JAMB Result is Out for 2021 All Candidates Can Now See their Results

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JAMB Result is Out for 2021 All Candidates Can Now See their Results.

Is JAMB result 2021 out? Are you thinking of how how to check JAMB mock result 2021/2022 on JAMB portal 2021? Are there things you need to know about this exam but you have no answer? Obviously, you are going to find out how to do that successfully on this page.

JAMB Result 2021 is Out for All UTME Candidates

The fascinating news is that JAMB mock results have been released, you can now begin to check your mock score on JAMB portal 2021 without any stress.

Useful Information about JAMB

By 1974, there were seven (7) Federal Universities in the country. Every one of these existing universities conducted its own concessional examination and admitted its students.

However, this system of admission revealed serious limitations and quite often, a waste of resources in the process of administering the concessional examination especially on the part of the candidates.

The general untidiness in the uncoordinated system of admissions into universities and the attendant problems were sufficient cause for concern to the committee of vice-chancellors.

However, these problems had assumed a new dimension when by 1976, the then federal military government, under the leadership of General Olusegun Obasanjo, established six (6) additional universities.

I have checked for a number of people as you can see in the comment section. If you want me to check for you, drop a comment below with your registration number. Otherwise, follow the procedures below.
If you registered for the JAMB mock examination and sat for the test, check your JAMB mock score 2021 by following the procedures below.

Simplest Steps to Check JAMB Mock Result 2021

  1. Go to JAMB Mock result checking portal at https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Efacility
  2. Click on ‘UTME 2021 Mock Results Notification Slip‘
  3. Supply your Email address/JAMB Registration number in the required column.
  4. Finally, click on ‘Check Mock Results’ to access your JAMB Mock Exam Score.

If you want me to check your result for you, drop a comment below with your email address and JAMB registration number.

If you scored very low in JAMB mock 2021 exam, it is not the end of the world. In fact, you can still score very high in the real exam if you use strategies that work!


All candidates can now send RESULT, via SMS, to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration (you must have a credit balance of at least N50 on your line). The result, would be replied as an SMS shortly after.
The following are the responses to be expected:

  1. If a candidate uses a phone number that was not used to register, a message will be sent to him thus: ‘This phone number was not used for registration.”
  2. A candidate with a result will receive the message: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows… (and the details will be provided).
  3. If a result is withheld, a “Result Withheld” message will be sent to the candidate.
  4. If a candidate belongs to the category being given the benefit of the doubt, the message to the person will be: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document required from you.”
  5. If a candidate was absent, s/he would get “CANDIDATE ABSENT” as feedback
  6. A candidate that was ABSENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER also CANCELLED will be so informed.
  7. “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” will be sent to a candidate who gained unauthorized access to the examination hall.

JAMB Result 2021

Frequently Asked Questions on JAMB Mock Result 2021/2022

There are questions that are crossing your mind I guess, but these few below could hit the point and can become useful to you too, just take your time and go through them.

1. Is JAMB Mock Result 2021 Out?

Yes, people that sat for the examination have already started seeing their scores online. You can check yours too.

2. Will JAMB Mock Score Be Added to JAMB Result?

No, your mock score will not be added to your real JAMB result score. Also, it is not true that JAMB will use the average of the 2 results. The JAMB mock is just to test how prepared you are for JAMB.JAMB also use it to test the work of their computers.

3. If I Miss JAMB Mock Exam 2021, Will I Be Allowed to Write JAMB Exam?

Definitely! If you missed your JAMB mock exam because of one reason or the other, you will still be allowed to sit for JAMB exam 2021.
They are not connected in anyway and you shouldn’t be bothered that you will miss your JAMB UTME 2021. So, continue studying for JAMB and get ready for the battle.

4. Can I Use My JAMB Mock Result for Admission in 2021

No, you cannot use your mock exam score to process admission in 2021. You can only use your original JAMB result for that.

5. Can You Check My Mock Score for Me?

If you want me to check your result for you, drop your email address or registration number below. I will check it for you and send it.

You can also share your JAMB mock score below.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If yes, don’t forget to drop a comment using the share buttons below.

CSN Team.

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