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JAMB Biology Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions

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JAMB Biology Questions 2021 – Are you preparing to write Biology in Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB 2021? If yes, this post is just for you. CSN Team has made available randomly repeated questions that will enable you to ace the exam. Read on to see them below.

JAMB Biology Questions 2021

I will be showing you past JAMB Biology random repeated questions for free. You will understand how JAMB Biology questions are set and many other examination details.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Randomly Repeated JAMB Biology Questions 2021

Below are some randomly repeated questions seen when writing Biology in JAMB.


1. A noticeable adaptation of the animal to its aquatic habitat is the possession of
A. webbed digits B. four limbs C. a wide mouth D. large eyes

2. The similarity among organisms belonging to the same group will be least within each
A. order B. family C. species D. kingdom

3. Hermaphroditic reproduction can be found among the
A. annelids and molluscs B. pisces and amphibians C. coelenterates and platyhelminthes D. arthropods and nematodes

4. One distinctive feature in the life history of liverworts is that they exhibit
A. vegetative reproduction B. alternation of generation C. sexual reproduction D.asexual reproduction

5. The cell component that is present in a prokaryotic cell is the
A. ribosome B. mitochondrion C. chloroplast D. nuclear envelope

6. In the egg of a bird, the embryo is located in the
A. yolk B. embryo disc C. chalaza D. albumen

7. An insect whose economic importance is both harmful and beneficial is the
A. butterfly B. mosquito C. blackfly D. tsetse fly

8. If water that has been coloured red is poured at the base of a wilting plant, it will appear as a red stain in the cells of the
A. phloem B. parenchyma C. xylem D. epidermis.

9. The stunted growth of a leguminous plant suffering from nitrogen deficiency may be corrected by inoculating the soil with
A. saprophytic bacteria B. rhizobium C. denitrifying bacteria D. nitrosomonas.

10. The part of the mammalian digestive system where absorption of nutrients takes place is the. A. duodenum B. colon C. ileum D. oesophagus

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Randomly Repeated JAMB Biology Questions 2021

11. The dark reaction of photosynthesis involves the
A. release of oxygen and the splitting of water, B. photolysis of water and the production of starch, C. reduction of carbon (IV) oxide to organic compounds, D. splitting of water into hydrogen ions

12. The most important hormone that induces the ripening of fruit is
A. Cytokinin B. Indole acetic acid C. Ethylene D. Gibberellin

13. Metabolic production of urea is carried out in the
A. urinary bladder and kidney B. pancreas C. kidney and malphigian tubule D. liver
14. In mammalian males, the excretory and reproductive system share the
A. ureter B. testes C. vas deferens D. urethra

15. The best method of propagating sugarcane is by
A. stem cuttings B. seed sowing C. layering D. grafting

16. The response of plants to external stimuli in a non-directional manner is known as
A. nastic movement B. photropism C. tactic D. geotropism

17. Homologous pairs of chromosomes separate during
A. meiosis B. cytolysis C. mitosis D. cleavage

18. An example of a caryopsis is
A. coconut B. tomato C. guava D. maize grain

19. A limiting factor in a plant population near a chemical factory is likely to be
A. humidity B. pH C. wind D. light

20. The pioneer organisms in ecological succession are usually the
A. lichens B. algae C. ferns D. mosses

21. Mycorrhiza is an association between fungi and
A. roots of higher plants B. filamentous algae C. bacteria D. protozoans

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22. A density-dependent factor that regulates the population size of organisms is
A. sudden flood B. disease C. fire outbreak D. drought

23. The most effective method of dealing with non-biodegradable pollution is by
A. burying B. dumping C. incineration D. recycling

24. Soil fertility can best be conserved and renewed by the activities of
A. microbes B. earthworms C. man D. rodents

25. One example of fossil fuels is
A. coral B. limestone C. firewood D. coal

26. If the pair of alleles for baldness is given as Bb, a female carrier will be denoted by

27. An organism that has been extensively used to test the chromosome theory of heredity is
A. Homo sapiens B. Drosophila melanogaster C. Zea Mays D. Musea domestica

30. A feature associated with the Y-chromosome in humans is
A. facial hairs B. prominent fingernails C. long eyelashes D. enlarged breast

31. A man and his wife are both heterozygous for the sickle-cell trait. The likely percentage of their offspring that will be either carriers or sicklers is
A. 50% B. 25% C. 75% D. 100%

32. The type of reproduction that leads to variation in animal and plant populations is
A. budding B. vegetative C. asexual D. sexual

33. If a DNA strand has a base sequence TCA, its complementary strand must be

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34. Which of the following requires the use of carbon dating to prove that evolution has occurred?
A. Biochemical similarities B. Molecular records C. Fossil Records D. Comparative anatomy

35. The presence of sunken stomata and the folding of leaves are adaptations to
A. prevent the entry of pathogens B. prevent guttation C. remove excess water D. reduce water loss

36. Spines and shells on animals are adaptations for
A. physical defence B. camouflage C. chemical defence D. mimicry

37. The inactive state exhibited by an animal during hot dry seasons is termed
A. aestivation B. dormancy C. resting D. hibernation

38. An insect with a mandibulate mouth part will obtain its food by
A. chewing B. chewing and sucking C. sucking D. biting and chewing

39. An example of cryptic colouration is the
A.bright marks on a poisonous tropical frog on variegated leaves
B. bright colour of an insect-pollinated flower
C. mottled colours on moths that rest on lichens
D. green colour of a plant

40. An argument against Lamarck’s theory of evolution is that
A. acquired traits cannot be passed onto the offspring
B. disuse of body part cannot weaken the part
C. disused part is dropped off in the offspring
D. traits cannot be acquired through the constant use of body parts.

41. The type of reproduction that is common to both Hydra and yeast is
A. grafting B. budding C. conjugation D. binary fission

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42. Epigeal germination of a seed is characterized by
A. lack of growth of the hypocotyls
B. more rapid elongation of the hypocotyls than the epicotyl
C. more rapid elongation of the epicotyl than the hypocotyl
D. equal growth rate of both the .hypocotyl and epicotyl.

43. All living cells require water because it
A. is a medium that neutralizes acids in cells
B. is the main source of energy for the cells
C. prevents the development of diseases in cell
D. is a medium for all metabolic reactions.

44. The surface of an alveolus in mammals is well supplied
with tiny blood vessels known as
A. capillaries B. arteries C. arterioles D. venules

45. Nervous control differs from hormonal control in that the former
A. is a slower process
B. involves the only chemical transmission
C. has no specific pathway
D. produces short-term changes

46. Identical twins inherit their genes from
A. One egg and two sperms B. two eggs and a sperm C. the same egg and sperm D. different eggs and sperms

47. Paternity disputes can most accurately be resolved through the use of
A. DNA analysis B. fingerprinting C. tongue-rolling D. blood group typing

48. Sex-linked genes are located on
A. X-and Y-chromosomes B. homologous chromosomes C. X- chromosomes D. Y- chromosome.

49. In a Mendelian cross of red and white varieties of the four o’clock plant, the F generation expresses incomplete dominance by having flowers that are
A. multicoloured B. pink C. red D. white

50. Insects are considered the most successful among the Invertebrates because they
A. survive in various environmental conditions B. possess the ability to change their forms C. possess exoskeletons D. have wing for flight.

JAMB Biology Questions and Answers Today

1:- movement of manufactured food from the leaves to other parts of the plant is
CORRECT ANSWER = translocation

2:- the part where fertilization takes place is labelled

3:- the level of organization in onion bulb is

4:- the possession of short string and conical beak for picking and cracking seed is an adaptive feature of
CORRECT ANSWER = weaver bird

5:- gaseous exchange in plants takes place through the

6:- the part labelled ii is the

7:- predominance of grasses with scattered trees are characteristics features of
CORRECT ANSWER = grassland

8:- in plants, auxin is produced in the

9:- the blood group AB is called
CORRECT ANSWER = universal acceptor

10:- a diploid individual carrying two different alleles if a gene on its two homologous chromosomes is referred to as
CORRECT ANSWER = heterozygote

11:- photosynthesis, respiration and decay are important processes that bring about the recycling of
CORRECT ANSWER = carbon(iv)oxide

12:- the illustration represents

13:- which of the following structural feature is involved in regulating heat loss from the body
CORRECT ANSWER = body size and shape

14:- dissolved gasses, turbidity and density are ecological that affect
CORRECT ANSWER = aquatic habitat

15:- under secretion of pituitary hormones in children lead to

JAMB Biology Questions and Answers Today

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16:- the law of the inheritance of acquired traits was postulated by

17:- a trait that is expressed in an offspring when two individuals with contrasting characters are crossed is

18 – which of the following is a biotic factor in an ecosystem
CORRECT ANSWER = predation

19:- organs that belong to the kingdom protista are referred to as
CORRECT ANSWER = eukaryotes

20:- which of the following is a decomposer in a terrestrial habitat?

21:- which of the following air pollutant results in acid rain
CORRECT ANSWER = nitrogen oxide

22:- which of the following features describes Euglena as a plant and an animal
CORRECT ANSWER = ability to respond to light stimulus

23:- the function of the swim bladder in Tilapia fish is
CORRECT ANSWER = for buoyancy

24:- the causative organism of amoebic dysentery is
CORRECT ANSWER = entamoeba histolytic

25:- a person with blood AB can donate to a person with a blood group

26:- the genetic constitution of an organism is referred to as its

27:- the diagram represents a
CORRECT ANSWER = hibiscus flower

28:- the diagram labelled ii is
29:- in evolution, the appendix in humans is evidence from
CORRECT ANSWER = vestigial organ

30:- secondary succession takes place
CORRECT ANSWER = in abandoned farmland

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31:- the level of organization of a cow heart is

32:- a sudden loss of black pigment from the skin of an African can be attributed to
CORRECT ANSWER = mutation in the skin cell

33:- intraspecific competition occurs due to
CORRECT ANSWER = limited resources

34:- in which part of the body can the diagram be found
CORRECT ANSWER = neck region

35:- the characteristics feature of trachepphyta is that they
CORRECT ANSWER = are vascularized

36:- Borgu game reserve is located in
CORRECT ANSWER = Niger state

37:- the function of the part labelled I is for
CORRECT ANSWER = protection

38:- the part labelled ii is the
CORRECT ANSWER = neural canal

39:- an area with very low rainfall and high evaporation rate is referred to as

40:- ammonification takes place in


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

1. Where can I get JAMB Biology Questions?

Ans = it is usually rare to find JAMB questions. Luckily for you, we have it available on our site. Go through this post to see it.

2. Are these the real JAMB expo questions?

Ans =  No! There is no such thing as JAMB Biology expo questions. The questions above are randomly repeated past questions.

3. Can I get these questions in PDF format?

Ans = Yes, you can. Contact us and drop your name and email address in the comment box below.

Do you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about JAMB Biology Questions 2021? If yes, kindly provide us with your phone number and email address in the comment box below.

Also, feel free to ask any question and give us your take pertaining to this guide.

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      pls sir I need physics ND chemistry

    174. i need the answers

    175. THANK U SO MUCH

    176. hamza bappa says:

      thank you so much. What about chemistry and physics questions.

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