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Process Essay Examples: This is a type of essay that explains how to do something. In other words, it describes process of doing something step by step. Also, it shows how each preceding step influences each subsequent one.

Also, you shall be given some process essay examples to read. This is aimed at guiding you as you prepare to write yours. Before then, what is a process essay?

There is vast experience in writing this type of essay. However, we would like to share several tips with you. Thus, it’s important you pay attention as you read through.

Meaning of Process Essay

As you prepare to read some process essay examples, note. A process essay is a type of essay that explains the process of making something.

Also, this type of essay is written in a descriptive manner. And it has qualities of technical documents. Also, it uses words, such as “later”, “next”, “finally”, “eventually”. They are often used to describe the process.

Features of Process Essay

As you prepare to read some process essay examples, note. The following features characterize a process essay:

  • The chronological order of described events.
  • Also, description of repeated steps to follow.
  • Furthermore, fixed order.
  • Additionally, clarity of narration.
  • Lastly, the presence of transition words.

Process Essay Outline 

As you prepare to read some process essay examples, note. The structure of this essay is similar to any other assignment. Meaning that it comprises of the following:

  • Introduction.
  • Also, main paragraphs.
  • Furthermore, and conclusion.

How to Write a Process Essay: Composing Tips

As you prepare to read some process essay examples, note. These tips will help you while writing:

  • Choose a good research topic. 50% of the success of your essay depends on the choice of topic.
  • Also, gather as much information as possible about the issue of your research. Thus, study your subject well.
  • Again, research your topic thoroughly before starting to write. And take notes.
  • Furthermore, make a coherent essay featuring precise and relevant comments to enhance its quality.
  • Also, assume that your readers are not aware of the topic under discussion. As such, explain all details of the procedure.
  • Also, observe the flow. And maintain logical order when you want to tell about the next step.
  • Furthermore, explain each step of the action you’re describing. This is because everyone needs to know the reasons behind each action.
  • Also, use specific words when switching to another activity. As such, use words like: Furthermore, then, before, that, etc.
  • Additionally, if you use terms that don’t belong to common knowledge, note. You need to explain their meaning.
  • Also, using imperative sentences is not a cool idea. This is because in this case, your work will remind a manual rather than an essay.

Advantages of Writing Process Essays

As you prepare to read some process essay examples, note. Process essay helps expand the following abilities:

  • Analytical ability.
  • Also, information prioritization
  • Furthermore, complying with instructions
  • Additionally, keeping an eye for details ability.

Some Process Essay Examples

Below are some process essay examples:

Example 1

Process of Creating a Pot

A pot is a curved container which  has a smaller opening on top and has a bigger surface which holds it when you’re are cooking or can support it to hold water. Pots have been in use by most people in some pars of Africa and Asia like Morocco and China.
In some, many parts of the world people still use them for different reasons like putting flowers and so on. My love for different cultures inspired me to think of something that could satisfy my passions and love for culture so I settled on a project to make pots.
The first step on this project was to identify the materials I would need and so I outlined a collection of materials I would use. Clay was the main component so I gathered a sufficient amount of clay and bought watercolors for painting.

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Of course, I had to get a painting brush for my art works and a needle. After ensuring all materials were ready I prepared some water and mixed with clay to give fine dough.
When the dough was ready I started by making the first pot into a bigger, round shape curved at the base and smaller on the top. I successfully managed to make a pot that could be used for cooking. I used a needle to decorate it as applied the colors with the brush when it was still wet.
After successfully making that, pot I heat it under the sun for three days and it was ready for use. My first pot was used to keep water and it could amazingly keep the water cold for long, which was such an achievement!
My first experience was beautiful and this has inspired me to maintain my culture.


Example 2

The Process of Building a Business from Scratch

Building a business from scratch is an intricate process that entails a number of steps. Each of these steps should have specific objectives and measurable outcomes. The following analysis gives the basic steps followed when building any business from scratch.
a) Define the business: defining the business entails picking out the best business idea. A good business idea should achievable and viable. There are a number of business ideas which can interest an entrepreneur.
It is important to list all the ideas and eliminate the ones that seem non-viable. With the remaining few ideas, the entrepreneur should carry out intensive research to determine which ideas are most suitable.
Suitability can be based on advice from professionals, personal interest in the business idea, or an alignment of the idea with the professional qualifications of the entrepreneur.

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b) Set objectives: after settling on a viable idea, the entrepreneur should set a list of specific objectives which he or she aims to achieve from the business in the shortterm and in the long-run. These objectives must be measurable and realistic.
Establishing objectives provides a guideline that dictates how the business should be managed and the expectations that the business should achieve over a particular period.
c) Carry market study: this is a very imperative stage when developing a new business.
The best way to understand the market is by carrying out a comprehensive SWOT analysis so as to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the new venture with respect to existing market forces.

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If the business venture is huge, it is advisable to hire a professional business analyst who will assess Process Essay The Process of Building a Business from Scratch the market and develop a comprehensive SWOT analysis (Parker & Van Praag, 2012).
d) Map out the development process: this is the stage where the entrepreneur develops a process map. Stevenson & Jarillo (2007) explicate that the process map involves outlining all the key processes that will be carried out in the development of the business.
This involves identifying a suitable location for the business, premises to be used, and a list of all the infrastructure that will be required to start up the business. Some of the resources to consider include the number of employees and the hiring strategy to undertake.

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e) List the processes in order of implementation: the processes mapped out in (d) above need to be prioritized in the order of their implementation.
It is very imperative that this order is determined in a very clear and precise manner so as to avoid any unnecessary overlapping of activities.
f) Resource sourcing and allocation: one important factor to consider is the availability of adequate resources that will see through the development of the business from scratch to a fully operational entity.
It is vital to ensure that there are enough financial resources and in case any limitations are encountered along the way, then the entrepreneur should have a contingency plan to seek loans from financial institutions.

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g) Implementation and management: the final stage is the implementation of the business plan using the process map developed in part (d) above.
After complete implementation, it will be necessary to select an administrative team and ensure that all employees are assigned well-defined roles. The steps outlined above require effective and thorough implementation for the success of the new startup.
It should be noted that the success of a new startup is not only based on the success of implementing the business plan; also, it depends on the Example By effective management of the business.
It is, therefore, necessary to find an experienced supervisory team that will foresee the effective running of the business.


The above is how to write a good process essay. However, endeavor to learn from the process essay examples highlighted above.

Finally, what’s your take on this? Also please share this post with friends and relations using the share button below.

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