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Science Biology Courses After 12th; Top 2022 Choices

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– Science Biology Courses –

Are you among those who are interested in Science Biology Courses? Then, PCB career options are the best choice for you? This article will enlighten you on the Top After 12th Science Biology Courses. Read through carefully.

Top After 12th Science Biology Courses

Choosing the right course after 12th Science Biology is extremely important but a little difficult.

It is important because the right course after the 12th can lead to a rewarding career right after completion or may become a basis for a post-graduation course.

There are hundreds of courses and thousands of colleges out there, which makes it a challenging task to pick and choose. 

To help you make the right choice, we have put together extensive details of the most popular undergraduate-level courses for students who have studied Science in class 10th and 12th.

It is difficult because there are so many good courses after 12th science Biology ( PCB) that are available.

Many students are not aware of the choices available other than MBBS and have little idea about the scope of Science Biology.

Why Choose Science Biology Career Options After 10th and 12th?

If you’re not interested in Mathematics related Subjects and want to know about biology, then Science Biology career options are the best choice for you.

Biology is the study of living organisms such as plants, animals, and the human body. Biology is a vast subject with various branches that are listed below.

Let us explore the wonderful career options after 12th Science Biology waiting for you out there!

Courses and Careers After 12th Science Biology

1. Pharmacy

You may go for B Pharm Degree, followed by an M Pharmacy Degree, and land a good job in a Pharmaceuticals Company or as a lecturer in Pharmacy college.

The course duration of B Pharm is 4 years and that of M Pharm is 2 years. So, doing both of them will take up to 6 years to complete.

You may even apply for Government Jobs. Some examples of such jobs are the Drug Control Department, Pharmacists in Government Hospitals, etc.

2. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

The most sought after and popular course after one completes 12th science, biology. MBBS is for those, who want to become a Doctor. I guess almost all of you know that!

But the problem with doing MBBS is that there is heavy competition involved in the admission process.

The Government College seats, the most sought after one is taken up by meritorious students and the ones who are eligible for reservations.

The admission is based on the marks scored in the 12th science and entrance examination. If you want to get into a private/Government Medical College, you must have scored good scores in those exams.

Further, don’t think that just doing MBBS would suffice. To gain value and knowledge, one must also be willing to do a PG (Post Graduation) course also, which again is highly competitive!

You may also check – Medical entrance tests in India.

And after becoming a Doctor, it won’t be just about building a lucrative career and money! You should be ready to serve, ready to sacrifice many personal pleasures, etc.

The course duration is five and a half years. For more details, check this detailed article out- MBBS after 12th.

3. Veterinary Sciences

By doing this course also, one can become a doctor. A doctor of animals, to be precise! Hey, don’t underestimate this course though! This is one of the least saturated courses out there.

By less saturated, I mean, relatively, this course is opted by a few students. This makes it very easy for a graduate student to get Government Job easily!

Further, people are getting more and more interested in petting animals. This trend is even catching up in big cities. So, the scope of starting up your own clinic/venture also is good!

4. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery)

Again, by doing this course also, you can become a Doctor. But an Ayurvedic Doctor! Ayurveda is a field, which is thriving even now. It started to grow a while back, with a boost in the tourism industry.

Thanks to the booming tourism industry, Ayurveda Tourism packages have become quite popular among tourists. Many chains of Ayurvedic hospitals are raking in huge profits during the tourist season.

With Ayurveda and its benefit of having no side effects getting well known, more and more people are willing to make use of it! In India, more people are now ready to visit Ayurvedic clinics to solve their health problems.

Not only in India, but it has also earned a good name abroad also. Opening up a good Ayurvedic clinic abroad isn’t a bad idea! The course duration is five and a half years.

5. BSC

You may go for a BSc Degree in an available discipline and follow it up by completing an MSc degree! The job opportunities consist of fields like teaching, research, Government Jobs, Private Jobs, etc.

The duration of the BSc course is 3 years and that of MSc is 2 years. Completing both of these courses will consume 5 years.

Research is a field that is less explored. There is much job scope in there. If you are meritorious and passionate, then you may land a research job in Government organization or Private firm easily!

6. Pharm D

Pharm D is a lot different from B Pharm and M Pharm. Actually, it is a combination of B Pharm, M Pharm, and MBBS!

The duration of the course is 6 years. I’ve heard that since the course is a combination of all the above-mentioned courses, it is a bit difficult to study.

But, a relatively lesser number of students opts for this course. This makes the job market less crowded.

7. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

BOT (Bachelor of Occupational Therapy) is a 4½ years long Undergraduate level medical course. This course focuses on the discipline of Occupational Therapy.

Occupational Therapy deals with patients having physical, mental, emotional, and neurological limitations.

It aims at improving the life, condition, and rehabilitation of such handicapped and limited people through different modes of treatments such as;

Exercises, functional training, aiding devices and equipment, ergonomic training, and environmental restructuring & adaptation.

8. Diploma Courses

We have heard that some institutions are offering a Diploma course on subjects like ‘Hospital management’, ‘Lab management’ etc. You may also check – List of nursing colleges in India.

But I don’t have detailed information regarding these courses. If you ever happen to come across such courses and want to go for them, do check the reputation of the institute offering that course.

9. Management Courses

Biology Group students are also eligible to pursue Management studies after completing 12th standard. Some of the well-known management courses available for them are-

1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

2. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

3. Integrated BBA + MBA program (5 years duration)

4. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

5. Retail Management (Diploma)

10. BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology Speech-Language Pathology)

BASLP is a course that focuses on audiology, hearing disorders, auditory systems, speech-language therapy, hearing implants, etc.

It is a 4 years long course. After completing the course, Graduates will have to do a 1-year long Internship program. Thus, in total, it takes 5 years to complete this course.

After completing the course, Graduates will be able to find a job in the following sectors-

Marketing of hearing implants, rehabilitation clinics (for people suffering from hearing disorders), clinics and hospitals, and Special Schools

Also, Educational Institutes (for children suffering from hearing disorders) and hearing aid manufacturing industries.

11. Integrated Law Course

Biology Group students are also eligible to pursue Law Education after 12th. LL.B. course can be pursued as a PG course only.

But right after 12th, students may pursue Law education through Integrated Law courses! Some well-known Integrated Law programs available in front of Biology Group students are-

Sc. + LL.B.

Com. + LL.B.


12. BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

BHMS stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It is a 4½ years long course. After completing the course, students have to do an internship lasting a period of 1 year.

Thus, in total, this course takes 5½ years to complete.

BHMS course focuses on the principles of the Homeopathic medical system. Students unable to secure admission in courses like MBBS, BDS, and BAMS may take up BHMS courses.

After completing this course, successful Graduates will get the tag of Doctor.

13. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

After doing this course, you can become a Dentist. Yes, you will be called a Doctor!

Like MBBS, in order to succeed and have a good career in this field, you must be willing to do PG course also. The duration of the course is 5 years.

Compared to an MBBS Doctor, a BDS Doctor will have a bit more time to relax! The schedule won’t be as hectic as an MBBS Doctor. But this again depends on various factors like the ‘popularity’ you achieve, your work rate, skills, etc.

A popular dentist will have more appointments and thus have a busy time!


14. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

The short name- also known this course BPT. This is a highly job-oriented course. The course duration is 4 years.

After completing the course, Graduates will also have to do an internship lasting a period of 6 months. In total, this course will take 4½ years to complete.

After completing the course, Graduates will be able to find a job in sectors like- Gyms, Clinics, Schools & Colleges, Sports Teams, and Organizations, etc. One may also start own private Physiotherapy practice.

15. BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery)

BUMS stands for Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. It is a 4½ years-long professional course.

After completing the course, the Graduate must also do an unpaid internship lasting for a duration of 1 year. Thus, it takes 5½ years to complete this course!

Students who are unable to get admission in courses like MBBS, BDS and BAMS may take up this course. On completing it, they will get the tag of Doctor!

Other Degree and Diploma Courses

Here are some more Degree and Diploma courses, which 12th Science (Biology Group) students may pursue after completing the board examination:

1. BA

2. B Social Work

3. Mass Communication and Journalism

4. Animation and Multimedia

5. Performing Arts

6. Language Courses (Foreign Languages are promising)

7. Diploma in Retail Management

8. Diploma in Education Technology

9. Nutrition and Dietetics

10. Diploma in Hotel Management

11. Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training course

12. Diploma in Event Management

13. Diploma in Film making and Video Editing

14. El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education, 4 years long course)

15. Diploma in Elementary Education

16. P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)

17. Primary Teachers Training course (can follow it up B.Ed.)

18. Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology

19. Bachelor of Fashion Communication

Do we hope the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards science biology?

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