Synthesis Essay Topics for Students See Very Useful Examples

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Synthesis Essay Topics: Some essays need to be synthesized. Also, synthesis essay writing requires a particular set of skills. But the choice of the proper topic also matters. Are you facing difficulty in creating a good topic? If yes, then note. in this article, we suggest you use our ideas.

Also, you can choose one of the trendy synthesis essay topics highlighted below. However, it is important we briefly guide you on how to choose the best topic. Thus, pay attention as you read.

How to Choose the Best Topic

In many cases, teachers either assign the topic or allow students to choose among the limited amount of options. But, some professors provide students with significant freedom of choice.

However, this may become a challenge. Also, it is not easy to focus on a single topic. Especially, when the options are in no way limited.

However, you follow the steps below to choose the best synthesis essay topics:

1. The Topic Should Be of Interest

The topic you choose should interest you. Also, students who choose interesting topics are more likely to spend enough time on research.

2. The Topic Should Not Be too General

The shorter the essay is, the more focused the considered topics should be. The following topics are too general to cover in a single short piece of writing:

  • Global warming.
  • Also, drug abuse.
  • Furthermore, social media.
  • Also, corruption.
  • Additionally, technology.
  • Also, bioethics.

3. The Topic Should Be Debatable

The best synthesis essay topic ideas make people disagree. Also, it makes them hesitate among the available option.

4. The Topic Should Be Negotiable

Choose topics that are both interesting and reasonable to research. Look for topics that have the potential for change. Also, look for those with options for negotiable improvement.

Synthesis Essay Topics for Students

Below is the list of the best synthesis essays topics. However, this is with regard to the mentioned criteria.

Also, the topics are presented in groups. However, this is in order to illustrate how you limit your broad topic to a more focused one.

Synthesis Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Does Facebook make people less social
  2. How Instagram affects black beauty standard and self-representation of African American girls
  3. Does social media affects the academic performance of children aged 10-17?
  4. Does Facebook threaten people’s privacy?
  5. How does YouTube affect the shopping habits of youth?
  6. Can dating habits change because of social media?
  7. Does Instagram promote stereotyping?
  8. How the time youth spend online affects their overall satisfaction
  9. Do online communities change people’s sense of belonging? How?
  10. How journalistic profession changed because of social media

Synthesis Essay Topics on Education

  1. Should students be allowed to direct their own education?
  2. How class size affects students’ academic performance
  3. Does technology represent a threat to the traditional classroom?
  4. How dress codes affect students’ academic performance
  5. Should teachers of K-12 schools be allowed to carry firearms on campuses?
  6. Can higher education be free?
  7. Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  8. Does the availability of distant education affect the number of on-campus college students?
  9. How racial prejudices affect annual college admissions
  10. Can a school-to-prison pipeline affect the African American community?

Global warming Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. How global warming threatens the population of Monarch Butterflies
  2. Does air pollution contributes to global warming?
  3. How climate change affected people’s lifespan within the last 50 years
  4. What effects does global warming have on farming?
  5. How global warming contributes to marine species extinction
  6. Does the usage of fossil fuels contribute to global warming?
  7. Global warming and renewable sources of energy: how successful can the mitigation efforts be?
  8. How American lifestyle contributes to global warming
  9. Can the USA lead in addressing the issue of global warming?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  2. What threats do drones represent to personal privacy?
  3. How did artificial intelligence change the workplace within the last 10 years?
  4. Does artificial intelligence contribute to the problem of overproduction?
  5. How machine learning affects business productivity?
  6. Does technology promote the culture of entertainment?

Society Synthesis Essay Topics

  1. Is college education a necessity in the context of contemporary employment patterns?
  2. Should the death penalty be no longer applied in the USA?
  3. Does the contemporary juvenile justice system contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline?
  4. Should voting be mandatory in the USA?
  5. Do national security concerns justify the transformation of the USA into a surveillance society?
  6. Should people make the production and sale of tobacco illegal?
  7. How modern workplace affects the behavior of minority workers
  8. Should parents forbid their children to watch violent content?
  9. Does modern US society support women as much as it supports men?

Health and Medicine Essay Topics

  1. Should marijuana be legal in the USA?
  2. Is it ethically permissible to test new drugs on animals?
  3. Should cosmetic surgeries be covered by insurance?
  4. How sustainable is the current US healthcare system?
  5. Should all US citizens have access to free medical services?
  6. What effects does poverty have on the health of children?
  7. Should insurance cover alternative medicines?
  8. How does the fact that the US citizens go to other countries for healthcare services describes the US healthcare system?
  9. Can everyday routine activities help people improve their health and avoid seeing a doctor?

The above synthesis essay topics are unique. thus, with it be sure to pen down a great essay.

CSN Team.

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