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Post Graduate Diploma in Canada 2022 Application Process

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– Post Graduate Diploma in Canada –

Canada is a popular study abroad option for Post Graduate Diploma in Canada. It is also well-known for its world-class universities. It also has a reasonable economic schooling cost.

Post Graduate Diploma in Canada 2021 Application Process

Furthermore, every year, a large number of international students choose Canada. And this is to pursue their higher education. Canadian universities offer wide-ranging post-graduate diploma courses. And this is in various fields.

These courses come with various advantages. Thus, if you are planning to pursue a post-graduate diploma course in Canada, note.

However, before, why choose Canada? This article will provide you with all the information on how to apply.

Why You Should Choose Canada for Your Post Graduate Diploma 2022

Combining the great outdoors with great student cities, Canada is among the world’s leading study destinations.

Also, it welcomes around 16 million tourists each year. And it is currently hosting over 572,000 international students.

Furthermore, those with a passion for snow sports and other outdoor activities will be spoilt for choice. And this is with the wealth of nightlife.

Also, with cultural and sports venues. They all provide a guarantee against boredom during downtime from studies.

Higher Education in Canada

There are over 90 universities in Canada, of which 17 are private. As is common elsewhere, Canadian universities offer three levels of degree:

Bachelor’s (usually lasting four years), master’s (requiring an additional year or two), and doctorate (usually an additional three years)

Canada also has around 150 colleges – also known as community colleges, technical colleges, regional colleges, or CÉGEPs (in Québec) – which offer short courses and diplomas.

In addition, the country has a long history of specialized career colleges, which seek to prepare students for specific vocations.

Number of International Students Studying in Canada

Currently, the number of international students having their studies in Canada is growing every year. In fact, the actual number is over 450,000.

Most of the students prefer studying in Canada over other developed countries due to a number of benefits.

International graduates get high-quality and internationally recognized education, which makes them ready for professional career pursuits in Canada and as well as other countries.

In addition, compared to other countries where annual tuition fees are higher, Canada delivers comparably affordable education.

Your journey to become an international student starts with your choice of university or college.

Other Advantages of Studying Post Graduate Diploma in Canada 2022

Below are some more advantages of studying for a post-graduate diploma in Canada:

1. The tuition fees for a diploma course in Canada are affordable. This is when compared to other countries like the US.

2. Students may work while studying in Canada so that they can explore different career opportunities while also earning money.

3. One can opt for a transition to a full-fledged master’s course while pursuing their diploma.

4. You can also apply for a full-time job immediately after finishing your degree. This gives students an opportunity to get settled directly after the completion of their degree program.

5. The visa process for Canada is fairly easy and one can easily get a student visa through a simple and uncomplicated procedure.

Eligibility Criteria for Post Graduate Diploma in Canada 2022

The eligibility criteria for applying to a postgraduate diploma course in Canada are not very exhaustive. Here is the major eligibility requirement you need to fulfill while applying for a diploma in Canada:

1. A high school education degree is a must in order to apply for a diploma. For those applying for a postgraduate diploma, the minimum requirement is a completed bachelor’s degree with a certain minimum percentage that varies from college to college and degree to degree.

2. Another important criterion is that you need to clear your IELTS with a certain minimum score in order to get admission to any institute in Canada.


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Canada 2021

How to Apply for Post Graduate Diploma in Canada

The application process varies depending on the province and the institution. You’ll need to research the entry requirements of the specific course you want to join, and apply directly to the university.

Also, you can apply to study in Canada one year before the start date. You should apply by March at the latest for the September intake.

Although, if you’re applying for a popular course, apply earlier than this to optimise your chances of success. There’s usually a second intake in January or February of each year.

Admission Requirements

There are two important requirements for international students applying to study in Canada. And they are:

1. Language proficiency.

2. Also, sufficient finances.

They speak both English and French in Canada. And this is with the latter being the official language throughout the Québec province, and Canadian universities offer courses in both tongues.

Thus, if you’re not a native speaker, you may need to submit proof of proficiency in the language you intend to study.

You will also need to show you have enough money to cover your living expenses throughout your studies.

This is currently set at CA$10,000 (~US$7,500) for each year of your stay (CA$11,000/~US$8,260 if you’re applying to study in Québec) on top of your tuition fees.

What to Know When Preparing Your Postgraduate Diploma in Canada Application

A study permit application is expensive to process that requires creating comprehensive documentation. In fact, it gets harder and harder for certain countries to submit a seamless application that results in a study permit.

Therefore, it is important that every step of your application is prepared carefully. Canada has helped hundreds of international students not only to get a study permit but also to successfully settle in Canada after graduation.

In addition, you can contact the office in order to know if you can study in Canada without a study permit.

With the above information, they fully equipped you with knowledge about postgraduate diplomas in the Canada application process.

However, note. Before applying for a postgraduate diploma in Canada, ensure you meet the requirements. Also, if you find this article, share it.

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