Which Scholarship is Available Now in UK?

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Which scholarship is available now in UK? The most common UK scholarships for international students that you will find are for postgraduate studies, especially for Master’s degrees of one or two years. 

Which Scholarship is Available Now in UK?

These are also awards that are frequently fully funded. Scholarships for undergraduate students are far less common, and most of the time they take the form of a partial fee waiver.

If you want to do your own research, start by looking at the Fees and Funding section of your university’s website.

Most universities will recommend a number of available scholarships for your specific program.

Which Scholarship is Available Now in UK?

Education in the United Kingdom is not cheap these days, so scholarships and other forms of funding are in high demand. Despite this, scholarship funding is extremely competitive.

This also means that more scholarships are being offered as UK universities compete for the most talented international students.

Below is a list of scholarships for study in the United Kingdom, some funded by the UK government.

1. The Commonwealth Scholarships for Ph.D. and Master’s

Commonwealth scholarships for international students in the UK are given to Commonwealth students.

The scholarship program is designed for students who would not be able to pursue their chosen Master’s or Ph.D. program in the UK without outside funding.

Those who receive the award have an outstanding academic record.

Perhaps, they are talented students with a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world, particularly in their home country.

The following are the three main Commonwealth scholarships:

  • Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

2. GREAT Scholarships

A GREAT scholarship is a $10,000 award toward your tuition for a one-year Master’s program in the United Kingdom.

This scholarship is made possible by a collaboration between the British government and participating universities.

To apply, first determine whether your country is one of the 14 eligible for this award.

Then, go to your university’s funding page and see if the award is available. If they do, proceed as instructed. 

3. The Chevening Scholarships for Master’s

Leadership. This is the Chevening Scholarships’ keyword. They are given to people who have high leadership potential and outstanding academic results.

These are fully-funded scholarships for international students enrolled in a Master’s degree program in the UK.

However, they cover not only tuition but also living expenses and return flights to the UK.

Every academic year, over 1,500 Chevening Scholarships are awarded around the world. Scholarship recipients are hand-picked by British embassies around the world.

Future decision-makers will have the opportunity to advance academically, build professional networks, learn about British culture, and much more.

Now you have all the information you need. Visit our site for more information on scholarships. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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