JAMB Literature in English Questions 2021 Random Repeated Questions

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JAMB Literature in English Questions 2021 –  Will you or someone you know be sitting for Literature in the 2021 JAMB  examination? If yes, go through this page as JAMB Literature in English questions 2021 is now available in this examination guide for FREE. Read on!

JAMB Literature in English Questions 2021

I will be showing you past JAMB Literature in English random repeated questions for free. You will understand how JAMB Literature in English questions are set and many other examination details.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

Randomly Repeated JAMB Literature in English Questions

Below are some randomly repeated questions seen when writing Literature in JAMB.


1. The character matched against the hero of a play is the
[a] antagonist
[b] Anti-hero
[c] Braggart
[d] Clown
[e] Hypocrite

2. “He bleats like a goat” is an example of
[a] hyperbole
[b] Irony
[c] Personification
[d] Pun
[e] Simile

3. An epistolary method of writing a novel is a method whereby a novel is written in the form of
[a] dialogue
[b] Drama
[c] Essay
[d] Letter
[e] Monologue

4. Which of the following is not a genre of literature?
[a] farce
[b] novel
[c] play
[d] poetry
[e] satire

5. A simple story with a deeper meaning is called
[a] an allegory
[b] an elegy
[c] an epic
[d] an ode
[e] a romance

6. A poetic device that exaggerates situations or objects is known as
[a] climax
[b] epigram
[c] flashback
[d] hyperbole
[e] paradox

7. Which of the following is odd in the appreciation of a poem?
[a] chapter
[b] rythm
[c] setting
[d] stanza
[e] theme

8. The term ‘tragic flaw’ means
[a] A mistake made by the hero
[b] A moral weakness in the hero
[c] the first act in a play
[d] the prologue
[e] wrong spellings in a play

9. The first eight lines of a sonnet is called
[a] a couplet
[b] an octave
[c] a quatrain
[d] a sestet
[e] a set

10. The last part of a literary work is known as
[a] acknowledgement
[b] an epilogue
[c] an epitaph
[d] a prologue
[e] conclusion

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Randomly Repeated JAMB Literature in English Questions

11. The identical sound at the end of a poem is known as
[a] mere
[b] refrain
[c] rhyme
[d] rhythm
[e] verse

12. A direct address to a dead/absent person or thing is known as
[a] apostrophe
[b] direct speech
[c] dirge
[d] lyric
[e] oration

13. The use of mild expression to avoid the direct statement of an unpleasant truth is known as
[a] euphemism
[b] hyperbole
[c] irony
[d] simile

14. Which of the following is not a play?
[a] Doctor Faustus
[b] Romeo and Juliet
[c] Galileo
[d] Dizzy Angels
[e] The trail of Dedan Kimathi

15. But from this earth, this grave, this dust my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust’ The feeling of the poet is one of
[a] hatred
[b] indecision
[c] love
[d] optism
[e] sarcasm

16. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust!. The underlined are examples of
[a] assonance
[b] paradox
[c] repetition
[d] rhyme
[e] sarcasm

17. The period of laughter or amusement in a tragic play is called
[a] comedy
[b] comic relief
[c] denouncement
[d] interlude
[e] suspense

18. The principal female character in a novel is called a/an
[a] actress
[b] clown
[c] hero
[d] heroine
[e] villain

19. A Poem telling of spending deeds of a hero is
[a] a ballad
[b] a lampoon
[c] an epic
[d] a parody
[e] a sonnet

20. The major features of a play are
[a] acts and scenes
[b] chapters and paragraphs
[c] characterization
[d] metres and rhythms
[e] stanza and verse

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21. One of the main aim of a did active literary work is to
[a] laugh at the society
[b] make people laugh
[c] show man’s weakness
[d] teach a moral lesson

22. A poem which portrays a simple rural life of the common people is called
[a] a carol
[b] a lyric
[c] an epic
[d] an ode
[e] a pastoral

23. The expression ‘He is a living dead’ is an example of
[a] antithesis
[b] imagery
[c] oxymoron
[d] paradox
[e] personification

24. The counsel for the accused addressed the bench.The underlined is an example of
[a] a seat
[b] metaphor
[c] metonymy
[d] onomatopoeia
[e] oxymoron

25. A sonnet may be divided into an octave and a/an
[a] a couplet
[b] octave
[c] quatrain
[d] Sestet
[e] tercel

26. In drama, the clown
[a] creates confusion
[b] creates hatred
[c] creates humour
[d] generates horror
[e] identifies with the hero

27. Pick out the odd item
[a] ballad
[b] hyperbole
[c] metaphor
[d] pun
[e] simile

28. A protagonist who has a disastrous end is a
[a] comic character
[b] flat character
[c] round character
[d] tragedy
[e] tragic hero

29. Romantic poetry deals with
[a] beauty
[b] conquest
[c] kingdom
[d] marriage
[e] nature

30. The anxiety of the reader to know of the subsequent developments in a novel is known as
[a] conflict
[b] Fiction
[c] Love
[d] Surprise
[e] Suspense

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

1. Where can I get JAMB Literature Questions?

Ans = it is usually rare to find JAMB questions. Luckily for you, we have it available on our site. Go through this post to see it.

2. Are these the real JAMB expo questions?

Ans =  No! There is no such thing as JAMB Literature in English expo questions. The questions above are randomly repeated past questions.

3. Can I get these questions in PDF format?

Ans = Yes, you can. Contact us and drop your name and email address in the comment box below.

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