JAMB CAPS Portal 2021: See How To Check Your Result

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JAMB CAPS Portal 2021: See How To Check Your Result: We have noticed from our contacts with, and observations from many 2020 JAMB candidates that they find it difficult to still understand how the JAMB caps work and how they could access their result and admission information through the JAMB caps.

JAMB CAPS Portal 2020: See How To Check Your Result

We therefore dedicate this article to outline all the relevant details related to the JAMB caps, how you could work on them, and the benfits or importance of doing so. As such, you are sure to learn all you need to know about JAMB caps here on this page.

What is the JAMB CAPS all About?

It was in 2017 that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) introduced the CAPS into its operations. The relative newness of the system, its functions and purpose is still not very clear to many people.

For the purpose of clarity, CAPS here is an acronym for Central Admission Processing System. As the name implies, it is through the JAMB CAPS portal that all admission processes are carried out.

Functions of the JAMB CAPS

The JAMB CAPS is therefore a system which is designed to drive and improve the admission process into the various JAMB recognized institutions by guaranteeing a controlled, transparent and credible admission process.

In essence, the JAMB Central Processing System was set up to deal with the inadequacies which were formerly associated with the admission processes. The CAPS is simply a system which details the guides towards a seamless processing of admission.

It is meant to inform and guide the candidates as well as the general public on how the admission processes work and how the said processes could be tracked.

This means that the JAMB CAPS serves as a system which enables the general public to relate with, and understand how and what JAMB is doing concerning the admission process every step of the way.

Further Information on the Functions of the JAMB CAPS

  • Another function of the JAMB CAPS is its facilitation of the schools-candidates relationship. By this, it serves as a point of relationship between the candidates and the institutions.
  • It offers a marketplace facility whereby institutions go and shop for candidates who might not have chosen them but do meet their cut-off marks.
  • With the JAMB CAPS, candidates are provided the platform to access their uploaded documents such as their O’Level results. This is very crucial because most times, candidates would pay cybercafe agents to help with their results upload and they would get money from them without doing the job.
  • It is good you are made aware that uploading of O’Level results is exclusively carried out at the JAMB offices or the CBT centres. And even after going to such places, it is important to go through the CAPS to verify if indeed such results have been uploaded.
  • However, the most important and popular function of the CAPS is that it makes it possible for candidates to check their admission status and to accept admission when offered.

Further Information on the Functions of the JAMB CAPS

How to check Admission Status and Accept Admission Through JAMB CAPS

As already stated above, one of the cardinal functions of the JAMB CAPS is its admission status and acceptance facilities. With these facilities, candidates have access to their admission status information.

Also, they could get to accept or reject admissions too. So, this section will be proccupied with guiding you on how to access your admission status and get to accept admission.

To get to the JAMB CAPS, candidates are to log on to the JAMB efacility portal. Afterwards, they should proceed to the portal by logging in their email and passwords.

This would take them to the candidates personal efacility portal from where all the candidates’ information and documents could be accessed.

From here, candidates would scroll down to where they would see “Check Admission Status”. Clicking on this link would open up the admission status page. For quck access, candidates could simply click on the “Check admission Status” to see if admitted or not.

JAMB CAPS Portal 2021: See How To Check Your Result and Admission Status

But for the sake of more details, it is preferrable to click the “Access My CAPS” link. Take note, opening this link via the mobile version of the site would only open partially.

The only information that would be visible would be “Welcome”. Changing to the desktop version¬†or using a computer system would change that.

From there, more details concerning the admission status would come up. If the desired admission has been offered, the “Accept” option would have to be selected. If not, then you could reject the admission or simply ignore it. But if no admission is offered, there would be a notice to that effect.

Before leaving this page you should know that the JAMB CAPS is a complex system which gets updated and modified frequently. Currently, the CAPS system for 2021 candidates has not been updated. But to stay up to date on the latest JAMB updates, bookmark this page or drop your email so you could be recieving our updates directly via your email.

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