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Your Complete Student Money Guide: Tips & Tricks

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Looking for your complete student money guide? We’ve got you covered. Students are by far the most cash-strapped people you can ever find. Keep reading to know more!

Student Money Guide

Students are usually crushed between classes, hectic courses, low-wage part-time jobs, and college bills.

And when someone tries to approach them with: “Hey, I have got a money plan for you!” they would probably be least interested.

They just don’t have time to listen to some scummy person who himself looks like a homeless person.

However, if you say:

‣ Having a secured credit Canada card can save their 30s, 40s, or 50,

‣ There’s a budgeting rule that can help them manage all their necessary bills,

‣ They can set up a savings fund while working as a student,

‣ Or, smart financial decisions can help them pay for their post-graduate.

They might be more than interested!

Do you want to pay your tuition without falling into debt for years? Do you want to save money in college to work on your future goals? Yes? This is the guide for you!

Save The Students: Money Tips & Tricks

Do you want to spend all your income on paying your study loans? Of course, not! So, make some financial changes and practice some good money habits now to save your future!

1. Get Into Budgeting!

If you want to give yourself a chance to learn from your mistakes, you have to start budgeting early. Of course, you can’t ace the plan in one go, but at least you’ll have time and endless chances to right your wrongs.

At least you won’t be sitting all depressed and sensed because you are just getting into the budgeting and money planning in your 30s.

‣ Try The 50/30/20 Rule!

The easiest rule to follow is a 50/30/20 rule when just starting with money handling. It’s a practice you can start in your teenage years to ensure you ace it in your adult age.

So, divide all your earnings into spending, savings, and emergency.

‣ Consider The Envelope System!

Section all your money into green, yellow, and red envelopes and use them for necessary, secondary, and emergency needs. The envelope system might save your student era!

‣ Follow A 30-Day Rule!

When you are in your 20s, you are most inclined to buy anything and everything you see. This is because everything looks sparkly to your eyes and is absolutely necessary to have.

You know it better that’s not true!

Instead of impulse buying, try adding the item to your card for 30-days. Then, if you are still tempted to purchase it after all this time, it must be imperative.

2. Work On Your Credit!

That’s right! You read it correctly. You have to start working on building your credit right from your teenage years.

Of course, you have to cross the legal age, but when you follow the budgeting rules to live your prime age, you can surely become a pro in handling finances and your credit as you enter your adult age (30-39).

‣ Use an easy-to-manage card to create a good credit score and boost your loan chances.

‣ Spend and save according to the budget you made.

‣ Avoid blindly following your friend circle when you know you can’t afford to party or dine out.

The struggle you do today will pay you off in the future. That’s a promise! Keep scrolling for more on student money guide.

3. Look Into Scholarships!

Besides your personal funds and parental donations, you can find many other ways to pay for your education. Nay Nay, we aren’t talking about the sketchy loan scheme ads you see all over the internet.

So, the first thing you should look into is the financial student aid by the authorities. Yes, exactly!

You can find a list of:

‣ Student grants,

‣ Loan programs,

‣ Provisional student aids,

‣ Full/half scholarships,

And cash prizes or awards for certain competitions.

These surely can help you ease your financial burden when you are studying and earning to pay your tuition.

4. Think Smartly!

You might be astonished how your smart thinking can help you save bucks. But, only you can change your present and your future. No one can do it for you!

‣ Need to buy a laptop, but are the Nike shoes you’ve been eyeing forever on sale? Think hard and make a choice that will push you to reach your future goals.

‣ Buy only what you need essentially to live your normal life and ditch everything that might become a regret in your near future.

Of course, you can decide to be free once in a while to give yourself a deserving treat. But, you don’t want to do anything that will only give you a 5-second pleasure and 5-year pain. Keep scrolling for more on student money guide.

5. Build Your Skills & Resume!

Building your wealth and increase your income is probably the best thing you can do in your college life.

Of course, we know you can’t make immensely money as you need to use your brain to get good grades. But do you know the skills you learn might surpass your degree at some point?

For instance, what’s the point if you are freshly graduated but have no experience or skills to get a job?

The employer may wish to give you an opportunity to prove yourself, though, if your résumé is chock full of your accomplishments, acquiring skills, and participation in competitions, even if your percentage is average.

‣ Learn free courses and get certificates of the related skills.

‣ Sign-up for the tutoring lessons if you want to pursue that career.

‣ Take part in competitions and try to get a noticeable prize or position to help your CV.

Final Thoughts

College life is full of adventures. You learn new things and meet new people.

However, with all the study pressure and teenage adrenaline, learning about money handling or management might totally skip your mind.

Not cool, buddy!

In fact, most students say they are not prepared to think about their future, while others claim they want to learn financial knowledge but don’t know where to start.

Are you one of them too? Congrats, this guide is for you!

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