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NABTEB Marine Engineering Craft Questions 2022 Objective and Theory Update

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– NABTEB Marine Engineering Craft Questions –

NABTEB Marine Engineering Craft NABTEB Expo Questions are out now on our website. In this article, I will show you past random repeated questions for free. All you need to do is to stay focused and follow this guide.

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The National Business and Technical Examinations Board were founded in 1992 to domesticate craft level examinations previously conducted by City & Guilds, Pittman’s, and the Royal Society of Arts throughout the United Kingdom in conformity with the principles of the National Policy on Education.

Its formation was the culmination of a 15-year evolutionary process in which FOUR Government Panels were established at various periods to assess the place and structure of public examinations in our educational system.


Develop as a globally recognized assessment body for Craftsmen and Technicians.


NABTEB is a vision-led, mission-driven public institution with the following vision: To be a Globally Recognised Assessment and Certification Body Preparing Candidates for the Workplace and Academic/Professional Excellence.

The management of the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) is yet to release the 2022 November/December NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC examinations results.

Candidates who intend to take part in the 2022 NABTEB GCE can learn how to check their results online.

NABTEB is one of the examination bodies set up by the Federal Government in 1992 to reduce the burden of conducting examinations, which involves a lot of technical and trade-related practicals.

The board conducts the National Technical Examination (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC) and their respective advance level examinations (ANBC and ANTC).

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NABTEB Marine Engineering Craft Questions and Answers

Question 1.

Which of the following methods is normally used to lubricate bearings in a small highspeed diesel engine?

A. Splash lubrication

B. Pressure lubrication

C. Sight feed lubricators

D. Mechanical lubricators


Question 2.

What is the purpose of the inlet grid provided within the exhaust gas casing in the gas flow path, prior to entry to the turbocharger?

A. To filter out any unburned carbon

B. To absorb and dampen the pressure fluctuation

C. To reduce noise in the constant pressure exhaust piping

D. To prevent any broken piston rings from finding their way to the turbine


Question 3.

The main function of tie rods in the construction of large, low speed diesel engines is to

A. stiffen the bedplate in way of the main bearings to increase the engine’s longitudinal strength

B. accept most of the tensile loading that results from the firing forces developed during operation

C. mount the engine frame securely to the hull to prevent shaft coupling misalignment

D. connect the crosshead solidly to the piston rod


Question 4.

The fall in speed that occurs in a diesel engine equipped with the governor, on the increase of load is called:

A. Offset

B. Speed drop

C. Speed droop

D. Speed offset


Question 4.

Which of the following factors governs the lower limit of thrust bearing clearance?

A. To allow some oil leakage to prevent overheating

B. Reduction of oil viscosity

C. Alignment of the crankshaft

D. To allow the thrust pads to tilt and generate the oil wedge


Question 5.

Which of the following can result in cracking of piston crown?

A. Deposits in cooling spaces

B. Impingement of fuel due to faulty injection

C. Insufficient piston cooling oil flow

D. All of the above


Question 6.

What does the NLGI number of grease indicate?

A. The oxidation resistance of the grease

B. The consistency of the grease i.e how fluid or non-fluid

C. Demulsibility of the grease

D. The shelf life of the grease


Question 7.

Which of the following layers of a thin shell bearing gives it its fatigue strength?

A. The overlay

B. The interlay

C. The backing

D. The barrier layer


Question 8.

Which of the bearings listed is most widely used for main and connecting rod bearings of modern diesel engines?

A. Steel-lined

B. Poured babbitt, self-aligning

C. Split roller

D. Precision insert


Question 9.

Which of the following statements is false?

A. The fuel oil sulfur level is one of the important criteria for the choice of TBN level of cylinder oil.

B. The use of anti-polishing rings or flame rings increases the consumption of cylinder oil

C. Excessive cylinder oil feed can lead to harmful deposits in piston top land area

D. None of the above


Question 10.

Prompt correction of the speed of diesel engines driving alternators, without having massive fluctuations is ensured by incorporating:

A. load limiting devices

B. Load sharing devices

C. Load sensing devices

D. Load shedding devices



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