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Who am I Essay Examples with Ideas to Amaze Your Readers

Filed in Education by on June 29, 2020

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Who am I Essay Examples with Ideas to Amaze Your Readers.

Who am I Essay: In this world, many people surround us. Though we all look similar, yet we all are unique in our ways. The uniqueness gives us an identity.

I am a teenage girl or boy. You are like most teenage girls or boys but you are also different from others. Those differences make you who you are…

Who am I Essay Examples

In truth, we like digging in our heads and souls looking for answers. We truly believe that our actions and feeling have a logical explanation, and every habit or trait has its root. Maybe we’re doing everything right. Maybe we care too much. Yet, we are here not to debate but to find out how to write the “Who Am I” essay.

Who am I Essay: “Who Am I” Essay Ideas to Amaze Your Readers

We’re sure that your personality is outstanding, and colleges and companies should fight for your excellence. But they don’t know about it yet. Even the sweetest candy and the most interesting books need a bright cover to be noticed, right? Make your “Who Am I” essay sample so brilliant that nobody can resist the temptation to meet you personally and learn more about you.

  1. Be honest, but delicate

Admissions officers as well as hiring managers read tons of CVs, application essays, and cover letters. Do you think they can’t distinguish lies from the truth? Don’t even try to add some fake facts to your essay. Firstly, some data is easy to check. Secondly, your life is exciting enough without any fantasies. Finally, you have a conscience, right?

  1. Write about your passion

When you write about something you like, your essay is filled with positive energy. Thus, it makes a good impression on the readers. If you’re going to apply for the position of an interpreter, you don’t have to write about learning languages. For example, you can emphasize that the best about this profession is communicating with people if you enjoy a social life.

  1. Share an interesting story

When you compose a “Who Am I” essay not just for yourself, make sure that it will be interesting for your audience. Your childhood memories can be priceless for you and your parents, but they’re not likely to interest the admissions officers unless you were an extraordinary child.

  1. Switch on your creativity

“Who Am I” Essay samples don’t belong to the category of academic writing, so forget about the rules! Of course, not all the rules. We still don’t recommend you to use jargon or contractions.

But you are not limited to the standard structure of the essay or specified sources. Moreover, you don’t even have to quote anybody, as the only person who has a right to express his opinion about you is, actually, YOU!

  1. Use make-up

Not real make-up, for sure. You’d use metaphorical make-up. Hide or smooth your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. That’s what professional make-up artists do! Your inner beauty and qualities can also be emphasized!

  1. Tell them more

Both hiring managers and the admissions board know everything about your academic achievements or work experience from your CV or resume. You don’t have to share this information again in your essay. Your task is to give them something more and to show them what kind of person you are. A human being is not just a bunch of numbers and facts!

  1. Avoid boasting

Nobody likes upstarts. Sure, you have to demonstrate your positive qualities and achievements to make a good impression. But it doesn’t mean that you should sound arrogant. Readers should understand that your victories aren’t a gift or luck but the result of hard work and self-development.

  1. Show your perspective

Admissions officers and hiring managers are interested in your thinking process. A “Who Am I” essay doesn’t require any additional sources or quotes. Your thoughts are enough to create a brilliant piece of writing. Don’t try to be someone else! Your personality is worth seeing.

  1. Think about the impression

Being honest and being yourself are very good principles when we talk about how to write the “Who Am I” essay. However, you should always keep the balance between frankness and a positive impression.

If you choose to write about your mistake or failure, mention how this negative experience has made you a better person. Imperfections make us unique, but in your essay, they should look charming and interesting, not abominable.

  1. Demonstrate your potential

Don’t forget to mention your plans for the future. Smart people always think about perspectives and opportunities. If you write a “Who Am I” college essay, explain how you can contribute to the development of the college community. When it comes to a job interview, you can mention how you want to improve the working process or how your skills will help this company to grow.

These 10 tips will guarantee the success of your essay! We know that general recommendation are not enough for you. So, don’t hesitate! Move on to the list of good and bad topics for your “Who Am I” essay for college or work!

Who am I Essay Examples for You

Sample 1: So, who am I?

Well, people say I’m naturally quiet. This is partially true. While I may come out as shy and reserved to people who don’t know me, I’m actually quite talkative. The reality of the matter is I rarely make the first approach to talk to strangers. Therefore, I’m usually a lone wolf in social settings, unless my pack decides to accompany me.

But, when a person approaches me, I’m very friendly and when the stranger is patient enough s/he may witness my jovial side. Not to be mistaken as a social reject, but my lack of interaction is not a weakness or a deficiency. It is just that I dislike engaging in small talk. I enjoy intelligent conversations and these are rarely found in social settings.

I hate conforming to social norms. I don’t go around breaking rules for the sake of it. However, I cannot be coerced to do something just because everybody is doing it. I live my life the way I want it to be. I love thinking for myself and making my own decisions.

The mob mentality is not for me. This is probably the reason why I have very few friends. I only associate with people who respect me and trust my decisions. Large crowds are usually accompanied by too much negativity, back biting and dishonesty. I actually feel lonelier in crowds than when I’m by myself.

I’m very loyal to the people in my inner circle. Loyalty is probably my biggest virtue. I give it to the fullest and also expect the same from the people I give it to. I show utmost care and love to the people that matter to me. I will do anything in my power to keep them happy. I am also slow to anger and can tolerate whichever is thrown at me for some time.

I tend to overlook the first instances of misbehavior. However, if the person is persistent with it, then I give them a piece of my mind and avoid them entirely. It is actually hard for someone to piss me off to the point that I don’t want to associate with them anymore. However, if such a point were to reach, then I would never forgive him/her even if it was the last thing for me to do on earth.

I’m also very funny to people who have a knack for intelligent humor. My jokes go over the heads of many people, because they do not understand the intellect behind them.

To my friends however, they can’t get enough of them. I never make obscene or racial profiling jokes, because I know the repercussions that they may have on people around me.

I have friends from different races and I’m therefore very sensitive on whatever comes out of my mouth. I go out once in a while with my friends to have some good time.

However, most of my Friday nights are spent at the comfort of my home watching a movie or reading a book. We used to do a lot of partying in college, but somehow I outgrew the “clubbing thing” and nowadays I find pleasure in staying home.

I love music more than anything in this world. Music is life to me. I listen to virtually every form of music. I love pop, rock and country music and my favorite artist of all time is Celine Dion. Her music is like the soundtrack to my life. I also love Adele, Katie Perry, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

I also make music on my own, although not on a commercial level. I write music and play an acoustic guitar. My performances are usually done during family functions. My other love is nature walks. Nothing keeps my spirits burning with joy than an adventurous expedition into the wild.

Whether it is traversing plain lands or making our way through forests or kayaking in a river, I’m okay with it as long as it is far away from the city. It only gets better for me, if we have to hitchhike our way back home.

I also love travelling around the world. Each year, I save enough money to go visit a different nation. So far, I have visited Mexico, France and Italy. I still have a long way to go, but I’m determined to visit at least 75% of all nations on earth before the curtains close on me.

I love travelling, because I’m introduced to different people and cultures all over the world. It makes me appreciate people more, despite their differences.

I plan to visit some of the best monuments of the ancient world, such as the Great Wall of China, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

I’m also a fan of cooking. Apart from being a lover of good food myself, there is this feeling of satisfaction I get whenever people enjoy my food. Thanks to my cooking classes, I can cook most of the popular dishes around the world.

My favorite cuisine is Italian food. I just can’t get enough of them. Most Italian dishes are so good to me that it is hard for me to select one as my favorite. However, not a week goes by without me having a plate of spicy spaghetti Bolognese. Mexican food is a no-no for me. I just can’t stomach Mexican food (pun intended).

I do Mexican food once in a while at the request of my Mexican friends, but my body does not respond well. My favorite movie is The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

The love story between the two protagonists blows me away each time I watch it. I have watched it more than a hundred times and I still get the same feeling I got when I watched it for the first time.

My biggest weakness is that I find it hard to trust people. I don’t know if it is a gift or not, but my first instinct about a person is always right. People tend to mask their true intentions from me, but somehow I just see through it all. My aunt who is a psychiatrist once told me that I have high emotional quotient (EQ).

It is easier for me to know what a person is going through from their emotions. For instance, a person does not need to tell me that s/he is going through some tough time. I’ll just feel it when they are around me. So, if their actions do not correspond with the emotions I’m getting from them, I will know they are dishonest.

My biggest fear is not achieving whatever I want to accomplish in life. Apart from travelling the world, I want to start a humanitarian organization that will help children in third world nations. Another phobia of mine is heights or Acrophobia.

When I’m on high ground, I just panic looking down. That’s why I will never be caught dead on any amusement rides. My other phobia is snakes. I saw a boy succumb to a snake bite when I was young and that incident has never left my mind.

What I dislike the most in life is dishonest people. With dishonest people, you can never know what they are planning for you. Dealing with hypocrites is very difficult, because they trick you into letting your guard down and you become very vulnerable. They will attack when you are down or when you least expect it.

The worst thing is that we are always surrounded by them. I’d rather come face to face with a killer, than be stabbed in the back by a pretender. I also dislike uncleanliness, both physically and spiritually. People should keep themselves and their immediate surroundings clean.

If a person cannot keep his/her body clean, how is he/her going to keep his/her spirit clean? The body is the temple of God and God cannot live in a dirty environment.

Answering the question “who am I” is quite complex, because our lives are very wide that there are areas in our lives we have no knowledge of. Sometimes, we do not see ourselves the way others see us.

For instance, we may think we are confident, whereas the people around us feel that we are too proud and arrogant. Furthermore, our behaviors, interests and other things that define us may change after a while.

Sample 2: Who Am I?

I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m only eighteen-years-old. I never knew that I would overcome the problems that I had with my parents but I did. I think that’s why I’m a strong person. The things that I experienced made me scared and I wanted to hide, but I didn’t. However, I always find myself asking “why is my life this way?”

At a young age, getting taken away from my parents was hard because I didn’t know anybody. All I knew was my parents. The fact that my parents did not fight to get me back played a large role in my development.

I had to grow up seeing and learning things that I wasn’t supposed to know at such a young age. I used to say “I hate my parents for not getting me back!” I used to think that no one cared.

I never really made any friends because I was mad all of the time and I would always take my anger out on other people. I knew it was wrong. In junior high school, I made friends because of my talent. I love to sing. Singing makes me forget about all of my problems and it makes me euphoric.

Whenever I had a show, I would tell my father to come see me sing. He never paid me any mind. To him, it was always “school, school, school!” I learned to ignore him and to pursue my goals. My boyfriend has a big impact on my life. He’s always there for me when I need him.

He keeps me strong and he always tells me “you can do it!” There were times that I used to cry and tell him that I wanted to drop out of school. He would say to me “Stay in school. Dropping out is not for you.” I learned to be strong from him.

That’s why I am the person I am today. He makes me forget my problems and tells me that I’ll have a lot 1 in life if I keep my head up and stay focused. “Leave the past in the past or you will never grow” he says. I went through difficult situations in my life and I learned to overcome them.

It’s not always easy and it takes time. Through my life experiences, I learned how to handle my anger when it comes to other people. I’ll always hold my head up high and persevere.

Life is full of experiences. Every moment we meet different people and face different situations. In this course of life, we not only get to know different people, but we also get to know ourselves in different ways.

As we grow, our likes dislike interest changes. Our perception and outlook toward life also change with time and experience. Thus, the search to the answer to the question of who I am is a lifelong process.

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