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You’ve Got a Ticket in Your Hand Essay Examples to Guide You.

Filed in Education by on June 17, 2021

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You’ve Got a Ticket: The examples I will share with you a real creative writing essay supplement that students submitted with their applications to Southwestern University. Check it out!

You've Got a Ticket in Your Hand Essay Examples

You’ve Got a Ticket Essay Example One

Prompt 1: You’ve got a ticket in your hand—Where will you go? What will you do? What will happen when you get there?

The parchment flaps dangerously in the wind as I clutch it tightly to my chest, and tendrils of my hair whip back and forth blindly as I bend low over Landroval’s back, huddling close to him to escape the grasping gusts. As my fingers twine through the Great Eagle’s feathers, I go over the paper in my mind, searching for anything I might have missed.
Landroval, in the name of your brother, Gwaihir, I bid you transport this scribe to the forest of Fangorn and ensure her safe passage. I regret the necessity of imposing on you in this abrupt manner, but I thank you for your patience and loyalty to our cause. Fly swiftly. — Gandalf the White
The old wizard had come upon me in my small village off the coast of Gondor, and we had talked deeply of the recent events concerning Mordor and the destruction of the Ring.
As the day had passed, our talk turned to the present, of things yet to be done, and before I’d known it, I’d agreed to go to Fangorn to record the lore of the Ents as well as their attack on Isengard.
Why Gandalf chose me I had no idea, but I immediately packed my parchments and inks and awaited him to inform me of how I was to arrive at the isolated forest. Little had I known that I was to be left with a letter, something of a ticket I suppose, which explained to a rather irritable Great Eagle that he was to carry me.
A flap of huge wings jars me back into the present. Landroval the Eagle has barely spoken a word to me for the entire trip of two and half days, and it is beginning to feel quite lonely. Luckily, my journey is soon to come to an end, as Gandalf had hurriedly informed me that the voyage would last no longer than three cycles of the sun.
I crane my neck carefully to the side and catch a glimpse of dark treetops in the distance. The wind squeezes tears from my eyes, so I duck down once more, trying to stifle the sudden homesickness that has set upon me.
The scent of warm, downy feathers makes me feel a touch calmer, and soon we begin to lose altitude. Lazily, we spiral down on an incline until I feel Landroval’s talons touch earth.
“We’re here. Move along, then,” the eagle grunts, shaking himself slightly in annoyance.
“Yes, yes, and you have my thanks for carrying me all this way on such short notice. I’m sure it was quite inconvenient for you, and I appreciate your assistance.” I slither off of Landroval gracelessly, my case gripped tightly in my fists.
The bird inclines his head slightly and takes off without another word, flapping his great wings until his bronze figure is naught but a speck in the darkening sky.
I turn stiffly to the trees behind me and stare, wide eyed, at the dense undergrowth that seems to go on forever between the giant elms and oaks. Now that I’m here, I realize just how vague the old wizard was in the direction I am to take and the actions I am to implement.
“Are you the scribe we await?” A deep, creaking voice sounds out from my right, and I jump, my knuckles whitening on the handle of my case. A shape rises out of the trunks and starts forward toward me, and I step back in alarm.
It is a huge creature with brown and green mottled skin and branch-like protrusions growing off its shoulders. As it approaches, my fear abates when I catch a glimpse of its eyes. They are a soulful brown twined through with shades of green, and they calm me somehow, seeming to both reassure and intrigue me.
“I am the scribe sent by Gandalf. My name is Kay. Are you Treebeard?” My voice loses its quaver by the last sentence. 
“Treebeard. Fangorn. I have many names. You may call me Treebeard if you wish.” He looks at me strangely. “I see that it was not just my previous visitors who are carefree with their names. Come now. You are welcome here.” Slowly, the Ent turns back to the forest, extending a long, seven-fingered hand toward me.
I cautiously approach and place my hand in his, and before I have time to process, Treebeard has swung me up into a hollow between his arm and side. His hide is softer than I expected, and after I recover from my initial shock, I run my hand along one of his many branches.
As we traverse into the deepening gloom, the dimming sunlight dappling the leaf-strewn ground, I finally find my voice. “Thank you for welcoming me into your home. I am indeed honored to record the deeds of such a wise and ancient race.”
Treebeard chuckles softly. “Such flattery I have not received in hundreds of years. I think you would like those two—what were they called? Hobbits, yes. You remind me of them: very small, though less talkative.”
“Thank you,” I reply uncertainly.
“Now, daughter of men, I have a question of grave importance for you. Have you heard any news of the Entwives?”

Prompt 2: You’ve Got a Ticket in your Hand. Where will you Go & What will you Do?

Hello, I really like your beginning, it is very creative. Your theme is also very good. But then you started going back and forth between Scheweitzer ‘s imaginative experience and background information that only provided Scheweitzer. After that, you seem to have completely given up your adventure.

It will be a basic article about Scheweitzer, his achievement, and how he inspires you. I think that this tip has a great potential to make you truly creative.

Think about some adventures or specific courses you have learned from Scheweitzer when you travel to Africa. I like the part you wake up, it is a dream. However, at that point, we talked about how exciting and colorful the imaginary journey is, we said life is certain.

There are many grammatical errors in your article, but I think it is best to get deep into the nuance after focusing on the overall idea of ​​the article.

Creativity and quest are not something you can control. They are something you produce and are bigger than you. They are the process of giving up, being completely ignorant and incompetent. That’s right. You must take it to a foolish river and make sure it can take you to the land of a professional at the end of the rainbow.

“Critical thinking is a knowledge to positively and delicately conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and / or evaluate information gathered or generated from observation, experience, contemplation, reasoning, or communication as a guiding principle of belief and behavior It is the process of a physical training.

One day, you go to a very important course for you, you like it very much. The professor sent back the interim report to the class. You have C +. You are very disappointed. On that morning on your way home you saw that you got a parking ticket. Really frustrated, you call your best friend to share your experience, but that is a bit ridiculous.

What do you think? If you wish, “What a bad day I will feel defeated, I will feel depressed I do not feel motivated to take the final exam, perhaps because I have not done well in that class Mentality If mentality is desired, “I probably should not park it there. Maybe my friend had a bad day? I have to work harder to learn the final. I guess. “

You already have a NASH 80 ticket and you are on your way to downtown Toronto. You will want to experience the most student press conference in your life. Finally you are waiting since 2017!

But you are very excited, I almost forgot that you want to find a place to eat fashionable (except when I gave you food on January 4 and January 6 ). Salad King not only offers delicious dishes, it is also known for 20 pepper maps.

Do not bring 20 green peas unless you are physically prepared. Please get the golden curry or seek Islamic noodles from the secret menu. Despite its name, this place does not really serve salads.

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That is the best example you can look up to as you prepare for your essay. It is for you to read these examples over and over again. Also, try to draft yours and read over it as well. You can also share these examples with your friends on social media.


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