook feature is available on your Facebook business page and looks like this:

If you have a business page, you can create your Facebook job postings by just using the status updater tool on your page. The job posting will appear in the new tab for jobs along with your page.

Facebook users who are interested in your open roles can click the “Apply now” button and send their personal information directly to you via Messenger.

The Jobs Tab free Facebook integration automatically updates a Jobs Tab on your Facebook company page with your open positions. It also automatically tracks candidates who apply through Facebook. Set it, forget it, and now you have another place to recruit candidates looking for a career with your company.

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