5 Reasons Why m-learning Is The Future Of Employee Training

Filed in Education by on May 10, 2021

Why m-learning Is The Future Of Employee Training.

To say mobile phones are just a source of entertainment would be an understatement. With the range of services a mobile phone offers in today’s day & age, it is nothing short of indispensable. Considering how difficult the pandemic has been, it’s not surprising to see the ways people have used their mobile phones to keep themselves productive.

The incredible thing is, even businesses are shifting to mobile phones for providing employee L&D opportunities. While providing L&D is mainly seen as an activity to engage and retain employees, it became vital in the pandemic to train employees to ensure they stay productive and perform to the best of their abilities.

LMSs like PerformancePro that provide both online and offline learning support became a popular choice amongst many organizations to ensure employees keep learning regardless of a stable internet connection. It has become quite evident that mobile learning or m-learning is the perfect solution to training employees remotely.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why m-learning is being touted as the future of employee training:

1. More flexibility:

As compared to the traditional training methods, learning through mobile phones is extremely convenient. Employees can log in to a course with just a click and start learning. Regardless of where they are, employees can learn through their smartphones.

This high level of flexibility encourages employees to learn even in short breaks, or during the spare time to utilize their time well. This makes it easy to consume information and leads to a better rate of course completion.

2. Greater accessibility: 

M-learning is accessible from everywhere. Everyone has a smartphone today. So when employees are delivered L&D courses on their mobile phones, it ensures everyone has access to training material whenever they need it.

It also allows employees to access it at any time of the day, which was impossible in the traditional classroom training setup. Moreover, if an employee faces difficulty in a certain topic, they can go back to it as many times as possible through their mobile phones.

3. Quick adoption: 

Did you know, we pick up our phones 58 times a day on average? This means smartphones are so dear to us that we are basically glued to our phone screens all the time. It makes complete sense for businesses to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this.

By delivering m-learning opportunities, you can ensure employees don’t take time to warm up to the idea of learning. This means they will quickly get familiar with learning on a mobile device just the way they are accustomed to watching other forms of content.

4. Higher engagement:

With responsible design elements, learning on mobile becomes as visually captivating as on a computer. Videos and other graphic elements are powerful in holding employee attention.

Moreover, m-learning works with microlearning concepts to deliver information in short bursts. This means complex topics are broken down into small chunks that are easy to understand. Since m-learning is so versatile, it can easily engage employees.

5. Personalized learning:

No two employees come with the same level of knowledge, nor do they learn at the same pace. When employees attend a traditional classroom set up or an instructor-led live session, they are expected to keep up with speed with everyone else.

On the contrary, m-learning provides employees full control over their pace of learning. They can skip topics they already know and spend more time on topics that they wish to learn better. This personalizes the learning experience and leads to better retention of information.

Since mobiles are a preferred choice for consuming all kinds of content, they are definitely the future of employee training as well. With the numerous benefits of m-learning listed above, it is clear that it’s a winning choice.

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