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Short Essay Examples, Elements and Writing Information 2021 Update

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Short Essay Examples: There are ways to write a unique but short essay. Some students may struggle when it comes to writing an essay.

Short Essay

However, this is a great opportunity to learn how to overcome that. Also, if you’re such a student don’t worry. This article is here to help you. Also, some short essay examples will be given to help buttress the information given.

What is a Short Essay?

As we aim at showing you some short essay examples, please note. A short essay is a style of academic writing where an author presents his or her facts in a brief but detailed write-up.

Also, the main purpose of a short essay is to give brief but detailed information about something.

What Makes Up a Short Essay

As we aim at showing you some short essay examples, please note. The following are what makes up a short essay:

  • It is re-searchable.
  • Also, it is precise.
  • Furthermore, it is coherent.
  • Also, it must be unique.
  • Additionally, it is brief.
  • Also, there is credibility.
  • The introduction and conclusion should not be more than one paragraph.

Furthermore, this type of essay is assigned to train a student’s ability to debate and be concise. Thus, it can therefore greatly influence the public speaking skills of a student.

Also, when writing this essay, note. It is important to focus on facts and information rather than personal ideas or preferences.

Some Steps to Take in Writing a Short Essay

As we prepare some short essay examples, please note. Below are some of the steps to take in writing a short essay:

  • Choose A Good Short Essay Topic

A good topic should show coherency and relativity to your studied subject. Also, it should be important. And should contain inherent values and potential for further research.

  • Endeavor to Conduct a Good Research

Conducting good research includes: Choosing facts over chaff.  Additionally, check the criteria for the validity of your information.

As such, your information should be accurate. Also, it must have the credibility of sources. Furthermore, it must be objective and not bias. And must be reliable.

  • Carry Out a Careful and Adequate Editing

When editing, make sure to do the following: Leave the first draft to lay for some time before picking it again. Also, double-check grammar and punctuation while revising the draft.

Furthermore, double-check your fact. Also, if you have somebody to proofread your work, take advantage of it.

short essay examples

Some Short Essay Examples

Below are some short essay examples:

Example 1

Should Public Workers be Allowed to Strike?

Say goodbye to ‘stress at work’ and welcome the ‘freedom to express yourself. Most public workers are denied their right of expression even after being exposed to bad working conditions and rights violations.

Thus, these violations deny them the morale for performing well on their duties. As such, enabling workers to strike motivates them to work.

This is because, it encourages them to speak out whenever they feel their rights, safety, and/or regulations have been compromised. As such, countries across the globe should always allow public workers to strike.

Example 2

Organic and Non-Organic Foods

Over the last two decades, the demand from consumers for organic foods has increased tremendously.

In fact, the popularity of organic foods has exploded significantly with consumers, spending a considerably higher amount of money on them as compared to the amount spent on inorganic foods.

The US market noted an increase in sales of more than 10% between 2014 and 2015 (Brown, n.p). The increase is in line with the views of many consumers that organic foods are safer, tastier, and healthier compared to inorganic foods.

Furthermore, considering the environmental effects of foods, organic foods present less risk of environmental pollution — compared to inorganic foods.

By definition, organic foods are those that are grown without any artificial chemical treatment, or treatment by use of other substances that have been modified genetically, such as hormones and/or antibiotics (Brown, n.p).

Example 3

Wealth Inequality

Wealth inequality is not just how much a particular nation possesses. Rather it concerns how wealth is shared within a society. Also, please note. Every society has a variety of factors that make them different.

However, inequality leads to a host of problems. And this is as various aspects of a society are made uneven, including views, attitudes, and beliefs. Financial inequality is the level at which wealth is shared unevenly to members of a particular group or society.

Also, wealth is not only encompassed by a certain individual’s yearly pay, but of all of the assets or resources received by employment, investments, state benefits, rent, and/or royalties. Also, economic inequality can be experienced through pay, wealth, or income.

Income is any payment received through investments, savings, employment, rent, etc., while pay inequality is the disparity between the pay received through employment only.

When there is too much economic inequality, there are high levels of poverty and minimal opportunities for kids to overcome their parent’s efforts. Thus, it is important to note that levels of economic inequality are not the same in different societies.

Example 4

The Corner Store (by Eudora Welty)

“Our Little Store rose right up from the sidewalk; standing in a street of family houses, it alone hadn’t any yard in front, any tree or flower bed. It was a plain frame building covered over with brick.

Above the door, a little railed porch ran across on an upstairs level and four windows with shades were looking out. But I didn’t catch on to those. Running in out of the sun, you met what seemed total obscurity inside.

There were almost tangible smells. Licorice recently sucked in a child’s cheek, dill pickle brine1. That had leaked through a paper sack in a fresh trail across the wooden floor.

Ammonia-loaded ice that had been hoisted from wet Croker sacks and slammed into the icebox with its sweet butter at the door. And perhaps the smell of still untrapped mice.”

This description of the “Little Store” is not only clear and concise but also has images and sensory information about the store building.


Example 5

And the Orchestra Played On (by Joanne Lipman)

“The hinges creaked when I opened the decrepit case. I was greeted by a cascade of loose horsehair — my bow a victim of mites, the repairman later explained. It was pure agony to twist my fingers into position.

But to my astonishment and that of my teenage children — who had never heard me play — I could still manage a sound. It turned out, a few days later, that there were 100 people just like me.

When I showed up at a local school for rehearsal, there they were: five decades’ worth of former students. There were doctors and accountants, engineers and college professors.

There were people who hadn’t played in decades, sitting alongside professionals like Mr. K.’s daughter Melanie, now a violinist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. There were generations of music teachers.”

In the first paragraph of this descriptive excerpt, the author clearly describes the decrepit nature of the violin case, as well as the damage time, has done to the bow.

The second paragraph is a description of the characters and their similarities.  Both use sensory information for effective descriptions.

Example 6

The Taj Mahal (by Salman Rushdie)

“And this, finally, is why the Taj Mahal must be seen: to remind us that the world is real, that the sound is truer than the echo, the original more forceful than its image in a mirror. The beauty of beautiful things is still able, in these image-saturated times, to transcend imitations.

And the Taj Mahal is, beyond the power of words to say it, a lovely thing, perhaps the loveliest of things.”

Check this short description of the Taj Mahal by Salman Rushdie. This description presents a different picture of the Taj Mahal.


Once these writing tips have been revised and applied, you are one step closer to mastering the art of essay writing. Learn from the above short essay examples.

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